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Max Cooper :: Cyclic

An abstracted visualisation and sonification of the importance of cycles created by Numbercult.

We are surrounded by cycles, in our days, seasons, behaviours, growth and decay, birth and death, cell cycles, maddening cyclic thought processes and obsessive repetition, the cycles in neural networks which form the basis of our awareness, the repetition of almost all things, and their impermanence.

Music: Max Cooper “Cyclic” • Taken from the album “Emergence“.

Karma Fields :: Sweat

Embedding 2D geometric intersection solving into leaf nodes of a quad-tree structure, System 189D0 is programmed and directed by Raven Kwok for the track “Sweat” by Karma Fields.

Max Cooper :: Order From Chaos

A beautiful humanised exploration of life and emergence created by Maxime Causeret.

Music: Max Cooper “Order From Chaos” • Taken from the album “Emergence“.

Chelou :: Halfway To Nowhere

Director: Polly Nor & Andy Baker • Illustrator: Polly Nor.

Music: Chelou “Halfway To Nowhere”.

Gymnast :: Culprits

Original source video by Fritz Frizzante.

Music: Gymnast ‘Culprits’ from debut album ‘Wild Fleet’.

DJ Shadow :: Three Ralphs

A haunted, strobing animation set to Shadow’s dark, glitchy soundscape of minimalist beats.

Directed & Animated by RUFFMERCY with additional animation by Patch D. Keyes.

Fresh Snow :: I Can’t Die

Video directed & animated by Benjamin Portas • Music: Fresh Snow “I Can’t Die”.

Le A :: Deus // Devil With A Holy Face

Deus is an animated clip directed by Alexandra Battault & Rebecca Essler.

Original Music by Le A “Deus” • Taken from “Pale Echo“.

Resina :: Nightjar

Video created by Mateusz Jarmulski • ‘Nightjar’ by Resina from the album ‘Resina’.

Kool Keith x MF Doom :: Super Hero

Directed by Kris Merc • Editor: Michael Reuter • Cel Animation: Tyler Dibiasio.