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SPRAYDAY: Episode 05 & 06 // RICO79.SERCH

SPRAYDAY, a videoseries watching the process of Graffiti Artists painting a piece.

Episode 05:

Graffiti artist RICO79 of H.A.D.S. Crew Halle, Germany, painting a wall!

Episode 06:

Graffiti artist SERCH of TDS and NES Crew from Holland, painting a quick wall at the Hall of Fame!

Pedra da Moura // A.L. Crego

// Animated Image © A.L. Crego /// Original Artwork © Miguel /// Photo © Sokram //


SPRAYDAY, a videoseries watching the process of Graffiti Artists painting a piece.

Episode 03:

BOBBY ANALOG of the GHETTOBLASTERS Crew from Hamburg, Germany is painting a wall!

Episode 04:

Graffiti artist RIAM of USH Crew from Gdansk, Poland is painting a wall!

Galicia // A.L. Crego

// Animated Image © A.L. Crego /// Original Artwork © Dulk //

SPRAYDAY: Episode 01 & 02 // POISON.BOOGIE.OMSK167

SPRAYDAY, a semi-pro videoseries watching the process of Graffiti Artists painting a piece.

Episode 01:

Graffiti artist POISON from Athens who currently lives in Holland represents the graffiti lettering.

Episode 02:

Graffiti artists BOOGIE & OMSK167 from Germany painting a quick wall using a bright color scheme!

Walls Of Change

In 2009, The Cinemart traveled to Wynwood, Miami with the late Urban Visionary Tony Goldman to document his efforts to re-invent the Neighborhood with Street Art and Entrepreneurial Innovation. The result was Here Comes The Neighborhood //

After the Series premiered in 2011, the team continued to work with the Goldman Family and Artists from around the World to document this remarkable transformation: from a dormant industrial quarter into the global Mecca of Street Art and one of the fastest nieghborhood revitalizations in American history. Over six years in the making, “Walls of Change” taps into a deep film and photo archive, featuring over 25 of the World’s biggest names in Street Art and Graffiti and exclusive photographs from legendary documentarian Martha Cooper.

Directed by Jenner Furst • Produced by Ben Solomon & Julia Nason.

Banksy // ABVH

// Animated Image © ABVH /// Original Artwork © Banksy //

Capharnaüm // Street Art Live Performance by GRAFFMATT

CAPHARNAÜM is an artistic performance realized by the french street artist GRAFFMATT. His work fills the entire space of an apartment in a soon-to-be destroyed building.This ephemeral art project was made possible with Art’dep Association & La Maise Collective.

“The Jersey City Wave” Mural by Shepard Fairey

A time-lapse video of Shepard Fairey creating “The Jersey City Wave”, located at Christopher Columbus Drive & Grove Street.

“The mural is designed to symbolize the renaissance and the cultural wave that Jersey City is riding while also acknowledging its waterfront location and the beauty and power of Mother Nature”.

“Fall From The Sky” Mural by Veks Van Hillik in Italy

Veks Van Hillik wurde 1988 in einem kleinen Dorf im Südwesten von Frankreich geboren. Auf der Website des Künstlers findest du ein vielseitiges Portfolio mit zahlreichen Gemälden, Zeichnungen und verschiedenen Installationen. Dieses wunderschöne surreale Wandgemälde “Fall From The Sky” enstand für das PopUp Street Art Festival in Cupra Montana, Italien 2015.

// Images © Veks Van Hillik /// via //