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Kid Francescoli :: Moon

Music: Kid Francescoli “Moon”, from the album “Play Me Again”.

Directed by Cauboyz.

Hezad :: Drum & Grass

Video directed & animated by Hugo de Faucompret.

Music: Hezad “Drum & Grass”.

Tom Rosenthal :: Take Over

A chance meeting between two strangers and a pineapple opens their eyes to the possibilities of what could be…

Official Music video for Tom Rosenthal • Directed by Hannah Jacobs.

Animated by Hannah Jacobs, Anne-Lousie Erambert, Daniela Sherer.

Magnatron 2.0

Promotional video for the synthwave collection “Magnatron 2.0” by New Retro Wave.

Video created by Florian Renner • Music: Wice “Star Fighter”.

Temple Invisible :: Burn The Waters

The official video for ‘Burn the Waters’ from Temple Invisible EP, ‘Void‘.

Directed & Designed by Mihai Pacurar • Temple Invisible are Irina Bucescu & Costas Ivanov.

Hauschka :: My Kids Live On Mars

Official music video for the track ‘My Kids Live On Mars’ off the album ‘What If’.

Video created by Sergio Pastore • Music by Hauschka.

OMD :: La Mitrailleuse

Inspired by the art of Christopher R. W. Nevinson.

From the forthcoming album “The Punishment of Luxury” by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

Illustration & Animation by Henning M. Lederer.

Max Cooper :: Organa

An exploration of evolution, diversity and biological structures in animal forms.

Video created by Sabine Volkert.

Music: Max Cooper “Organa” • Taken from the album “Emergence“.

Fulgeance :: Home

Animated music video for french producer Fulgeance • Taken from the album “homecooking”.

This is a story about coming home designed by PLANCTON 9.

Charged with the abstract impressions of a foreign place, you arrive back home feeling rested, recharged and cleaned up. But this feeling usually doesn’t last very long and the stress and struggles of your every day life slowly come creeping back in your life.

Wiretree :: Towards The Sky

A scientist marooned in space! A search party desperate to find her! The universe is vast and wild, there’s no telling what will come of this.

Animated & Directed by Eric Power in Felt Stop Motion • Music: Wiretree “Towards The Sky”.