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Onionlab // Scenarios

Scenarios is an audiovisual installation created by Onionlab for Yota Devices. Bordering on abstraction, Scenarios shows some of the utilities of Yota Devices’ new phone, characterised by its dual screen. The rear screen, made of liquid crystal, can store important information such as a boarding card or map almost permanently.

This piece was presented at Barcelona’s 2013 Mobile World Congress at the exhibition stand designed by External Reference.

Art direction & production: Onionlab // Creative director: Aleix Fernandez.

3D Artists: Carles Munne, Pepe Vegas.

syn_ // Ryoichi Kurokawa

syn_ Ryoichi Kurokawa Audiovisual concert 2011.

2ch projections | 2.1ch sound Duration: 30’00” – 45’00”.

Tearing Shadows // Robert Seidel

Tearing Shadow is a new projection sculpture by Berlin-based artist Robert Seidel. Fragments of projection, sculpture and sounds perfoliate the gallery space, allowing the viewer to create endlessly varied audio-visual compositions by wandering around, essentially becoming a part of the artwork itself.

Tearing Shadows • Robert Seidel • 23 February − 13 April 2013 • 401contemporary Berlin.

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BEYOND by Johannes Poell

BEYOND is a projection mapping animation / augmented sculpture.

Visual: Johannes Poell (three wise men), 2012 // Music: Vaetxh – Crumbling Shuffle (3WM edit).

Cliff Dweller :: Escercesm

Color video/audio installation: projected found footage.

Directed, shot & edited by Oliver Bernsen.

Cliff Dweller – Escercesm from “Emerald City” // Additional projected footage shot by Ella Hatamian.

Beginning // Water Projection by Grzegorz Nowiński

“According to the Mayan calendar December 21, 2012 will be the end of the world. In June of this year, held an outdoor event, entitled “Revocation end of the world”. The whole event was opened the water projection operatively called “Beginning”. Animation in a nutshell, was to introduce the audience in modern times.”

Scenario, design, animation: Novinastudio / Grzegorz Nowiński // Sound: Adam Hryniewicki.

O (Omicron)

A permanent installation directed by Romain Tardy & Thomas Vaquié.

Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland. Architecture by Max Berg (1913).

Visuals by Romain Tardy & Guillaume Cottet // Music by Thomas Vaquié.

Projection Mapping Live Performance Art

A few excerpts from a 10 minute, one man live performance piece.
Direction, illustration and animation by a dandypunk.

Using projection mapping onto street furniture, a dandypunk travels through various fantastical worlds, interacting with strange characters and treacherous landscapes, in the hope of unfolding the secrets and learning the techniques from the ancient book of “The Alchemy of Light”.

Spider Projection by Friedrich van Schoor

Giant Spider Projection by Motion Design Freelance Artist Friedrich van Schoor.

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Birdmask Visuals by Neal Coghlan

Birdmask visuals made their debut in Geneva at Mapping Festival in May 2011 and since then have been played in clubs across London // Directed & animated by Neal Coghlan (Studio ASZYK*).

The track is called ‘Elephant & Castle’ by ASZYK.