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Schöne Animation, in der dunkle, nebelschwadenartige Schleier auf den Betrachter zuschwirren.


Highspeed footage of flying paint.

Entering The Stronghold & White

Entering The Stronghold by Matthias Müller.

White by Christoph Strohfeld.


ColorGraded in Color. Music: Sir Alexander Mackenzie – Matthew Joel.

Let Yourself Feel.

“The quotes are from many sources, including Brian Eno, Stefan Segmeister, Albert Einstein, Nitzche and a few more i got randomly and i’m not sure about the author.”

Directed by Esteban Diácono.

Nokta .

Nokta . is an abstract short film project which has creative, distinctive style of production and is an improvisation of organic pieces while considering themes like power, control and luck. Using low-budget equipment and with the combination of actual camera shooting, 2d and 3d animation techniques, the film alters the reality and physics of the real world with the help of the liquid and dynamic simulations’ impact.


Eyegasm by Glenn Marshall. Music by Brian Eno.


Shot through oil and water. Dirtected by Jesse Zanzinger.


Mindplotter directed by Polynoid.