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Panda Bear :: Boys Latin

Written, directed & produced by Isaiah Saxon & Sean Hellfritsch • Music: Panda Bear “Boys Latin”.

Animation: Eran Hilleli, Jason Rayner, Daniel Moos, Viv Nikolich, Avi Yeyni.

Ash Koosha :: I Feel That

Music Video by Hirad Sab“I Feel That” is the lead-off track from Ash Koosha‘s album GUUD.

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Leftfield & Sleaford Mods :: Head & Shoulders

Director: Casey & Ewan • Music: Leftfield & Sleaford Mods “Head & Shoulders”.

2D: Thu Tran & Lisa Ramsey • 3D: Silvia Casali, Nicola Destefanis, Nicola Gastaldi, Christian Tailor.

Stop Motion: Leo Nicholson, Natasha Nicholson, Ian Watson.

Networks :: Sizq

Directed & Animated by Yoshino Kohei • CG Animator: Kaneko Satoru • Music: Networks.

Cio D’Or :: Off

Video by Kai Werner Schmidt & Aljoscha Gabriel Hofmann.

Music by Cio D’Or “Off” • Taken from “Off and On” (Telrae 26).

D.A.N. :: Ghana

Video directed & animated by Ryu Okubo • Music: D.A.N. “Ghana”.

Dot :: Roookie

Music Video Shot, Programmed & Edited by Frank Robnik • Music: Dot “Roookie”.

Sage Francis :: ID THIEVES

Video Animated & Directed by Aaron Lampert.

Sage Francis “ID THIEVES” taken from the album COPPER GONE on Strange Famous Records.

Drenge :: I Want To Break You In Half

Music Video for Drenge “I Want To Break You In Half” • Directed & animated by CRCR.

Klangstof :: We Are Your Receiver

Nowadays people seem to go further in showcasing themselves on so many platforms like the internet and reality series on the television. The freedom of online anonymity and the digital companionship inviting people to go beyond their own boundaries. It became a play-field of doing weird things, a derailed society in which moral standards are becoming blurry and being pushed.

Director: Menno Fokma • Music: Klangstof “We Are Your Receiver” • DOP: Justin Bodenkamp.