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SoulBot by Andreas Wannerstedt

“They say that we all lose 21 grams at the exact moment of death. They say that it’s the weight of the human soul. Well, it was Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Massachusetts who first attempted to weigh the human soul. In 1907, he placed 6 dying patients on a homemade scale, which also acted as a bed for the patients. More recently in Dan Brown’s novel, “the Lost Symbol”, there is a segment that explains how “The Institute of Noetic Science” uses noetics to weigh the human soul. After tests on terminally ill patients, it came across that immediately after death, a person’s weight dropped. So, what would happen if they found a way to contain this invincible mass.. this soul.. Obviously the only reason to do this would be to put it in some kind of awesome robot.. yeah!”

Track “Inquisition part III” by Matta, taken from the “The Lost” record released by Ad Noiseam.



An audiovisual soundsculpture, reacting to the sound of Amon Tobin’s Foleyroom, at Milwaukee Art Museum. Made by Stilikon Design.

Megalomania by Jonathan Gales

Megalomania perceives the city in total construction. The built environment is explored as a labyrinth of architecture that is either unfinished, incomplete or broken.

Megalomania is a response to the state of infrastructure and capital, evolving the appearance of progress into the sublime.

Metachaos & Headcleaner by Alessandro Bavari

Alessandro Bavari: Camera Tremula 1, Noise Melange, XYZ Ocula Depth. Fulvio Sturniolo: Camera Tremula 2. Jeff Ensign aka Evolution Noise Slave: Sonic Harmonium. Prizes: • Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica 2011. • Special Award IED at Skepto International Film Festival. • Best Experimental Film at the 2nd Stortford Film Festival.

Director: Alessandro Bavari. Camera: Fulvio Sturniolo. Man: Edoardo Berardi. Soundtrack: Einstürzende Neubauten.


“Audio responsive video exploration, based on audio input, randomness and mouse gestures. Directed and animated by Gwen Vanhee. Audio: Amon Tobin – El Cargo.

The Universe Is As Big As Your Mind

This video contains only organic ingredients, no CGI used on the process.

Ingredients: 2 Litres of Water, 1/2 Litres of Oil, 1/4 Litres of Alcohol, 1/5 Litres of Ink, 4.2 Newtons of Magic, 50 ml of Mana Portion, 6 ounces of Water Colors, 12 watts of brain energy, because the human brain requires less energy (12 watts) than a light bulb. Music: Trentemoller – Miss You.”


Quite: Riveurs Enjienrd

Soundtrack: Machine Drum (Riveurs Enjienrd by Brothomstates).

MadInSpain 2011 Open Titles by Toch Studio

Direction & Production: Toch Studio. Sound Design: CypherAudio.

Seasons by Erica Haowei Hu

Seasons is a surreal motion graphics animation based on the changing seasons. Beginning with spring, the richly hued illustrations in this work come alive as they transform in color and rhythmic tempo to reveal the full seasonal spectrum.”


Definition: Singularity is the center of a black hole, where the curvature of space time is maximal. At the singularity, the gravitational tides diverge; no solid object can even theoretically survive hitting the singularity. (acc.

“The project started in the end of May 2011, when I contacted Kattoo, asking if I could use his music for my animation. After getting his approval , I was jumping and dancing around my laptop in joy. If only I knew how much trouble I just got myself into. I am kidding of course, however every step of creation was hard. First of all when I decided what I want to do considering animation, I had no clue how to approach my idea. But thanks to the internet and people out there I was slowly getting my answers. Another problem was in hardware. My old Macbook was working days and nights. I was taking me about 30-35 hours to render one scene. And if I found out that I made a mistake somewhere, I had to do everything all over again. Anyways even though this whole project is covered with blood, sweat and tears of mine, at the end I realised that it didn’t come out as I planned. However I understand that it is only my first project of that kind and it is only a starting point for more exciting projects in future.”