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Playing Ghost

Playing Ghost is a story about a mother and daughter dealing in their own ways with the recent death of the father • Directed by Bianca Ansems // Written by Catriona MacLean.

Playing Ghost is a graduation animation film from the National Film & Television School in the UK.

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The Sugary Death Machine

Would you dare eat it?

The Sugary Death Machine // Designed, built & composited by Finger Industries.

Existence Is Identity, Consciousness Is Identification

Pen: Namiki Falcon, resin, custom ground (extra fine with added flexibility) by nibmeister John Mottishaw // Handwriting by TheImmovableMovers.

Inks: Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo, Iroshizuku Yama Budo, Noodler’s Black, Noodler’s Apache Sunset.

Paper: Bristol board, Leuchtturm1917 dot grid notebook.

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The Astronomer’s Sun

A young man, accompanied by his mysterious mechanical bear, visits an abandoned observatory to confront memories of his past and follow his Father on a journey into the unknown. A magical journey about relationships and what it is to be human.

Multi-award winning short film // Written, directed & animated by Simon Cartwright & Jessica Cope.

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Body Memory by Ülo Pikkov

Stop-motion film by Ülo Pikkov // Estonia / 9 min.

What can an old apple tree tell us? What mysteries are hidden in his roots, gnarled over time? Does he remember the serpent and the lost Paradise? Our body remembers more than we can expect and imagine. It remembers the sorrow and pain of our predecessors. It keeps alive the stories of our parents and grandparents as well as their ancestors. But how far back is it possible to go in your bodily memory?

The stop-motion animation BODY MEMORY takes as its central concept the idea that our body remembers, not only individual experiences, but also the sorrow and pain of our predecessors. A powerful visualization of subconscious processes and the hidden horror of deportation. Inspired by historical events: the Soviet deportations from Estonia in the 1940s.

Amongst Inspiration: With Illustrator Steve Simpson

Directed, shot, interviewed & sound mixed by James Cooper // Illustrations by Steve Simpson.

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LIFE by Sebas & Clim

Idea, Direction & Production: Sebas and Clim // Music: Aimar Molero.

Tall Painting: The Paintings of Holton Rower

Direction, Cinematography & Editing by Dave Kaufman.
A mix of some shots of a painting in progress with time lapse photography.

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Planet Two by Andy Martin

“While spending some time on Planet Two we follow a day in the life of one of it’s typical inhabitants… ahh the rat race, a struggle people from all over the cosmos have to deal with.”

This is the second animation from the ongoing illustration project ‘Handymartian’s Illustrated Aliens‘. A new alien illustration is uploaded every day, building up to a monthly illustration of their planet. This planet was created during February 2013 by Andy Martin.

The Endless Universe of Spiders: Cobwebs by Cyriak

“The endless universe of spiders. I made this video last year for Showtime, so you may have seen it before.” The Endless Universe of Spiders: Cobwebs directed by Cyriak.

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