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Richard Vermaak`s SkeleWags

Kleine Skelettfiguren, wunderschön dargestellt und direkt in den Kontext der vorhandenen jeweiligen Fläche der Umgebung integriert, das sind Richard Vermaak`s SkeleWags. Der aus Südafrika stammende Künstler definiert seine Straßenkunst so:

“Skelewags originally started as a Dia De Los Muertos inspired art forum project. After I had completed the first piece, I found that something about these characters really clicked with me. They had a certain doomed innocence about them that really appealed to my twisted sense of humour. I continued to develop their little world within ours, largely for my own amusement. This started out with the search for interesting textures to use as backdrops for the scenes and quickly progressed to the point of interpreting the surfaces or objects from a different perspective.”

“Designing within restrictions encourages creativity and right from the start I established rules pertaining to the creation of the Skelewags. Neither the photographs nor the environments are allowed to be altered, propped or edited in any way. The illustrations are the result of an idea triggered by the environment. If there are loose stones or garbage or stains in the scenes, that was how they were found. This way the environment leads to the actions rather than coming up with an idea and fitting an environment to it.”

“Each piece is a frozen glimpse leading the viewer to make their own deductions as to what may have or is about to transpire.”

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3D Animated Graffiti: Sketch 74

3D Animated Graffitis

Sketch 15

Sketch 32

Sketch 73 (New Version)

3D Animated Graffiti: Sketch 73

700 Wall by MadC

Graffiti-Künstlerin MaDC zeigt, wie sie für das Projekt 700 Wall eine 640m² große Mauer bemalt.

“And for those out there who like numbers a lot: some days I went up and down the ladder more than 500 times; fell off the ladder 4 times; counted in days I painted more than 4 months every day at least 10 hours; I used 1489 cans; 158 different colours; 600+ caps; 3 different kind of caps, 100 liters primer; 140 liters exterior paint; painted at temperatures from +2C° to +38C° in sunshine, rain, storm, day and night; painted my biggest and smallest piece so far and overall painted my name far more than 100 times on this wall. I’m curious if anyone will guess or find out how many there actually are. I made only one exception from solely painting MadC pieces on this wall. Special place in my heart – special place on my wall.”

3D Animated Graffiti: Sketch 70

3D Animated Graffiti: Sketch 70 made by Graffiti Technica.

Jon Burgerman: The Hoxton Window Project

Unit 9 invited Jon Burgerman to draw over their offices windows in Hoxton Square, East London as part of the Hoxton Window Project.

More info can be found here.

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