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BREATHE by Toby Meakins

A ghost story about a girl you can only see when you hold your breath.

Directed by Toby Meakins • Written by Toby Meakins & Simon Allen.

The Arctic Fox by Annlin Chao

An Arctic fox who escaped from the zoo, began his incredible journey.

Directed by Annlin Chao • Music by Ying Chih Chen.

Ocean Gravity by Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier

Welcome to the confusing world of Ocean Gravity, a short film that takes us into the world of weightlessness. Just like in space, there is no high or low, there is no longer front and back.

Directed by Guillaume Néry & Julie Gautier // With Guillaume Néry.

Confusion Through Sand

This film was entirely hand-animated on recycled paper.

Confusion Through Sand is tense and at times borders on horrific.

However, it does not glorify war and it does not make it feel manly or like a video game.
The film represents the deep confusion of young men in very difficult circumstances, on both sides of the hostility. We follow a young soldier, but there is no hero.

A Visual Poem: Nostalgia

A visual poem directed by Judith Veenendaal • Written & spoken by Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly.

Fixing Luka by Jessica Ashman

Lucy thinks her brother, Luka, is broken. His obsessive, meticulous, infuriating arrangements of sugar cubes and thimbles prove it. Lucy thinks he should be fixed, but not in the way she imagines…

“A stop-motion short, inspired from my experiences of growing up with a younger brother with autism.” Supported by UK Film Council, BBC Scotland, Creative Scotland and DigiCult.

Written, Animated & Directed by Jessica Ashman • Produced by Anna Odell.

Followers by Gints Zilbalodis

A man escapes from prison and meets a boy who has run away from school.

Written & Directed by Gints Zilbalodis • Music by Bertrams Pauls Purvišķis.


After finding himself in a wrecked taxi, Evan tries to figure out the pieces of the puzzle, while dealing with a dangerous threat, in a seemingly deserted city.

A film by Peak Pictures • Produced by Ian Mery • Directed by Tomas Vergara.

Written by Manuel Vergara & Tomas Vergara • Music by Manuel Canepa.

Small Garden by Shunsuke Saito

Story of a life form which wakes up in an unknown mysterious world.

As he go deeper, he slowly understands what kind of place it is. The world seems beautiful, but it lacks what the real life has. He has to make a choice to stay or not.

Directed & Animated by Shunsuke Saito.

La Nuit Américaine d’Angélique

When she saw Francois Truffaut’s Day For Night, Angelique discovered that it was possible to dream up her life.

Directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet & Joris Clerté • Written by Olivia Rosenthal.