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Moon Surfer

Design, Animation & Sound Design by Markus Magnusson.


Rotoscoped ‘height maps’ with clay using a pair of projector and kinect, which works like human-powered 3d printing.

Director: Baku Hashimoto • Art Director: Poisson Gris (Laurent Gray & Hu Yu).
Music: Phasma “Sinus” • Lighting: Ikuma Ogawa.

Look Where You’re Going

Look Where You’re Going created by Analog Studio.


Biotop is a reflection of man acting against nature.

Idea, animation & design: Jola Bańkowska • Music & sounds: Jack Hyde.


Directed & animated by Clement Picon.

“Pop” Surrealism Experiment

A cartoon experiment by Eric David Haddad.


Directed by Yoodowon • Music by ZAYLE.



A glimpse into the world after the singularity by Kristofer Höglund.


Inspired by the theme of Blood, Sweat & Cheers – PlusOne crafted this leader for this year’s ADCN Awards Ceremony focussing on the creative struggle.

Designed, directed & produced by PlusOne • Sound by Antfood.

Shapes by David Pocull

Shapes is the animated evolution of a series of abstract artworks created by David Pocull with the same title.

Direction, Animation & Illustration: David Pocull • Music & Sound Design: Device.