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Acid Drops: Episode 1 // Jason Dill

The first in a series of hand painted studies that aim to psychedelically capture the individual styles of influential skateboarders by Matt Box.

The German

During the greatest conflict man has ever known, an epic duel unfolds between two ace pilots, each willing to take the match to it’s ultimate conclusion.

Written & Directed by Nick Ryan. Starring Toby Kebbell & Christian Brassington.

A Zombie Dance Infection

Dancing zombie puppets, what more could you possibly want/ask, (besides a Micheal Jackson cameo)? These are real life felt puppets, and they are puppeted by real life fleshy puppeteers, not computers.

Directed by Reza Rasoli.

Animation Art by Mathias Lachal

Watch this amazing animation art directed by Mathias Lachal.

Canette ↓

Cuisine (Kitchen) ↓

Range Ton Bazar ↓

Children by Takuya Okada

Animated Shortfilm by Takuya Okada.

|via Seitvertreib|

Don’t Swim After Lunch by Jens Blank

Direction & design: Jens Blank. Cinematography: David Liddell. Music: David Pringle.

The Panda Rabbit

The Panda Rabbit is a short film written, directed and animated by Randy D. Rosario. It is a mixture of live action, puppetry, animation and stop motion.

The Panda Rabbit is hybrid animal who is not liked by the normal pandas because he is different. All he wants is someone he can talk to and the only friend he has is his television, but over time it possesses him. He realizes that his TV is not his friend but his biggest enemy and after turning it off completely he is left with boredom and stands outside his window. The Panda Rabbit is soon greeted with a surprise that can change his life.

Unforgettable Evil From Mars

Unforgettable Evil From Mars by Alex Bland.

Wee Wise Words: Environment

Animations by Flickerpix for the BBC series “Wee Wise Words”, where children give their own unique opinions on various topics.


Pencil and paper by qwaqa.