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Death Star Over San Francisco

Imperial Fleet Week SF. After almost 3 decades of development and construction, the Star Wars Strategic Defense Initiative, enacted by Ronald Reagan in 1983, has begun it’s first phase of deployment. Directed by Mike Horn.

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Noisia – Australia Trip 2011-2012

“We bought a new camera, did a lot of filming on our Australia trip and made a little video out of it for your (and our own) enjoyment. Hope you like.” Hugz, de Noisia.

Music: Noisia – Could This Be // Noisia & Phace – Imperial // Noisia – Split the Atom (Kito Remix) // Labrinth – Earthquake (Noisia Remix) // Noisia – My World (Posij Remix).

風景家 by Saigo No Shudan

風景家 Directed by Ayumu Arisaka // Music: Daichi Kuruma.

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TRAM by Vova Chernyshev

“Environment influences any person, alters his mood and actions. Each place has its own spirit. The choice of a place highly depends on the experience and result you are aiming at. There is no other place we know with such an atmoshpere that can compete with the tram yard at night. It is like a maze of iron, dark forest, broad field and peaceful slough at the same time.”

Music: Rob Theakston – Pt. 2.

Highly Strung by Dave Jones

The performance of Highly Strung featuring the giant 14 meter puppet took place on the night of October 28th 2011 during the Nati Frinj festival. The puppet took ten people to operate and had animation (largely created by the children at the local primary school) projected onto it from projectors mounted both on the ground and in the head of the puppet itself.

Music by Stephen Oakes // Filmed by Jacqui Schulz, Dave Jones, Gareth Llewellin & Cindi Drennan.

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Tiny Story by Sebas & Clim

Once upon a time, a tiny story with great soul. Directed by London based studio Sebas & Clim.

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Signal To Noise by Douglas Koke

Time-lapse footage taken at the Very Large Array in Socorro, New Mexico; one of the largest Radio Astronomy Observatories in the world // Directed by Douglas Koke.

Everything Starts Small by Scott Benson

A helpful reminder, with music.
Made to commemorate the relaunch of Scott Benson`s portfolio and blog at

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Mun2 // New Stuff by feels

Vector, colors, 8 bits soundtrack and movement! Animation proposal for a television channel by feels, a motion graphics & VFX studio based in Santiago, Chile.

Father & Kids Performing Covers of Depeche Mode Songs

Colombian based artist Dicken Schrader and his kids, Milah and Korben, on a xylophone, an 80`s keyboard and homemade improvised instruments performing covers of Depeche Mode songs.

// Dicken feat. Milah & Korben: “Strangelove”

// Dicken feat. Milah & Korben: “Everything Counts”

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