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Beats Antique :: Awaken

Directed by Ivan Landau with cinematography by Austin Rhodes • Starring Hannah Frase.

Music: Beats Antique “Awaken” • Taken from the album “A Thousand Faces – Act 2″.

Sleater-Kinney :: A New Wave

“A New Wave” from Sleater-Kinney‘s album “No Cities to Love”.

For the video the band teamed up with the animators behind the TV show Bob’s Burgers.

Rob Clouth :: Islands of Glass

A laser installation directed by Polynoid.

Artists: Jan Bitzer, Sarah Eim, Tom Weber, Michael Heberlein, Ilija Brunck, William Tirloy.

Rob Clouth “Islands of Glass” • Taken from the “Clockwork Atom EP” on Leisure System.

Hundred Waters :: Innocent

An empty spacecraft. A paranoid vacuum cleaner robot.

Some strange invaders. And a lot of CCTV cameras.

Directed & designed by Jeremy Clapin • Music: “Innocent” by Hundred Waters.

Andhim :: Spayce

Music video for the track “Spayce” by Andhim • Directed, illustrated & animated by Niklas Coskan.

BRNS :: Many Chances

Directed by Nicolas Fong.

Background: Mélanie Tourneur • Animation Assistants: Eve Deroek & Guillaume Lurati.

“Many Chances” is a single from BRNS‘ first LP “Patine”.

Muta :: Praise

Music video animated by Titouan Bordeau for Muta`s track Praise for the Label King Deluxe.

This Will Destroy You :: New Topia

Concept & Direction by Lilfuchs • Animation: Sam Leyja, Victoria Cook, Andrew Weiler, Lilfuchs.

Music: This Will Destroy You “New Topia” from the album “Another Language”.

New Beard :: Solamente Cloud

This is a music video directed & animated by Faceheads for the Brooklyn band New Beard.

Yaporigami :: I, Me, Am, I, Wish, To Be, Myself

Directed by kynd • Produced by BRDG • Music: Yaporigami “I, Me, Am, I, Wish, To Be, Myself”.