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СИГНАЛ // SIGNAL by Maxim Zhestkov

Written & Directed by: Maxim Zhestkov.

Hangeul: Alphabet Of Korea

Work about movement of Hangeul. Director jjee. Sound Sora re.sort – Fold air.

Wave Reflection

Movie: Aramaki Koji | Music: Kamome Sano.

Compressed 01 & 02: Analog Generative Experiments

Compressed 02: I combined everyday soap bubbles with exotic ferrofluid liquid to create an eerie tale, using macro lenses and time lapse techniques. Black ferrofluid and dye race through bubble structures, drawn through by the invisible forces of capillary action and magnetism.

Compressed 01: Ferrous printer toner particles floating on the surface of water are attracted by a magnet and align to the invisible magnetic field around them. The patterns and motions that result are strangely ordered and organized.

Compressed 01 & 02 by Kim Pimmel.

Sensology by Michel Gagné

Directed by Michel Gagné. Music by Paul Plimley & Barry Guy.

Parhelia by Paul Prudence

Video documentation of Parhelia – A real-time visual music performance piece made with VVVV.

A Parhelion (plural Parhelia, from “beside the sun”, also called a ‘Mock Sun’) is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo on either side of the sun.

Superflow: Bachelor Thesis by Ian Clemmer

“Superflow, the Bachelor Thesis I completed in July, 2010, takes you on an audio-visual journey into the world of Digital Harmony. Superflow is an algorithm I discovered on October 23rd, 2009, which changes the position of objects and their relationship to each other. Superflow can be initiliazed by rotating all objects after setting up a parent-child hierarchy with one pivot point. My thesis introduces the discovery of the Superflow algorithm, a newly created formula Polarflow (based on the Superformula by Johan Gielis and Bert Berinckx), and a newly designed mathematical framework Polarflow Fundamentals. Polarflow Fundamentals is the foundation and combination of these formulas, and can help us understand the long journey that the theorem of pythagoras has taken. In combination with the Superflow algorithm, possibilities have become endless.”

AANAATT by Max Hattler

Complete credits, awards and screening history:

“Hattler proposes an unusual stop-motion animation, where objects of abstract shape and unknown function move in a space that bears no relationship to any kind of real experience. The various elements move within this three dimensional space, like parts of a dynamic painting that condenses a whole series of references to contemporary art: from the constructivism of Moholy-Nagy, to the historic abstracts of Mondrian and Klee, and on to the more recent experience of conceptual and kinetic art. Changing shapes, plays of colour and transforming surfaces compose a dynamic universe that is both alienating and fascinating at the same time.” Invideo 2010, Italy.


Resonance is a collaborative project with over 30 independent visual and audio designers/studios.

The aim was to explore the relationship between geometry and audio in unique ways.


Zombieflesheater :: Tweng

“This is the future! The underground sewers of the mutant city. The machine controls everything, but something is wrong. A crack of light appears. A peek into the inside of the universe or just the brain-spam of a depraved mind? The superhero on the space-mofa takes a rollercoaster ride to find out and break free from eternal slavery. His evil twin in the tower of power always close, trying to stop him. But which one is the evil twin? They all look the same!”

Musicvideo for Zombieflesheater. Directed by Sans Culotte.