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Shift by Max Hattler

“Using the New Age idea of a ‘dimensional shift’ as inspiration, Shift combines science fiction themes through abstract, stop motion animation of objects and colour.”

Shift, a new film by Max Hattler, 2012 // More info and full credits at

There Is No Planet B

“Little by little, our world becomes contaminated. Man has become a monster which stamps everything in it’s path without a hesitation. Men continues acting distructively, although the nature behind us collapses fatally and disappears inevitably. What will happen if we don’t stop? Can mankind be changed?”

The animation is created by Teodor Hristov & Ivan Boyanov // Music: Hristo Hristov – Violoncello.

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Shine A Light For Nature

“We did this light painting video with all our friends in 4 long and cold nights in cologne.”

Living Room by Andreas Kaufmann

A musical stop-motion short film directed by Andreas Kaufmann.

Visit by Kangmin Kim

“Visit” is a stop motion animation combined with cut out and paint on glass.
Directed & animated by Kangmin Kim // Click here to view the making of video.

Robopocalypse: How To Survive A Robot Uprising

Forget the zombie apocalypse–the real threat is an imminent Robopocalypse, a robot uprising! We at Epipheo care about your survival. That’s why we interviewed Daniel H. Wilson to find out exactly how to survive a robot uprising. Daniel is the world’s foremost authority on the subject and NY Times bestselling author of the book, “Robopocalypse.”

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Organic Trip by Lilian Hardouineau

Filmed by Lilian Hardouineau // Sound Design & Music by Cedric Vanderstraeten.

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38-39°C by Kangmin Kim

“38-39˚c gives us the blueprint of a relationship between a father and son inside the dream the protagonist experiences while under the spell of the elevated temperatures of a bathhouse. Thick sheets of paper in exquisite arrangement represent the two men who are linked by their identical birthmarks, yet cannot seem to look at each other.” – Maureen Selwood.

Directed & animated by Kangmin Kim // Click here to view the making of video.
Award for the best animated short at Ashland Independent Film Festival.

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Mound by Allison Schulnik

Film by Allison Schulnik // Cinematography by Helder K. Sun.
“It’s Raining Today” written by Noel Scott Engel.

Organika by Oscar López Rocha

Design & animation by Oscar López Rocha // Music “Peepsie” by Dntel.

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