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Murals in Italy by AweR

Diese beiden wunderschönen neuen Wandgemälde von AweR entstanden in den italienischen Städten Genua und Massa. Der Künstler wurde im Jahr 1986 unter den Felsen von Polignano a Mare geboren, einer kleinen Stadt im Süden von Italien. Aktuell lebt AweR seit einigen Jahren in Mailand, wo er sein Grafikdesign und Art Direction Studium erfolgreich abschloss. Wegen seiner Arbeit pendelt der Künstler regelmässig zwischen den Städten Berlin und Mailand.

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Melbourne GIF-ITTI by Insa & Rone

Insa & Rone Melbourne GIF-ITTI collaboration.

“So i could try and explain the effort entailed in painting a transparent blinking face over a moving cube spiral vortex, but then maybe its better just to let you enjoy the magic….”- Insa.

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Street Art by Seth Globepainter in Pnhom Penh, Cambodia

Der französische Künstler Julien Malland, bekannt als Seth oder auch Globepainter, ist auf einer Mission die Welt mit seiner wundervollen Straßenkunst zu bedecken. Seine bunten Arbeiten, wie die hier gezeigten aus Phnom Penh in Kambodscha, enthalten stets lokale Symbole und Themen aus der Umgebung. Julien Malland, geboren 1972 in Paris, ist ein Illustrator und freiberuflicher Designer.

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Phlegm in Leeds

An installation by Phlegm for the Music & Culture venue Canal Mills In Leeds.

Captured over the three day install by Sally Linsdell of Unit44 // Music by Bonobo – Ten Tigers.

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Spencer Keeton Cunningham’s Street Art

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Endless Perspectives Part 5: Melbourne

Sometimes you just need a little bit of luck…. After a 30 hour journey DOES and Strictua touched ground in a land down under. After initially losing the main laptop, luck proved to be on their side when the laptop was found and dropped off at the door of their exquisite residence. Infused with energy after waking up in summer temperatures, they had no trouble getting ready for a day out on the town and some serious site seeing. A meeting with Zvi Belling, architect of the ‘End-to-End Offices’, and a glance at the construction site, designated location for the Endless Perspectives show, quickly made apparent that plans had to be revised and changed dramatically. A bit of a shocker at first, but a great way to realise that it really all is just a matter of perspective: what at first sight appeared to be a hurdle turned out to bring about a new opportunity!

Endless Perspectives // One Night Only Pop-Up Exhibition by Does
345 Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe // Sydney City, Australia // Wednesday 10 April, 6 – 9 pm.

Wonderful Street Paintings by HelloMyNameIsSy

Diese wundervollen Wandmalereien stammen von dem aus St. Petersburg, Russland stammenden Künstler Sy. Ein Besuch seines Flickr-Accounts mit noch viel mehr Bildern ist sehr zu empfehlen.

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Urban Calligraphy “Skyfall”

Living in times that hope seems to have lost it’s meaning and mankind walks in paths of uncertainty and hate, Simon finds hope in the skyfall. His calligraphy leads him through inner peace and serenity to the path of wisdom, from the free skies to a free fall in the urban surroundings we have to endure. In a pure and magical way he manages to entrap us to his world of letters with one purpose, to convey his message of change and hope crashing the black era that has emerged. A better world is possible.

“This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten, feel the earth move and then, hear my heart burst again”

DesignWars presents: Urban Calligraphy Artist: Simon Silaidis // Shot & Directed by Alex Ioannou.

Endless Perspectives Part 4: Paris

A lot of excitement surrounded the trip to Paris as Parisien friends had hinted towards an interesting location for the project: a tunnel and train track next to a hidden gypsy camp. After a long walk through the forest with a pack of canvasses, Does and Stephan Polman stumbled upon this trackside spot in Paris. On the way back while walking through the gypsy garden, Does found a rusty ‘get away’ van with bullet holes and could not resist the temptation of giving it a layer of paint.

After this extraordinary painting session they went straight to Paris centre, where a few glasses of fine French wine were awaiting them. On the way back they stopped at the square in front of La Basilique Du Sacre Coeur as sunrise was kicking in, the streets were being cleaned and the fresh milk was being delivered: “Il est cinq heures, Paris s’eveille”. The icing on the cake was Blankeroy’s email with beats and melodies for each of the cities they visited so far.

Exhibition opens on Friday the 5th of April! 48 Easey St, Collingwood // Melbourne Australia.

Endless Perspectives Part 3: Basel

Third destination was undoubtedly Basel, a five hour drive away from the south of Holland. Does‘s first visit in 2006 left a deep impression when † Dare gave him a guided tour through the layered tunnel system and the famous Basel line. To this day the Basel line remains an important memorial site and a big drawing card for writers around the world who like to admire the original and sometimes ancient works of other artists from all over the world. Keeping in this atmosphere, Does arranged for a good spot near the trackside to set up and paint his canvasses. Despite Stephan Polman’s BBQ food poisoning, who spent a few days in hospital, this trip was incredible.