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Setspeed :: Two Blocks Down

Setspeed “Two Blocks Down”. Animated by Nic Hamilton.

Rule 30: Motion Graphic by Vladimir Tomin

“This video is about finding right input for relatively simple sets of rules to turn them into sophisticated systems.”

Created in June 2010 by Vladimir Tomin.


Directed / Animated / Edited by Calvin Frederick | Music by Daniel Eaton.

Stop: Motion Graphic by Andrew Serkin

Mirrored: A Short Film About Artistic Creation

SoulBot by Andreas Wannerstedt

“They say that we all lose 21 grams at the exact moment of death. They say that it’s the weight of the human soul. Well, it was Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Massachusetts who first attempted to weigh the human soul. In 1907, he placed 6 dying patients on a homemade scale, which also acted as a bed for the patients. More recently in Dan Brown’s novel, “the Lost Symbol”, there is a segment that explains how “The Institute of Noetic Science” uses noetics to weigh the human soul. After tests on terminally ill patients, it came across that immediately after death, a person’s weight dropped. So, what would happen if they found a way to contain this invincible mass.. this soul.. Obviously the only reason to do this would be to put it in some kind of awesome robot.. yeah!”

Track “Inquisition part III” by Matta, taken from the “The Lost” record released by Ad Noiseam.



An audiovisual soundsculpture, reacting to the sound of Amon Tobin’s Foleyroom, at Milwaukee Art Museum. Made by Stilikon Design.

Megalomania by Jonathan Gales

Megalomania perceives the city in total construction. The built environment is explored as a labyrinth of architecture that is either unfinished, incomplete or broken.

Megalomania is a response to the state of infrastructure and capital, evolving the appearance of progress into the sublime.

Metachaos & Headcleaner by Alessandro Bavari

Alessandro Bavari: Camera Tremula 1, Noise Melange, XYZ Ocula Depth. Fulvio Sturniolo: Camera Tremula 2. Jeff Ensign aka Evolution Noise Slave: Sonic Harmonium. Prizes: • Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica 2011. • Special Award IED at Skepto International Film Festival. • Best Experimental Film at the 2nd Stortford Film Festival.

Director: Alessandro Bavari. Camera: Fulvio Sturniolo. Man: Edoardo Berardi. Soundtrack: Einstürzende Neubauten.


“Audio responsive video exploration, based on audio input, randomness and mouse gestures. Directed and animated by Gwen Vanhee. Audio: Amon Tobin – El Cargo.