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Kinetic type short film based on a quote from Stephen Hawkings.

Music by Lorn • Words by Stephen Hawking.

Photo, animation & sound design by Magnus Engsfors.


Animation created by Ori Toor • Music: Sa’eed.


Motion piece created ad-hoc for the Antwerp OFFFByNight talk where these shapes morphs.

The original organic shapes created by Fantasaraxia came to life by a series of motion pieces and stills, dividing the project in three parts: “Sweeepz” (a series of these shapes under a meccano bondage structure) • Music from YLXR.



Hurry up, Judith!

A brand new creative collaboration between Robert S. Hanson, Andy McNeill & Henning M. Lederer.

If you like it, don’t forget to look up ERNEST as well.

Idea & Illustration: Robert S. Hanson • Animation: Henning M. Lederer • Sound: Andy McNeill.

Infected Series

Edited collection of David Brodeur`s infected series animations.

Moon Surfer

Design, Animation & Sound Design by Markus Magnusson.


Rotoscoped ‘height maps’ with clay using a pair of projector and kinect, which works like human-powered 3d printing.

Director: Baku Hashimoto • Art Director: Poisson Gris (Laurent Gray & Hu Yu).

Music: Phasma “Sinus” • Lighting: Ikuma Ogawa.

Look Where You’re Going

Look Where You’re Going created by Analog Studio.


Biotop is a reflection of man acting against nature.

Idea, animation & design: Jola Bańkowska • Music & sounds: Jack Hyde.


Directed & animated by Clement Picon.