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Storytelling by Andy Martin

Directed & animated by Andy Martin.

Dropilism by Matthias Hoegg

Drops of water morph into various aquatic lifeforms on their way through the watercycle.

A collaboration between Matthias Hoegg & Ellen Bull Killengreen. Music by Chronomad.

Fisher by Yoram Benz

Winner Best Animation Atlanta Shortsfest 2011. Directed By Yoram Benz.

Music by Marcus Fischer. Sound design by Yoram Benz, sound mixing by John Kelley.

Ostracized by his village for being different, Fisher is a lonely being who lives in a small cabin at the edge of the sea. His world is turned upside down one day when in a twist of fate, he is forced out of his comfort zone and thrust into a journey of self discovery.

Animations by Zach Cohen

Zach Cohen is an illustrator and animator from Tel Aviv, and thus he’s into making things and making ’em dance. And they shall dance. Check out his website for more.

Take a trip to the black forest. Soundtrack – Lacrimosa: Mein Zweites Herz. ↓

A secret, animated Fine Capes short I dag up from the archives of my mind. Remember those days when TV was 300X350 in proportion? Well, neither do I. Soundtrack: Battles – Leyendecker. ↓

A project for animation class, assignment was “my name is”. Sound: Primus “My Name Is Mud”. ↓

This Message Is Boiling Hot by Masanori Okamoto

Set of the city in Tokyo, as a messenger, the dancing fire fairy “Ho-Ho” reflects the peoples’ hearts like anger and happiness. Directed & animated by Masanori Okamoto. Music by Saitone.

The Curious Fate of Humankind

A curious journey in an old factory where machines took advantages on humans.

Directed & animated by Laura Sicouri. Sound Designed by Kadavre Exquis.

HÄRSKOGEN by David Luepschen

HAERSKOGEN in sweden: Directed & animated by David Luepschen.

On The Subject Of Depression

Directed & animated by Scott Benson.

|via dial-a-nihilist|

Whale Fall (After Life Of A Whale)

When a whale dies, the story has just begun. Directed by Sharon Shattuck and Flora Lichtman for Sweet Fern Productions. Director of Photography: Artem Agafonov. Music by Rachel’s.

Happiness by Bran Dougherty-Johnson

This project for Electric Projected was a site-specific projection in Beacon, NY based on the artwork in Electric Windows (2010). Animation is based on Eric Otto’s artwork.

Designed, directed & animated by Bran Dougherty-Johnson. Audio by Antfood.