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J Dilla Feat. Nas :: The Sickness

Video for the track “The Sickness” directed by RUFFMERCY • Produced by Madlib.

Edited, Animated & Fucked up by RUFFMERCY • Intro Audio by TOM GUEST.

Koloto :: Fay

Sound by sound and frame by frame abstract audio-visual worlds are created.

They tell of a journey – of self-discovery, acceptance and growth. An animated music video in collaboration with electronica artist »Koloto« alias Maria Sullivan from Canterbury (UK).

Graduation film at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

Direction, Animation, Design: Sabine Volkert • Music: Koloto • Track available via Bandcamp.

Zyprazol 7” Animation Picture Disc

Zyprazol 7” animation picture disc by Sculpture releases May 6.

Audible: Dan Hayhurst • Visible: Reuben Sutherland.

// via Nerdcore //

Bionulor :: Stary Pisarz

Opening track from Bionulor‘s “Stary Pisarz” (“The Old Writer”) – the album wholly inspired by the works, person and biography of William S. Burroughs • Video by Kolektyw Międzymiastowa.

Charles X :: Can You Do It

Music video directed by Quentin Baillieux for Charles X, produced by Eddy & animated at Brunch Studio. “Can You Do It” is available on Charles X’s album, “Sounds of the Yesteryear”.

This collaboration is intended to act as a social commentary which aims to cast light on perceived societal expectations & social norms by integrating elements and people from different walks of life.

Paper Lights :: We’re Alot Like Trees

Acrylics, ink and markers on paper create the animated world that is, We’re Alot Like Trees. The track was inspired by the writings of author and preservationist, John Muir. It’s meaning was born out of a hope for togetherness with all walks of life and unification with the great outdoors.

Directed & animated by Emanuele Kabu.

Doc Brown :: My Proper Tea

Directed & animated by Fraser Davidson • Lyrics: Doc Brown • Music: Mikis Michaelides.

Delta Club :: The Nomadic Alternative

Directed by Emanuele Kabu • Assistant animator: Laura Pison.

Music: Delta Club “The Nomadic Alternative” • Taken from Fortitude Ep.

Basement Tracks :: The Wall’s Drama

Track from The Basement Track’s album Songs from the orange.

Art Direction & Design: Diego Navarro & Fernanda Roque.

Animation: Diego Navarro, João Pedro Castanheira, Fernanda Roque, Francisco Franco.

Robot Koch :: Eclipse // Ft. Julien Marchal

Video created by compositing of various real space images from the NASA, ESA & GoogleEarth.

Video: Mickael Le Goff • Music: Robot Koch “Eclipse” (ft Julien Marchal) • Album: “Hypermoment”.