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Emptyset :: Fragment

Watch a video for “Fragment”, a track from Emptyset‘s forthcoming album on Raster-Noton, released on 28 October.

Emptyset says: “The video mirrors Recur’s production approach, applying greater layers of detail and complexity into a signal chain, and continues from our previous moving image work exploring aspects of analogue video, broadcasting and electromagnetic induction. “Fragment” follows on from this line of research, integrating more physical processes by using reflective surfaces as a means of reshaping the transmitted image.”

Music Videos by Nebojsa Mikavica

A collection of wonderful music videos by Nebojsa Mikavica:

// Adam Michalak :: Sparkles • Taken from “Returning to Essence” [SSD10].

// Am.Light :: Liquid • Taken from “Forgotten Land” [adpt013].

// ASC :: Voices from Distant Stars • Taken from “Time Heals All” [SSCD14].

Edisonnoside :: If You Leave

“If you leave” is the title of the music video promoting “Sadly by your side“, the debut album of Davide Cairo a.k.a. Edisonnoside, a researcher in Fabrica’s music team. Completely created using 3D and 2D animations, the video is a travel through unreal landscapes, real emotions and distances, bringing back memories and lost moments to life.

Video by Christian Coppe & Manuel Favarin.
Music by Edisonnoside, taken from the album “Sadly by your side“.

SHRUBBN!! :: Ebenholz

SHRUBBN!! “Ebenholz” • Directed by Marita Bullmann • Label: Shitkatapult.

Vacant :: Hollow

Illustrated Music Video “Wood” by McBess

A Music Video by McBess & Simon • Music by McBess & The Dead Pirates “Wood”.

// via //

Extrawelt :: Breedle

“This took four months of formula experimentations and over 1000 hours of combined renderiing via open source raytracers to complete.”

Video by Denial.of.Service // Audiotrack “Breedle” by Extrawelt.

65daysofstatic :: PRISMS

65daysofstatic “PRISMS” from the album, “Wild Light”. Released September 16, 2013.

Generative visuals: Matt Pearson // VHS chaos: Asylum Films.

The song is free to download via Soundcloud:

Shigeto :: Detroit Part 1

“Detroit Part 1” is taken from Shigeto‘s “No Better Time Than Now” album.

Directed by Rafe Scobey-Thal • Editor / Animator / VFX: Anthony Ciannamea.

Chrysalis :: A Short Film by Nick Rutter

Director: Nick Rutter // Soundtrack: Lapalux – Gold (Ft. Jassy Grez).