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Landscapes by Dustin Farrell

Landscapes volume one & two directed by Dustin Farrell.

“A year’s compilation of my time lapse work. All shot on the Canon 5D2 and processed in Adobe After Effects. The majority of the shots are in my beautiful home state of Arizona. Goblin Valley State Park and Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah also make an appearance.”

“Landscapes: Volume 2 is the second of a three part series (probably). Every frame of this video is a raw still from a Canon 5D2 DSLR and processed with Adobe software. In Volume 2 I again show off my beautiful home state of Arizona and I also made several trips to Utah. This video has some iconic landmarks that we have seen before. I felt that showing them again with motion controlled HDR and/or night timelapse would be a new way to see old landmarks”Dustin Farrell.

Whale Fall (After Life Of A Whale)

When a whale dies, the story has just begun. Directed by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman for Sweet Fern Productions. Director of Photography: Artem Agafonov. Music by Rachel’s.

Nine Dragons: Kowloon

Kowloon (literally translates to nine dragons) is a major urban area of Hong Kong. And in many retrospects, is the ‘heart’ of Hong Kong. You want those long narrow streets laden with funky neon signs? Triad gangs? Night markets? Good curry?? Inspirations that created Gotham City??? It’s Kowloon, baby.” Music: Main Theme from Deus Ex- Human Revolution.

Direction Documentary: Passion For Riding

This film is about the people of S.F.G. (Seoul Fixed Gear) and Seoul city. This story shows the people who are trying to blaze a trail for fixed gear in Seoul, a city in which bicycle culture has not yet been defined. The people in the film range from graffiti artists, to film directors, to T-shirt designers, to B-boys, swimmers and bicycle mechanics. It shows their individual passion for riding fixed.

Why do we ride in a city which cannot fully protect us by law? In a city in which cars rule the road so unrelentingly?… The answer is simple. Film directed by VM Project Directors Group.

We Are 138

“You just need your surroundings and you can evolve”- Mark Ong aka SBTG, takes viewers through his creative process and roots growing up in the perceived restrictions of Singapore. Finding inspiration in the simplest of forms, SBTG creates the “138” shoe collaboration with FICE Boutique in Salt Lake City, Utah and explains how the Misfits inspiration guided the collaboration. On the surface the film purposes to expose the cerebral world of SBTG and an emerging sub-culture in Singapore, but the film becomes deeply personal as SBTG reveals how his experiences have affected his work and current mindset. Directed by Skylar Nielsen.

Go With The Flø

Filmed in a Lapse of 24 hrs in Flø, Norway by Blank Blank. Music by Silje Nes.

Where Do We Land? China Skateboard Trip To Mongolia

The Converse China skateboard team ventured up north to give their neighbor, Mongolia, a week long visit! Besides filming skateboarding in Ulaanbaatar, the troupe journeyed through the chilly Gobi Desert via camels, stayed in traditional yurts and experienced some unwelcoming as well as sketchy situations while trying to just film some maneuvers on rough terrain.

“Where do we land?” features the skateboarding of Keng Qu, Thrasher, Xu Ying, Blackie, Dan Leung and Xiao Xing. Directed, filmed & edited by Patrik Wallner.

The Devil’s Toy: A Skateboarding Documentary

Black and white skate documentary from 1966. Directed by Claude Jutra. Produced by M. Martin.

“It was frowned upon by the constabulary and disapproving adults, but the skateboard gave the youngsters who mastered its technique a thrilling sensation of speed unexcelled by any other pavement sport. Filmed in 1966 on Montréal streets before the elongated roller skate was banned, this film captures the exuberance of boys and girls having the time of their lives in free-wheeling downhill locomotion.”

1945-1998: Nuclear Tests In The World

Animated Map of 2,053 Nuclear Explosions Between 1945-1998 by Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto.

The Village

The Tilt-Shift Village – Image: Daniel Espírito Santo | Camera: João Botas | Editing: Pedro Sousa.