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Consumed by Andreas Wannerstedt

“Consumed” is another self-initiated personal project written, designed & animated by Andreas Wannerstedt // Track: HECQ “Enceladus” (with Skyence) // Taken from HECQ’s album “Enceladus” (adn149) // Released by Ad Noiseam.

It’s a 3D short film about a not so distant future, where extreme overpopulation has become a global crises. The population growth has reached a critical tipping point and there’s food and water shortages all around the world. The story revolves around a “Food Replicator”, or a so called molecular assembler, a device that can rearrange subatomic particles and guide chemical reactions with atomic precision. In an attempt to prevent mass starvation, this device is used to synthesize nutritions with the ability to self-replicate. But during the initial tests something goes wrong and out-of-control self-replicating compounds starts to spread, consuming all matter while building more copies of them selves.

The Girl & The Siren

Directed, Animated & Setdesign by Jacob Petersson & Cristoffer Ålund.

Produced by Jakob Arevarn // Sound design & score: A2.

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INSiDE // A Short Film by Trevor Sands

Director: Trevor Sands // Writers: Eric Gewirtz & Trevor Sands
Featuring: Jeremy Sisto, Reedy Gibbs & Michael Bailey Smith.

Wonderful Animated Short Films by Sun & Egg

At a stormy, rainy night, a boy named “EGG” lays an egg from which a monster is born. The boy, terrified, throws her into the forest. However this bizarre incident repeats every night, which leads EGG to feels like a monster himself, and his life gets more isolated…

Film by Sun & Egg // Music: Xingyu Li // Sound: Tobias Böhm.

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I’m Fine Thanks by Eamon O’Neill

I’m fine thanks, how are you? // A film by Eamon O’Neill.

Best Graduate Film Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011
Best Animation Darklight Film Festival 2011
Best Graduate Film Expotoons 2011

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Moxie by Stephen Irwin

A pyromaniac bear misses his mother // A film by Stephen Irwin.

Grand Prize Ottawa International Animation Festival 2011
Sundance FilM Festival Official Selection 2012
Best Short (5 – 15 mins) Anifest Czech Republic 2012
Best British Film London International Animation Festival 2012 [...]

Brave New Old by Adam Wells

After a summer at festivals it is now available online for all: Brave New Old by Adam Wells.

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The Red Scarf by Nick Cross

This is sort of like a Soviet-era silent film. Created in 2001. // Directed & animated by Nick Cross.

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The Maker by Christopher Kezelos

A strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life.

The Maker has screened at over 60 festivals and won 11 awards.
Written & directed by Christopher Kezelos // Music composed by Paul Halley.

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LUX by Juliette Oberndorfer

A hunter sees a yellow light in a pond. Fascinated, he tries to take it at any price.

Directed & animated by Juliette Oberndorfer // Sound design: N’gouda Prince Ba.