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Basement Tracks :: The Wall’s Drama

Track from The Basement Track’s album Songs from the orange.

Art Direction & Design: Diego Navarro & Fernanda Roque.

Animation: Diego Navarro, João Pedro Castanheira, Fernanda Roque, Francisco Franco.

Robot Koch :: Eclipse // Ft. Julien Marchal

Video created by compositing of various real space images from the NASA, ESA & GoogleEarth.

Video: Mickael Le Goff • Music: Robot Koch “Eclipse” (ft Julien Marchal) • Album: “Hypermoment”.

Ralf Hildenbeutel :: Disco

A handmade music video of approx 1250 paintings on paper for “Disco” by Ralf Hildenbeutel from the longplayer “Moods”.

Directed by Boris Seewald • Dancers: Althea Corlett, Simone Schmidt.

Steve Mason :: Planet Sizes

Video for Steve MasonPlanet Sizes” • Animated by Anna Ginsburg, Loup Blaster, Toby Mortimer.

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Karma Fields :: Greatness

Greatness is a code-based generative lyrics video directed and programmed by Raven Kwok for the track Greatness by Karma Fields featuring Talib Kweli.

The entire lyrics video consists of multiple variations of a customized generative system programmed using Processing.

KnoR :: Don’t Go

Don’t Go. It’s easy to get in, but will you be able to get out?

Transmedia artist KnoR presents his new project entitled Don’t Go. The 3 tracks music release features a music video and a mobile app. As a modern storyteller, KnoR reaches from pop music to virtual reality (VR) to spread a message of freedom. No less.

Video directed by Xaver Xylophon & KnoR – Georg Bleikolm.

OVERWERK :: Winter

Music: OVERWERK • Track: “Winter” • Taken from the EP “Canon”.

Director: Erik Wernquist • Colorist: Caj Müller.

Husky :: I’m Not Coming Back

Husky music video by Wayne McCauslin for the track “I’m Not Coming Back”.

Film was produced over the summer of 2015 in Berlin, and was hand crafted using puppets and miniature sets then finalised with compositing the 3D characters.

James :: To My Surprise

Video by Not To Scale Film Studio • Directed by Kris Merc.

Music: James “To My Surprise” • Taken from the album “Girl At The End Of The World”.

Frank Riggio :: TTTT

Artist: Frank Riggio • Director: Mert Kizilay • Label: Hymen Records.

“TTTT” is off Frank Riggio’s new album Futurism.