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[Krō′mō-jen′ĕ-sis] – The origin of color.

Matter springs from empty chaos. First pioneers grow, reproduce, and evolve.

Until finally…extinction. Entropy must always increase.

An experimental 4K ambient film by Tyler Hulett with paint and oil.


Macro is a personal experimental short by Harrison Vincent that explores the tiny moments which comprise our natural world.

This meditative, loose-narrative weaves a thread through a lush micro-world, nuanced by the details that we often overlook.

Beyond The Edge

What lies beyond the edge of the Observable Universe?

Directed & designed by Teun van der Zalm • Music by Chris Zabriskie.

Sight Series

Edited collection of animations from David Brodeur`s Sight Series.


An experiment on the behavioral effects of high pheromone dosages with worms.

No Worms were harmed during the experiment,

3 members of the Lab staff got a little squeezed though.

Concept / Design / Animation: Helmut Breineder & Michelle Martins.


In this video Philat Matveev shares his thoughts on the birth of great ideas and their source, on the scale which is overcame by the beam of light, to find the right place, to develop the world of ideas in the continuity of our world.

Music: Dario Marianelli “Evey Reborn”.


Free 1080p visual source material released under Creative Commons by beeple.

Music: Boards of Canada “Collapse”.

Into The Bright Unknown

A short film in the form of a journey from the micro to the macrocosm.

Direction, cinematography, editing, vfx, color grading: Toros Köse.

Music: Cody Geil • Sound: Audionerve.


The cloaked Yaldaboath looked upon this society of materialism which It dominated for millenia.

The slow and struggling process for evolution of human’s consciousness reflects in It’s eyes, while it took our Lush as It’s supper, yet the most delicious ones are those ambiguous faiths as always.

All these happened in a small temple of Land-God, which sits in a place of nowhere.

Now, may ashes to ashes, dust to dust.