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Revolver by Jonas Odell

The multi-award winning short film ‘REVOLVER’ diretced by Jonas Odell, Stig Bergqvist, Marti Ekstrand and Lars Ohlson.

Hai Puka by Lucie Mayjonade

In a frightening subway, a child tries to fight his fears.

Directed & animated by Lucie Mayjonade.

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B/W Races by Jacopo Martinoni

Stop Motion animation produced by Cicciotun S.r.l.

Directed by Jacopo Martinoni in march 2010.


Ancestors from history of forgotten things by Jed Whedon & the Willing. Animation by Efehan Elbi.

The Work Of Scott Benson

Der freischaffende Illustrator- und Animationskünstler Scott Benson lebt und arbeitet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Von dort aus startet er seine atemberaubenden Projekte, von denen es viele weitere entweder auf seiner Website, seinem Blog oder dem Vimeo-Profil zu entdecken gibt.

A story about growing up in the universe. A music video for the band Rendezvous.

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Graduation animated short film created by Jan-Joost Verhoef.

Nominated for the Academic Achievement Award at ArtEZ Zwolle.

Dramaturgy by Marijana Cosic.

The film is a semi-autobiographical tale showing among others modern madness, attention disorder, overindulgence, fear of death, being alone without loneliness. It has a loose narrative, almost sequential, encouraging the viewer to construct their own theories, while retaining a unity in theme and atmosphere.

Voyeur School by Kol Belov

Film directed and animated by Kol Belov.

Original score written and performed by Ghost Reflection.

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Biking Aliens by PepperMelon

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Run Amok III

Run Amok was created for the GRAPHIC 2011 Animation Competition by Sydney-based creative collective Triple Z. ZZZ Collective: Brian Neong San, Mark Lawrence Ong und Okayboss.

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Badman Silence

“Bad Man Silence” is an animation of the comic book “Nemesis” by Mark Millar.

Richard Payne aka Creative Immortal has married print and screen with an ultra violent animation of the comic’s panels. This mash-up for DJ Deceit’s dubstep monster ‘Badman Silence’ garnered the attention of the Nemesis creators themselves. Millar said of it, ‘Brilliant! I love it.’ And McNiven stated, ‘Absolutely spectacular!!! I was blown away.’