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Scott Ditchburn: Chain Reaction BMX

“It’s been a while in the making due to a couple of injuries, but Scott Ditchburn’s team edit has now arrived and it’s seriously dialed. Featuring some great riding, nice editing and a pumping dubstep track; we hope you enjoy it.”

BMX Clip: Cory Wiergowski

“Cory Wiergowski has been out in AZ. for a couple months now and when he isn’t out filmin for the dwell dvd hes been collecting these chose clips on the side.”

Filmed by Chase Davidson, Nick Bullen, Justin Bayliss.

AFC Uproar Fixed Freestyle Competition presents: AFC Uproar Fixed Freestyle Competition @ Cow Palace in San Francisco.

Vibes: BMX Moves From Ukraine

Shot all over Crimean cities and suburbs // Moves from Sasha Povar, Shamil, Roma Shalimov, Sasha, Vitya Kvasha, Vanya Komarov, Artur Makinian, Savva Deryugin. Directed by Artur Makinian.

Flat & Street Revolution


It was inevitable, using the same environment, flat and street would connect one day and create a new evolution (a revolution ?) of bmx riding. After legends like Dave Voelker, Paul Osicka, Chad De Groot, Akira Okamura or even Steve Hamilton for his nosemanual, the world best flatlander Matthias Dandois wanted to explore new horizons and transfer his incredible skills to the streets, creating a new style of riding. Close witness of this, we (soulbmxmag) wanted to associate the other french bmx genius Florent Soulas, and Guillaume Le Goff (aka libellule) a super tech back wheel street rider from paris to make an article in soul #72 where the guys explain this new thing and also in this beautiful (i think) video from our unique Hadrien Picard who is showing the hard working and talented french connection in some incredible and never seen moves.

What Is Mountainbiking About?

Directed by Filme von Draussen. Nominated as a Finalist at Banff Mountain Film Festival 2011.

Soundtrack: Arts the Beatdoctor “Meditate”.

|via André|

FFFFixas: Illustrations by Adams Carvalho

Wunderbare Fixed-Gear Bike Illustrationen von Adams Carvalho. Mehr davon auf seinem Tumblr. “A fixed-gear bicycle (or fixed-wheel bicycle, sometimes known as a fixie) is a bicycle that has no freewheel, meaning it cannot coast, as the pedals are always in motion when the bicycle is moving.”

| Illustrations © Adams Carvalho |

Tom Sanders & Carl Wood: Paris 2011

Tom Sanders & Carl Wood in Paris. Directed by Adam Blyth. Music: Yonderboi – All We Go To Hell.

H I D E O U T // A Leeds Expedition

A weekend cruise around Leeds with Texas Chris Jenner. Filmed and edited by Rob Palmer.

Independence Gate: TEAM YNOT Korea Session #01

TEAM YNOT Korea Session#01 | Independence Gate. Film directed by VM Project Directors Group.