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Karma Fields :: Sweat

Embedding 2D geometric intersection solving into leaf nodes of a quad-tree structure, System 189D0 is programmed and directed by Raven Kwok for the track “Sweat” by Karma Fields.

Max Cooper :: Order From Chaos

A beautiful humanised exploration of life and emergence created by Maxime Causeret.

Music: Max Cooper “Order From Chaos” • Taken from the album “Emergence“.

Chelou :: Halfway To Nowhere

Director: Polly Nor & Andy Baker • Illustrator: Polly Nor.

Music: Chelou “Halfway To Nowhere”.

Gymnast :: Culprits

Original source video by Fritz Frizzante.

Music: Gymnast ‘Culprits’ from debut album ‘Wild Fleet’.

DJ Shadow :: Three Ralphs

A haunted, strobing animation set to Shadow’s dark, glitchy soundscape of minimalist beats.

Directed & Animated by RUFFMERCY with additional animation by Patch D. Keyes.

Fresh Snow :: I Can’t Die

Video directed & animated by Benjamin Portas • Music: Fresh Snow “I Can’t Die”.

Le A :: Deus // Devil With A Holy Face

Deus is an animated clip directed by Alexandra Battault & Rebecca Essler.

Original Music by Le A “Deus” • Taken from “Pale Echo“.

Resina :: Nightjar

Video created by Mateusz Jarmulski • ‘Nightjar’ by Resina from the album ‘Resina’.

Kool Keith x MF Doom :: Super Hero

Directed by Kris Merc • Editor: Michael Reuter • Cel Animation: Tyler Dibiasio.

The Chase In The Ghost Train

Music video for “The Chase In The Ghost Train” by Yann Kornowicz.

Written & directed by Hugo R. Ramirez.