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Dark Hip Falls :: Lam2: Red Hands

Animated by Tess Martin using ink, water and gum arabic solution.

Music by Dark Hip Falls “Lam2: Red Hands” from the full length album “Seventy Four”.

Shihad :: Song For No One

A lone driver tears through an endless desert in this music video for Shihad.

Directed, illustrated & animated by Robert Wallace • Music by Shihad.

TWIABP :: “Shoppers Beef” // “$100 Tip”

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die “Shoppers Beef”/”$100 Tip“.

Directed by Geoff Hoskinson // Taken from the album: “Between Bodies“.

Berri Txarrak :: Zerbait Asmatugo Dugu

Music video for “Zerbait Asmatugo Dugu” by Berri Txarrak.

Direction & Animation: Joseba Elorza // Taken from the album: “Denbora da poligrafo bakarra“.

Taprikk Sweezee :: Mercury

Video directed by yoonar • Music by Taprikk SweezeeMercury“.

Max Cooper :: Origins

What you see is water mixed with an oily ferrofluid. Because their charge properties are different, they cannot mix – each repels the other. But when forcibly mixed by mechanical or magnetic forces, the result is that spheres form of one fluid inside the other – basic cell-like structures. All living cells today exhibit this same natural property of being encased in molecules that form a barrier which repels water, and it’s possible that the first cells arose through the sorts of processes shown in the video.

Official video by Tim Dee of Rabbit Hole & Blackbox.

Max CooperOrigins” Part of the “Kindred EP” • Out now FIELDS.

Leonidas & Hobbes :: Sputnik

Official video for “Sputnik” by Leonidas & Hobbes • Directed & animated by David Lemm.

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Mr.Oizo`s “HAM” // Directed by Eric Wareheim

Music by Mr. Oizo • Directed by Eric Wareheim • Featuring John C. Reilly.

Diagrams :: Phantom Power

Sore from a recent break up, a man travels to a secluded clearing in the woods and opens portals to his past in order to reflect on his relationship.

Direction: Persistent Peril • Illustration: Garth Jones.

Phantom Power” from Diagram’s upcoming album, “Chromatics“.

Compassion Crew :: Masters Of The Gentlemanly Art

6 minutes in a train meeting good people.

Video Concept & Illustration by Simon Landrein.

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