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The Untangled Routine

A bizarre choreographic ballet, describes different aspects about the individual identity in the modern and permissive world and society, through radical and humorist situations.

Created by Orit Oged.


An observational exploration of routine, monotony, attention and distraction.

Will we continue to let events pass us by uncontested, or will we decide to break the cycle?

Designed, directed & animated by Ross Hogg.

Running Lights

“Running Lights” is a sad, but bright and hopeful fairy-tale for our children – a fantastic and picturesque answer to the question, which sooner or later will be asked:

– What … is … death?

Directed by Ged Sia • Producer: Miglė Pelakauskė.


In a shadowy interrogation room, a homicide file lies open in front of two frustrated cops. Behind a one way mirror sits their main suspect, a hulking black bear named Canuck Black.

Stop frame & paint on glass animation directed by Rebecca Archer.


An old fella shows up from nowhere and shakes up the neighbourhood.

Directed by David Dell’Edera.

Little Bandits

A kid is convinced that shooting a bird will turn him into a “Man”.

Loosely based on a true personal story.

Director: Alex Avagimian • Sound Design: Logan Byers • Score: Karen Tanaka.

So This Is How It Feels…

A film by Chalky Wong • Score by Sean Renner • Sound by Christopher Calvin.

Looking For Something

A surreal journey of a man wondering about the meaning of life and looking for answers within his own consciousness while snoozing at his desk during working hours.

Directed, animated & written by César Pelizer.

Five Thirty Five

It’s 5.35. A swarm of office workers flee their cube farm and set off on a nightmare commute through a Dystopian vision of London.

A film by Alex Dunford • Music by Ali Helnwein & Daniel McCormick.

Noch Am Leben (Still Alive)

Haunted from the beginning to the very end, Noch Am Leben/ Still Alive is the story of a woman’s recollection of her mad Holocaust survivor great aunt.

Through the ghetto to cradling her dying sister, Eva Nagler left her mind on the beaches of the Baltic Sea during one of the largest death marches of WWII. Being only one of only a handful of survivors out of tens of thousands, we see vignettes of her perspective- distorted, romantic and affected by the muffled memories.

Narrated by her great-niece, the story captures a snapshot of the cold reality of war and its terrible lingering aftermath.

A film by Anita Lester • Music by Benjamin Riley.

Additional narration by Eva Nagler, taken from the Spielberg Holocaust archives.