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There’s a special greatness in simplicity. And greatness is sometimes best measured in what you don’t see. When there’s something left for your imagination. When you can’t taste every ingredient. When you don’t see the hours of thought, and practice, and trial, and error. When you can do more, but less is more powerful. When you express yourself purely, simply.

There’s greatness in simplicity, but it isn’t simple.

Rider: Brandon Semenuk • Directors: Rupert Walker & Brandon Semenuk.

Music: Tor “Drum Therapy” (Instrumental).

Not Far From Home

Erkki Punttila is quite the character.

Through his blog, PackGoFind, he approaches his bikepacking excursions and his position on Kona’s Super Grassroots team with a straightforward manner and plenty of dry humor.

“We set Erkki off with a new Kona Unit for an adventure “not far from home”.”

Riding On Thin Air

Kelly McGarry & Jeremy Lyttle were taken to the highest elevation they’ve ever been to – Khardung La – and have the downhill ride of their lives from 18,380 feet in the Himalayas.

Written & directed by Colab Creative • Executive Producer: Hadassa Haack.

Destroy Bikes | 22mm Cranks

Destroy Bikes “hella” blasted cranks U.S.A made // 22mm 48 splined heat treated spindle.

Le Grand Tour by Russ Lamoureux

A recalcitrant bicycle thief falls in love with the bicycle he’s stolen.

Inspired by the films of François Truffaut.

Created by Budnitz Bicycles, directed by Russ Lamoureux, produced by Partizan.

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Vis Viva by Brooks Reynolds

Directed by Brooks Reynolds // Music by Cloudkicker.

BMX by Lee Dennis, Brad Hill & Josh Lichti.

Vans x TheDiggest // NYC Trip

Vans teamed up for the very first time with for his first project in the USA by bringing 3 riders in the most exiting city in world: New York City.

Few weeks ago, Alex Valentino, Kevin Kalkoff and Matthias Dandois Flew over the Atlantic to meet up with best spots in NYC supported by Ralphy Ramos, the best spot finder over there.

Here is the result with the Film edited by Thibaut Grevet.

Vans Kill The Line 2011

Official video from the VANS Kill The Line 2011.

More than 40 riders from more than 15 differents countries all around the world came to kill the now famous Peynier line.TJ Ellis won followed by Cory Nastasio and Béranger “Guilbert” Cordier.

The Inverted Bike Shop

Amongst the multitude of bike shops across Manhattan and Brooklyn, 718 Cyclery ( stands out for their unique approach to the business. This is the “inverted bike shop”.

Created by Show Love // Music by The Album Leaf.

H I D E O U T // The Thaw

As a freezing winter starts to draw to a close Mikey Palmer, Gaz Docker and Joe Whitmore managed to grab a few clips in the dry moments // Filmed and edited by Rob Palmer.

Music: Wolf People – Silbury Sands // Black Keys – Long Gone.