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Design & Animation: Young Woo • Instructor: Hye Sung Park.

Music: Julian Marchal “Insight XX”


Created by Ning Cheng.


Isolation, dualism, and the boundaries between dreams and reality.

Created by Brian An Phan.

All The Things

All The Things” is a collection of individual narratives, unified by a cohesive style.

Animation: Chris Guyot • Design: The Rusted Pixel • Sound: John Poon.


“Lithics” explores themes and motifs of origin myths.

Created by Edward Ramsay-Morin.

Baya Live Visuals

Visuals using various techniques such as strata cut, paint on transparent paper and 2d animation in Photoshop by John Christian Ferner Apalnes for the artist Baya.

Dear Europe

Erica Gorochow spearheaded this amazing project about the upcoming European elections and how lessons learned from the Brexit and Trump election could impact their country’s future election. The film was a collaboration between many US and UK designers and animators.

By The Name Of Boston

William Boston lives in the desert and doesn’t care for many things though he does have one friend, a scorpion named Chester.

Written, Directed, Animated & Narrated by Grant Kolton • Sound Design by Ross Kolton.

True Or False?

Have you ever thought you were trusting reliable source of information but in actuality were surrounded by lies?

Directed & animated by Alexander von Berg.

Sound design: Monna Lisa Overdrive • Illustration: Mad Mak.

There’s Too Many Of These Crows

A short film about aggression and escalation.

Animated & Directed by Morgan Miller.