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DBR UK & Displaced Paranormals – Black Panther

DBR UK & Displaced Paranormals – Black Panther // Official Video.
Taken from Cyclone Recordings CY008 – Night Vision EP. Out now!

Symbiz – The Downfall // Official Music Video

Official video “The Downfall” by Symbiz Sound // Director: Christian Meyerholz & Andreas Melcher.

“The Downfall” is the third official music video by Symbiz Sound and was awarded as best music video at UK Filmfest 2012 and best experimental film at “Kurz und Schoen” Shortfilm Festival 2012.

Content wise the video is dealing with the self-destructive tendencies of modern civilisation, seemingly doomed to fail due to its everlasting need for economic growth.

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K-Bomb x Olive Oil – Some J Front Dadakidz // Remix P.V.

K-Bomb x Olive Oil – Some J Front Dadakidz // Remix P.V.

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Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures

Director: David Lewandowski // Starring: Elijah Wood.

Taken from the Flying Lotus album ‘Until The Quiet Comes’, out now!

Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a2 // Official Video

A visual piece by Michael Zoidis & Jodie Southgate, exploring the hazy slow-building ambient piece ‘a2′ by Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm. Taken from the “Stare” EP released on Erased Tapes.

“For the video I cast my mind back to an old chemistry set I had when younger and experimented with some milk, food colour, vinegar and a macro lens to create a visual piece to accompany the music. The results were unexpected. I was rather pleased with some and I wanted to share them with you.” – Michael Zoidis, director.

Mind Over Mirrors – Memorander

Taken from Mind Over Mirrors – “Check Your Swing” LP out on Hands in the Dark Records.

Non-profit video by PɨK // Footage from ‘Stadt In Flammen’ & ‘Rumpelstilzchen’ (Jürgen Reble, 1984, 1989), ‘Here And There’ & ‘Cineforms’ (Andrzej Pawlowski, 1957).
Family archive footage courtesy of Mr. Macarie.

ant’lrd – cantaloupe visions

From the new full length cassette “Seeming Fields” by ant’lrd – out now on Happenin Records.

8mm footage courtesy of Mark Creegan. No digital effects. Video by ratigan.

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Vessels – The Sky Was Pink // Directed by Morgan Beringer

Vessels – The Sky Was Pink (2012) // A cover of James Holden’s remix of Nathan Fake’s classic.
Written by Nathan Fake // Video directed by Morgan Beringer.

Free download here:

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Dominik Eulberg – Die Blaue Sekunde

This music video has been inspired by the cover of Dominik Eulberg’s forthcoming “Ein Stueckchen Urstoff” release – a microscopic image of crystallised vitamin B6. Some things are not what they seem. And some things look different from up close.

Flamboyant goo exploding in viscous matter. Cells, macrobiotic life, lava lamps…

The textures in this video are based on the ”Bubblesheet” photographs by Matthias Lindner which depict colourful LED lights reflected by thin sheets of industrial Aluminium. These sheets are an industry by-product, distorted by heat from being used as a separation material between layers of blazingly hot Aluminium panels.

“Die Blaue Sekunde” by Dominik Eulberg // Idea & concept: Diane Karner & Roland Lindner.
Direction & production: Roland Lindner // “Bubblesheet” photograps by Matthias Lindner.

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Xtrah – Soundclash // Official Video

Xtrah – Soundclash [CRIT067] // Video edit by Kottoi.

“Xtrah Xtrah! You’ll be reading all about this one for a long time to come as Yasin Elgohary delivers his very first outing on Critical Music and what a debut it is. Having smashed the living daylights out of little sister label Modulations with ‘Set The Levels’, his new offerings are nothing short of devastating. Get the vibes in, this one’s ready to rip a hole in it!”