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Heart Like A Rabbit

Music Video directed & animated by Anthony Francisco Schepperd.

The song “Heart Like A Rabbit” is by Cody Alan.

kidkanevil :: Inakunaru (Featuring Phasma)

Directed by TAKCOM • Animation: Kazumasa Kimura.

“Inakunaru” taken from the album “My Little Ghost” by kidkanevil.

Benal :: Tæt

Benal “Tæt” • Taken from the forthcoming EP “Hip Hop” (Release 18 May 2014).

Video directed by Dallanda Berry.

Serengeti :: Firebird Logo

Music video for ‘Firebird Logo’ by Serengeti • Directed by James Ward.

Taken from ‘Firebird Logo‘ on Baro Records • Produced by The Arborist.

Sau Poler :: Isolated

Direction & animation: Joan Guasch.

Sau Poler “Isolated” // Taken from “A Soundless Echo” (Atomnation).

Earl Sweatshirt :: Hive & Chum

Earl Sweatshirt “Hive” & “Chum” taken from his album “Doris.” • Videos directed by Hiro Murai.

Catrina by Martin Carolo

Directed & animated by Martin Carolo.

“Catrina” by SNA-FU Grand Désordre Orchestre.

Rivver :: Lamu

25 portraits creating 25 different mini-stories. Every person and every eye is shown behind a surface: glass, plastic, water, etc. Its an outside-in view on all these characters.

Director: Mathieu Grimard • DP: John Londono.

Rivver is François Bélanger (Frank Garrett), electronic music producer from Montreal, Canada.

Villagers :: Cecelia & Her Selfhood

Directed by Adrien Merigeau.

Music by Villagers / Conor O’Brien • Dragon / Jackal cut-out paper sequences by Eimhin McNamara.

Hatti Vatti & Synkro :: Tokyo

New Moon Recordings‘ cornerstone artist Hatti Vatti is set to release his long-awaited debut album, entitled Worship Nothing, on 3 February 2014.

Floating, haunted vocals pervade the half-step of “Tokyo” a shimmering collaboration with Manchester producer Synkro. Also hovering around the minimal 170bpm sound are “Synthesis” and “Black Flowers”, which features vocals from Lady Katee. Slowing down to a garage-tinted swing, “Nights” is yet another collaboration with a UK artist — Versa.

Throughout Worship Nothing, Hatti Vatti has created an atmosphere that draws the listener deep into his own world of beautifully crafted beats, ambient textures, and sub-bass frequencies. Grab your headphones and float away…