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Children of Future Sleep

A short film about a robot’s realization of the true nature of their reality.

Directed & animated by Ivan Gopienko.

Music from Floex, Son Lux, DVA, Joe Hisaishi, Mum, & S. Larue • More info at

Sputnik // A Short Film by Maxim Zhestkov

“Sputnik” is a Maxim Zhestkov short film about the evolution of an extraterrestrial mind, and its journey to the light.

The project was created with the help of industry leading artists from all over the world, including: United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Russia.

Director, Designer, Producer: Maxim Zhestkov • Compositing: Alexander Kulikov.
Animation: Dmitrii Kolpakov • Character Design: Ben Mauro.

Meanwhile by Stephen McNally

“Meanwhile” follows four characters traversing a city, each lost in their own separate worlds, trapped in their memories, regrets and frustrations. “Meanwhile” uses bold colour schemes and fragments of narratives to examine empathy in urban insularity.

Directed by Stephen McNally • Score: Adam Cullen • Sound Design: Dan Larkin.


In the aftermath of a deadly haunting in a small suburban home, a sinister omnipresent entity proceeds to cause havoc in the private lives of a young boy, an unsuspecting teen, and an absent minded inspector.

“5:45 a.m.” – Based on the short comic of by Al Columbia.
“Jacov” – Based on the short comic by Uno Moralez.

Written & Directed by Santiago Menghini • Produced by Katerine Lefrançois.

The Lost Mariner

A film by Tess Martin, inspired by “The Lost Mariner” from “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat” written by Dr. Oliver Sacks.

It uses photographs to visualize the rare memory condition of patient Jimmie G.


1. in charge of overwork.
2. devices getting load by exceeding the available range.

Overload is a story started from two sentences.

‘In a mentally overloaded state how accurate is human memory’
‘Past memories are always glorified’.

And also the image of an object changing into a sticky liquid started this story.

The man misses his lover who died in an unexpected accident. Finally the day going back to Earth after long days in the Space, unexplainable and impractical incident makes him look back in time.

Director: Kang SuHyun • Sound design: Mun ByeongSeon.

2015 Graduation Work • Visual communication design • Hongik University.

ELI by Sagi Alter & Reut Elad

Sagi Alter & Reut Elad‘s graduation film from Bezalel Academy of art & design, Jerusalem 2014.

The film illustrates a day in the life of an Israeli soldier during his service, located in the Palestinian territory. A local boy dressed as a bunny starts a chase that blurs the line between the pursuer and the pursued, between reality and imagination.

Northern Starfish

A fantasy thriller about a female spy and a diver who knows the secrets of starfish.

Director: Mattias Mälk • Script: Mattias Mälk, Priit Pärn • Art director: Martinus Daane Klemet.
Composer: Mait Jüriado • Sound design: Horret Kuus • Actors: Margus Prangel, Elina Reinold.

Damn Those Crows

In a ghost town in the middle of an American desert, 3 crows are standing quietly on an electric pole, staring at a ruin that used to be the town’s admired clock tower.

At night, a hasty electrician comes to town to fix a short circuit on an old electric pole.

A film by Shay Blumenkranz • Inbal Grossman • Rotem Hermoni • Roy Tsour.


When taking pictures, Durian says eggplant instead of cheese.

Director & Animator: Yangzi She.

Music & Sound: Jennifer Dirkes • Voice: Eric Saleh, Reid Miller, Rebecca Davis.