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Lunar by Tyson Wade Johnston

Set in Los Angeles City, 2057, an outlaw is captured and sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment on the LUNAR penitentiaries. To reunite with his family, he must become the first convict to escape the corrupt system and return to Earth.

Written & Directed by Tyson Wade Johnston.

TANK by Nate Milton

A young naturalist experiences an epiphany when he finds a giant salamander.

Animated Shortfilm directed by Nate Milton.

Table Manners by Rebecca Manley

‘Three creatures go in search of food in the woods but find that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’.

Table Manners is director Rebecca Manley‘s first foray into the word of live action puppets. She always wanted to make something as an homage to the shows and films that inspired her as a child (from The Muppets to Labyrinth). The low budget form of Channel 4’s late night arts strand Random Acts proved to be the perfect platform for experimentation. Once again working with cardboard (see Duck Shoot), Rebecca has created a unique and individual world for this darkly comic short. The film was produced by Indy8 in association with Lupus Films for Channel 4.

Risehigh by Adam Wells

Risehigh by Adam Wells follows the elevator ascent of one man to the top floor of a concrete block. The film is about loneliness and where dreams come from.

Soundtrack and alternative endings available here –

SHHH // Inspired by Guillermo Del Toro’s Childhood Fears

Shhh” is a tale about a young boy, who uses his imagination to overcome his monstrous bully at night. Tired of being scared, Guillermo eventually takes matters into his own hands.

Inspired by the lucid dreams of director Guillermo del Toro during childhood.

Record/Play • Love In The Time Of Analog

War, fate, and a broken walkman transcend space and time in this sci-fi love story.

A Film by Jesse Atlas • Written by Aaron Wolfe & Jesse Atlas • Produced by Chris Bryant.

Next Floor by Denis Villeneuve

A Denis Villeneuve Film • Based on an original idea by Phoebe Greenberg.

During an opulent and luxurious banquet, complete with cavalier servers and valets, eleven pampered guests participate in what appears to be a ritualistic gastronomic carnage. In this absurd and grotesque universe, an unexpected sequence of events undermines the endless symphony of abundance.

Shown in over 200 festivals worldwide. Winner of nearly 60 international prizes, amongst others:

• Prix Canal + for best short film, Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Film Festival 2008.
• Genie & Jutra Awards for Best Live Action Short Drama (2009).


In a not too distant future, societies of all countries come to rely on an intricate network of artificial intelligence devices designed to bring efficacy to man’s life. Yet, man continues to devour himself in useless wars. A strong political hierarchy now divides all powers into three factions, and A. I. devices rapidly gain ground as efficiency becomes a priority.

As social revolts grow worse everyday, authorities seek ways to control their citizens. They decide to carry out a series of tests that will determine not only whether some crucial powers can be transferred to non human entities, but also whether man is ready to yield those powers.
The world has become a cell for all man and women, who withstand and endure their lives, rather than living them. Machines might have found a solution.

From now on, you are set free. ..

A Film by Big Lazy Robot • Directed by JJ Palomo • Music & Sound Design: Full Basstards.

Chrysalis :: A Short Film by Nick Rutter

Director: Nick Rutter // Soundtrack: Lapalux – Gold (Ft. Jassy Grez).

About Killing The Pig

“While the pig is being dragged out from the sty it has the chance to see the sky.”

Written & Directed by Simone Massi // Cinematography: Julia Gromskaya // Music: Stefano Sasso.