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Washed Ashore

A castaway finds himself washed ashore a beach at the foot of a towering city. His curiosity draws him into the urban expanse he finds before him. Whilst in the city he tries to get in touch with the society. However the characters he meets are strange, superficial and snippy, and after a series of unfortunate events he finds himself a castaway once more.

A film by Jonas Ott • Music by Christian Aregger • Sounddesign by Wouter Messelink.

Cicada Princess

Cicadas come out of the ground for a party at the end of their lives.

Directed by Mauricio Baiocchi • Narrated by Stephen Fry • Music by Jesse Solomon Clark.

Skin // A Film by Jordana Spiro

A child taxidermist, an outsider in his small town, is entranced by a girl who finds his work beautiful. But just as their relationship begins to progress, he does something that drastically changes everything • A Film directed by Jordana Spiro.

Frühzug // Morning Train

After spending the night together, a couple parts ways. Guided by the activities of the man’s morning rituals, she travels into a dream accompanied by the rhythms of the morning train and finds herself alone once again.

Direction: Delia Hess • Music: Joan & The Sailors • Sounddesign: C. Steinmann, T. Gassmann.

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Případ (The Case) by Martin Zivocky

Martin Zivocky`s graduation film from Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic.

Cyclope: A Short Movie by Marine Duchet

A door opens onto a world, haunted by flying fishes, buried chimaeras and deep fancies.

Drawing animation  • A Short Movie by Marine Duchet • Produced by Octopus Collective.

Goodbye Mister de Vries

Mister De Vries (93) sits at his window awaiting his death. Until one cold winter day he is surprised by the arrival of a parcel. When he subsequently sees a pigeon flying off he knows that this is no ordinary message. His time has come. Mister De Vries momentarily hesitates to open it. When he chances it, he finds his old Frisian skates. There’s only one thing to be done.

Director: Mascha Halberstad • Screenplay: Fiona van Heemstra • Animation: Huub Kistemaker.

Awards: Winner international short and animation film award Schlingel Film Festival, Germany.

Dry Grass In A Blue Vase // M Is For Mactation

Though the film has synopsis, consider it as a visual poem. Like a photograph – moment in time, without ending or beginning, a glimpse of episode of someone’s life. A fading dream.

The story follows an old lady whose husband was a member of a secret guild, the sacred worship.

For centuries it guarded the closed Door in a silent, isolated house at the end of the world. The Door was sealed so long ago, that no one can remember what was hidden behind it.
After the unexpected death of her husband, she was the last who knows about the secret, that had been kept for centuries.

Written, directed, animated, sound edited by Maria Ivanova.

Mactation – The act of killing a victim for sacrifice.

Our Lady Of Lourdes

Lourdes, a university student, is grateful to Bernard, the town drunk, when he comes to her aid in an uncomfortable situation. But when she offers to buy him a hot meal, she ends up getting involved in far more than she bargained for.

Written & directed by Peter Szewczyk.

Produced by Verity White & Kasia Lesniak • Starring Naomi Scott, Lech Dyblik & Nick Moran.

Mitch Stratten :: OCP

Mitch Stratten’s 5 minute film OCP is the culmination of two years of exacting work and Stratten’s most ambitious project yet. Despite its surreal narrative, the visual language of OCP feels strangely familiar, and viewers will recognise the influence and techniques of cinema and film-making. Stratten’s accompanying soundtrack is integral to the piece and informs the viewers response. “I want people to experience this in a really immersive way,” says Stratten, “ideally wearing headphones with high volume.”

The boundary-blurring imagery of OCP seamlessly combines physical performance, large-scale mechanical engineering and computer technology. Stratten: “OCP is a unification of the physical and psychological in a very literal way, exposing concerns in our perception of belief.”

Full-res limited edition available on Sedition.