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Street Demon by Julian Glander

“Street Demon” animated by Julian Glander: 1 life. 1 street.

Christmas Eve by Eoin Duffy

Enjoy the Christmas crap! • Animated by Eoin Duffy.

Noisey Ident by Kristof Luyckx

Ident for Noisey, a (loud) music channel by Vice • Directed & designed by Kristof Luyckx.

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Now Japan 2014 by Karolis Strautniekas

Advertisement work for “Now Japan 2014” festival in Lithuania by Karolis Strautniekas.

Concept & Creative Direction: Other Peter, Karolis Strautniekas • Illustration: Karolis Strautniekas.
Animation: Other Peter • Graphic design: Džiugas Valančauskas • Sound: Sonar.

Mothership by Nejc Polovsak

Design / Direction / Animation: Nejc Polovsak.

Creative Direction: Andrew Jones • Sound Design: Zelig Sound.

Brief History of Nintendo Handheld Video Consoles

A tribute to Nintendo handheld video consoles & all the hours of fun & entertainment by Dadot.

Moving Things by Adam Wells

Animation by Adam Wells • Music by Podington Bear.

Mindfull – Will Barras & Shay Hamias

Designed by Yui Hamagashira, Will Barras & Shay Hamias (th1ng).

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Tant de Forêts Trailer // Burcu & Geoffrey

Trailer of Burcu & Geoffrey`s short film based on a poem of Jacques Prévert “Tant de forêts”.

The poem speaks of the irony of the fact that newspapers warn us about deforestation although they are made of paper themselves.

Orman: The idea was to create different scenes of nature, one leading to another, each time with a little trigger, and without any cut.

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After School Club 2014

Idea, Animation – Merlin Flügel • Sound Design – Jonatan Schwenk • Music – Felix Krapp.

After School Club is a one-week graphic-design festival that happens once in a year and first started April 2012. Alongside workshops with internationally known designers, the club hosts talks, symposiums and more. Everything will be located in the classrooms which are not used during the semester break. The festival is free of charge and open for all students (Offenbach, Germany).

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