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Kurar // ABVH

// Animated Image © ABVH /// Original Artwork © Kurar //

Mygalo 2000 // ABVH

// Animated Image © ABVH /// Original Artwork © Mygalo 2000 //

Elsewhere: Recycled Wood Mural by Stefaan De Croock

“Elsewhere” – recycled wood mural for Mechelen Muurt by Stefaan De Croock.

The mural is placed on the side wall of an old furniture factory in Mechelen, Belgium. It’s made by piecing together discarded wooden planks, doors and furniture.

Jason Jägel // San Francisco

This is a film about Jason Jägel, art, and San Fransisco’s Mission District. May 2015.

Directed by Noe Chavez • Produced by Sean Lake.

Rockin It Suckas 2015

Element Tree Presents: Rockin It Suckas 2015 (Bridgeport, CT).

Featured Artists: Mone, Giz, Detox, Kite, Miro, Ket & Cro.

Produced by Alan Ket Shot & edited by Serringe.

Tebe Interesno // ABVH

// Animated Image © ABVH /// Original Artwork © Tebe Interesno (Dmitry Maximov) //

Pro176 & FasimOne // Valencia 2015

Writers: Pro176/FasimOne • Edit: JordiJor • Music: LegosG.

Selected Walls by The Yok & Sheryo

Hier einige ausgewählte Arbeiten der australischen Künstler The Yok und Sheryo, die gemeinsam bereits in verschiedenen Teilen der Welt ausgestellt und gemalt haben.

// Images © The Yok & Sheryo //

Inside Our Mind // A.L. Crego

“Inside our mind there’s another humankid.”

// Animated Image © A.L. Crego /// Original Artwork © Phlegm //

Day In The Life Of A Street Artist: MadC

Google Street Art besuchte MadC in ihrem Studio und begleitete sie während ihrer Arbeit an einer Wand in Halle. Der Film zeigt die Entstehung des Graffitis sowie einige Detailaufnahmen.

“So much goes into the making of a piece of street art. Yet it often disappears before people have had a chance to see it, leaving the story behind it, and the artist who created it, untold.

So we’ve decided to follow MadC, a German street artist, on her journey while painting a big wall in Halle near Berlin. The city is her canvas: discover how the environment helps shape the work of MadC and influences her world.”