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Jan Roth :: Glühwürmchen

Illustration & Animation by Marcel Vockrodt.

»Glühwürmchen« is taken from Jan Roth‘s album “L.O.W.

Lucinate :: Big Noise

Big Noise was created by nine different animators, as an exquisite corpse, building on what came before. The artists, in order:

Héloïse Petel • Steve West • Jeremie Carreon • Pranay Patwardhan • Nikita Deshpande • Calvin Xingpei Shen • Gerhard Human • Pierre-Julien Fieux • Andrew Khosravani • Conde Pablo.

Big Noise is also the title track of Lucinate‘s coming album, and can be found on this beautiful limited edition 12″ vinyl @ King Deluxe.

Rone :: Origami

Directed by Klub Simon:

Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet • Vladimir Mavounia-KoukaDimitri StankowiczThomas Pons.

Track taken from the album “Mirapolis” by Rone.

Too Mad :: Mind Invaders

A mysterious sign appears and the residents of Cat City tremble in fear of an unknown terror. Something is coming to invade their minds…

Official Music Video for the track “MIND INVADERS” by Too Mad.

Directed by Tricktrabanten: Frederic Siegel, Kilian Vilim & Etienne Mory.

Vels Trio :: 40 Point

Music video by Steph Hope for London based jazz group Vels Trio featuring Shabaka Hutchings.

Polezsky :: Smiling Hunter

HelloSavants directed & animated this Polezsky music video for Avantguardia.

Created & Directed by Marco “Morcky” Galmacci.

Dream Wife :: Hey Heartbreaker

Don’t mess with the robots.

Music video for “Hey Heartbreaker” by Dream Wife • Directed & Animated by Mason London.

Ryan Chernin :: The Drought

Official music video for Ryan Chernin “The Drought”. Off the album “You Know Who You Are”.

Directed & Animated by John Morena.

Zavoloka :: Polonyna

Video by Julius Horsthuis • Music by Zavoloka.

“Polonyna” taken from “Syngonia”, released on Kvitnu 2017.

James :: Dear John

A couple’s trip to a mountain is interrupted by a black cat who leads them astray into the forest where they discover dark secrets.

Dear John is an award-winning music video for the famous British rock band James.

Directed & designed by Péter Vácz.