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APARTOF // An Audiovisual Live Performance

Visual Art & Live-Editing by Roland von Tessin.

Music by Fabian M. Mueller, Patrick Zosso, Reto Suhner.

Multiuniverse by Tatiana Plakhova

Inspired by the lectures of the physicist Andrei Linde about Inflationary Multiuniverse.

Visuals: Tatiana Plakhova • Music: Boards of Canada “Reach for the Dead”.

☇ Biosphere: Digital Photography by Tatiana Plakhova //

320° Licht // Spatial Experience

The “320° Licht” installation of URBANSCREEN uses the cathedral-like beauty of the Gasometer Oberhausen as the starting point for a fascinating game with shapes and light.

Within a radius of 320 degrees graphic patterns grow and change on the 100-metre high inside wall of the Gasometer.

The observer experiences the interplay between real and virtual space, in which the Gasometer seems to dissolve into its own, filigree structures and yet finally always reverts to its clear shape.

With approx. 20,000 square meters of area played upon, the installation is among the world’s largest and technically most sophisticated interior projections – interconnecting 21 powerful projectors to one projection screen.

“320° Licht” is part of the exhibition ‘The Appearance of Beauty’ – the variety of beauty in art that is shown inside the Gasometer. The Gasometer Oberhausen opens this exhibition from 11th April until 30th December.

Line Segments Space by Kimchi & Chips

Line Segments Space (Projection, Nylon string, Code) by Kimchi & Chips (Mimi Son & Elliot Woods).

Sound Design by Junghoon Pi.

An architectural web of threads subtends a null space. It hangs abstract and undefined, a set of thin positive elements segmenting the dark negative space between. Dynamic imaginary forms are articulated into the physical volume by the material of this thread, and the semi-material of the light. The visual gravity of the filaments occupying the space between.

A 2D canvas is reduced from a surface piece into a line segment, but then constructed into another dimension, a volume. Light creates contrast and order on the lines to articulate digital matter. Digital forms inhabit the interconnected boundaries of space, becoming incarnate as visual mass.

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Becoming Harmonious by Susi Sie

All scenes were filmed by using water, a subwoofer, a Canon 5D and a 100mm macro lens.

Directed & Produced: Susi Sie.

Artist: The Glitch Mob Feat. Metal Mother “Becoming Harmonious” //
Taken from The Glitch Mob’s new album ‘Love Death Immortality’.

5:48 – The Reality of Time

Thomas Gugel`s Graduation movie at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Germany and his interpretation of the Reality of Time based on the theories of French philosopher Henri Bergson and his meaning of “la durée”, the experienced time. A pure perception which isn’t already structured by our consciousness and available for our behaviors (Intuition).

This “Reality of Time” lies mainly behind what’s shown obviously – in his symbolic representation. What you see isn’t what it supposed to shown.

Concept, Animation, Compositing: Thomas Gugel • Sounddesign: Bernhard Dulle.
2D-Support: Bastian J. Schiffer • Mentoring: Prof. Tjark Ihmels.

Pacific Light by Ruslan Khasanov

Video by Ruslan Khasanov • Music by Boris Blank.

Floats by Misha Shyukin

Things That Float by Misha Shyukin // Music: “Summoning Ritual” by Heroin Party.

// Images © Misha Shyukin //

The Essence Of Sound

All scenes were filmed by using lycopodium powder, a subwoofer and a Red Epic.

Director: Susi Sie • DoP: Thomas D. Spitzenberger • Editor: Maximilian Schwarz.

Room by Room by Mickey Todiwala

A series of images exploring the atmosphere of an abandoned mental institution.

Created by Mickey Todiwala • Music by Martin Stig Anderson.

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