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Sleepless by Susi Sie

Directed & Produced: Susi Sie • Music: Pan-Pot feat. L.O.U. “Sleepless”.


VOLCANO is a personal project directed & animated by Lena Steinkühler.

Themes & Variations

“Themes & Variations” – 2015 // A film by Ziye Liu.

A fully CG rendered short film based upon contemporary artworks from artists Yayoi Kusama & Ai Weiwei, the short film explored the infinite possibilities by using 3D digital art to create new “versions” of existing artworks.

The Colors of Feelings

“The Colors of Feelings” is an experimental dreamlike video by Thomas Blanchard rocking us smoothly through circular moves. It is also an analogy of feelings such as anger, love, sadness and joy ; they mix and eventually ease.

The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil, milk, honey & cinnamon.

Video: Thomas Blanchard • Music: Max Richter “Lost in space”.

Diplopia 3D: An Stereoscopic Piece About Contrast

Diplopia by Onionlab is the first 3D anagliph mapping piece created and projected in Spain at The International Mapping Festival of Girona 2015 opening ceremony.

Diplopia is an stereoscopic piece that revolves around the concept of binocular vision, that is to say, how our eyes merge two separate images to perceive a single object. Two different points of view that arise as a consequence of binocular disparity.

Diplopia focuses on opposing concepts, such as light and darkness, flexible versus rigid, near and far, noise and silence, wet and dry… The volumetric contrasts and illusion of depth create images intended to confuse, unsettle and fascinate the public.

“In order to enjoy the projection mapping, we strongly recommend to use 3D anaglyph / stereoscopic glasses. If you don’t have any around, please watch the 2D version and try to get ones. But do watch the 3D version. It is worth it!”.

Produced by Onionlab • Director: Jordi Pont • Producer: Joel Mestre.
Music & Sound design: uunnoo + lko.
3D Artist: Mike van der Noordt • Santi Morrison • Raquel Anglès • Jordi Pont.

Visualizing Buttercup Android

A motion graphic short: Following a life cycle from the purity of birth and subsequent tainting of life, through to the purity of passing back to where we came.

Motion Graphics by Dundas • Music: Peter Serafinowicz Buttercup Android.

3D Projection Mapping: Owls Collection

The Owl model and animations were designed for an exhibition “Art Technology” at Need For Street 5 Festival in Warsaw by MELT. The CNC cut Owl model is 4m long.

Idea, Design, Animation: Kamila Staszczyszyn & Kuba Matyka • Sound: Wojtek Urbański.

Universe Hand

Particle physics based animated art by Glenn Marshall.

Star Girl by Glenn Marshall

Particle physics based animated art by Glenn Marshall.

“A mixture of particle physics, and NASA Voyager recordings. This is an experimental digital work created using programming code to simulate mathematical and scientific models of particle collisions to create 3D sculptural forms.”

Birthlight by Christian Stangl

This short film by motion designer Christian Stangl is based on thousands of microscopic stills from which these stunning timelapse scenarios emerge. Stangl´s self-made chemical processes perform an endless dance of growing and dissolving, flooding and evaporating, melting and recrystalizing, creating an all together perfectly synced synthesis of sound and picture.

The soundtrack captivates the audience with a sophisticated blend of electronic and acoustic orchestration. At the core of this musical ménage à trois is the mind and voice of project-founder Almalyn Griesauer, escorted by Michael Willer and Robert Stefan.