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The Blood // Kravta

Blood – a destructive element or a life-giving substance, a symbol of death or hope of deliverance.

An appeal to society against terror and war, against violence in any of its forms. In a dynamic and dramatic way, the story exposes the connection between life, death and their eternal companion — The Blood. Released from the corporeal prison of the dead body, it finds its own way, grows and like a huge monster envelops and conquers the world entire. It spins with Earth itself and triumphs in the name of death.

Yet, so little of this blood can bring back to life.

Short animation film by Velislava Gospodinova • Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center.

My Stuffed Granny

Little Sofía loves her grumpy granny: even though she is always hungry and eats what little food they can buy. Her pension is the only thing keeping her and her father alive.

To what extremes will they go to once granny is no more?

Based on a story by Nina Kouletakis • Directed by Effie Pappa • Produced by Miranda Ballesteros.


Sally, an introverted 15 year old girl, lives and bears with her wolf-father in the city of New York where Wolf is slipping more and more into his world of wilderness.

Sally still remembers the man he used to be; a brilliant and talented jazz trumpeter. Where did her father go? And can he still be found somewhere within the Wolf?

A Film by by a team of 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark:

Juliette Viger • Maja-Lisa Kehlet • Tautvydas Kazlauskas • Anna Ewa Nowakowska • Andreea Serban-Chira • Simon Dilling Hansen • William Mackenzie • Karina Venneberg Sørensen.

Additional Work by Marylou Mao • Sara Jespersen • Holm Nikolaj Themothæussen.

The Boy With A Camera For A Face

The online premiere of the multi award winning short film from writer & director Spencer Brown.

The Boy with a Camera for a Face is satirical fairy tale about a boy born with a camera instead of a head, whose every moment is transformed by the fact he is recording it.

Accompanied by a voice over narration read by Steven Berkoff, the film tells an epic story in fifteen minutes about the way we live today.

Roadtrip: A Hand Drawn Short Film by Xaver Xylophon

Julius can’t sleep. To get his head empty he decides to go on a roadtrip, but somehow he can’t manage to leave.

A hand drawn film about failure, insomnia, a red motorbike, pretty bargirls, the desolateness of Berlin (even in summer) and waterproof socks.

Story & Animation: Xaver Xylophon • Screenplay: Xaver Xylophon & Ariana Berndl.

Dialogue Recording: Jonas Pohl • Sound Designer: Max Hachemeister.

Savage by Andrew Curran

A boy and a dog go for a walk • A film by Andrew Curran.

The Labyrinth

6m² for a living…

Directed, edited & animated by Mathieu Labaye • Assistant: Sébastien Godard.


One day Orsolya’s body is suddenly shaken up making her see the world upside-down.

How will she cope with this new situation?

Director: Bella Szederkényi • Music & Sound Design: Attila Pacsay • Editor: Judit Czakó.

Greedy Germ


The animated protagonists of the film “Greedy Germ” live in a microscopically small world.

They are organisms and germs, friendly and timid little creatures that help each other. Oneday, however, a mysterious intruder appears and ruthlessly destroys their peaceful coexistence.

Directed & animated: Fang Yu Hsu, Cheng Hao Chen • Music & Sound: Lucas Baldin Petriaggi.

Children of Future Sleep

A short film about a robot’s realization of the true nature of their reality.

Directed & animated by Ivan Gopienko.

Music from Floex, Son Lux, DVA, Joe Hisaishi, Mum, & S. Larue • More info at