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The Moon With Teeth :: Requiem X

Music video to ‘Reqiuem X’ by The Moon With Teeth • Animation by Elenor Kopka.

Music composed & produced by Niklas Kraft • Taken from the album ‘Rhoda Tapes’.

Jaga Jazzist :: Prungen

A young German arrives in Oslo to spread his grandfather’s ashes, only to have his task complicated by unpleasant Norwegians and equally unpleasant surprises about his family past.

Music video directed by Trista Namo & Fehl Roch for Jaga Jazzist‘s super charged “Prungen”.

Taken from “Starfire” released on Ninja Tune.

Animation: AKFF! • Puppeteers: Leif Henning, Broch Johnsen, Ove Alexander Dahl.

Forever Pavot :: Green Nap

Music video for “Forever Pavot” directed & animated by Nicolas Fong.

Resurrection Drive Part II

A short animation to “Resurrection Drive Part II” by Timber Timbre • Directed by Elenor Kopka.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith :: When I Try, I’m Full

An organic cell is born. Its birth drives us through a shamanic vision where it will evolve with music, becoming more complex while mineral, organic, and cosmic elements orbit around it to transform it to its final state. This is the source of endless possibilities.

A hand-drawn music video created by Jules Guérin.

“When I Try, I’m Full” from the album “Ears” by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

Brandt Brauer Frick :: Holy Night

Video written by Jan Brauer • Directed by Danae Diaz.

Music written by Brandt Brauer Frick • Taken from the EP “Holy Night”.

Last Train Home

Animation & Direction: Gerhard Human • Edit: Edwin de Swardt • Music: Raffertie.

Death Grips :: Eh

Directed by Sean Metelerkamp • Music by Death Grips “Eh”.

Wolf Alice :: Lisbon

Directed & animated by Eat The Danger.

‘Lisbon’ from Wolf Alice’s debut album, ‘My Love Is Cool’.

Ladi6 :: Beffy

Music video directed & animated by Robert Wallace for Ladi6`s track “Beffy”.