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不眠症 (Sleepless)

A short compilation created by Nahuel Salcedo.

Metalliferous Streams

Metalliferous Streams is a mixture of ferrofluid, pelican and waterman inks created by Eric Bellefeuille.

Abstract Reaction

Abstract Reaction is a film about style and exploration of different representations of a spherical form.

Direction / Animation/ Design by Mehdi Hadi • Soundtrack: “Minimalism” by Fugu vibes.

Shigeki Matsuyama: “Object”

“Object” 2017: Animation created by Shigeki Matsuyama.


All visuals created in camera by Kevin McGloughlin • Music: Christophe Capewell.


A depiction of depression.

A film by aAron munson • “deceiver” by Loscil – from the album Monument Builders.


[Krō′mō-jen′ĕ-sis] – The origin of color.

Matter springs from empty chaos. First pioneers grow, reproduce, and evolve.

Until finally…extinction. Entropy must always increase.

An experimental 4K ambient film by Tyler Hulett with paint and oil.


Macro is a personal experimental short by Harrison Vincent that explores the tiny moments which comprise our natural world.

This meditative, loose-narrative weaves a thread through a lush micro-world, nuanced by the details that we often overlook.

Beyond The Edge

What lies beyond the edge of the Observable Universe?

Directed & designed by Teun van der Zalm • Music by Chris Zabriskie.

Sight Series

Edited collection of animations from David Brodeur`s Sight Series.