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Sage Francis :: Make Em Purr

“Make Em Purr” from the album Copper Gone written by Sage Francis.

Beat production by Buck 65 • Video Director: Wasaru • Art Director: Jebedaï Couture.

TSVI :: Malfunction

Somewhere in the universe a group of planets within a solar system untouched by man is facing a threat when an asteroid carrying an anomalous organism gets into the sun’s gravitational force; The planets, each governed by 3D fractals sculptures as a symbolic representation of nature, will be going through a destructive transition as the desease spreads across.

Official music video for TSVI’s debut EP on B.YRSLF Division by Matteo Zamagni_øøøø.

HAJJ :: Քնքշություն Լեռան

HAJJ “Քնքշություն Լեռան” • Directed by Arnaud Laffond • Produced by Wemotion.

Jonathan Lindley :: Anfetamine

Video & Music by Jonathan Lindley.

“Anfetamine” is taken from the EP “Venom” only available at Sunbird Records.

4Sight :: In Red (Feat. Ari Michaels)

Directed, Edited & Filmed by Vikram Valluri.

Music: 4Sight “In Red” with Ari Michaels from Dendritic EP released on Broken Bubble.

Secret Friend :: Orbital Velocity

A music video directed by Well Plastic with an abstract and heartwarming view of humanity’s endeavour to leave our over-populated, dying planet in search for a new home in the far reaches of the solar system. The video is a striking collage of seemingly random imagery, formed in a craft, collage style, to tell the story of earth’s demise and humanity’s struggle to find a new home.

From the upcoming album “Sleeper” by Secret Friend, which will be released early 2015.

Music written, performed, produced & mixed by Steven Fox.

Dark Hip Falls :: Lam2: Red Hands

Animated by Tess Martin using ink, water and gum arabic solution.

Music by Dark Hip Falls “Lam2: Red Hands” from the full length album “Seventy Four”.

Shihad :: Song For No One

A lone driver tears through an endless desert in this music video for Shihad.

Directed, illustrated & animated by Robert Wallace • Music by Shihad.

TWIABP :: “Shoppers Beef” // “$100 Tip”

The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die “Shoppers Beef”/”$100 Tip“.

Directed by Geoff Hoskinson // Taken from the album: “Between Bodies“.

Berri Txarrak :: Zerbait Asmatugo Dugu

Music video for “Zerbait Asmatugo Dugu” by Berri Txarrak.

Direction & Animation: Joseba Elorza // Taken from the album: “Denbora da poligrafo bakarra“.