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Created by YUJAEHO • Music by Fawkes.

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Bio-Inspire FullDome AV Performance

BioInspire is an A/V dome performance which has screened in the Institute of American Indian Arts (New Mexico, USA) and Fiske Planetarium – University of Colorado Boulder (Colorado, USA).

Artificial neural networks (ANNs), a largely used method in machine learning and cognitive science, are inspired by the biological neural networks, namely the neural system of the animals. The ANNs are composed of several nodes, layers and connections which simulate to some extent the message exchange and processing through a biological neural network. In fact, ANNs tries to find an approximate functions that evaluate all the inputs in order to give a meaningful output concerning the data. Each function is specific to the learned data according to which the form of the ANN is shaped. So, ANN adapt itself to learn from the data, to mine it; it then turns into a generic processing model that evaluates, classify, categorize the inputs, likewise our brain, neurons and synapses.

As the quantity of layers, nodes and connections in an artificial neural network increase, the structure gets more complex. Getting the inspiration from the structure of an ANN, our aim is to redefine the complexity of a neural network using abstract objects and sound referring to it’s natural form.

Direction & Animation: Void • Director: Yusuf Emre Kucur, Bahadır Dağdelen.

Mechatronic Harmonies


Film Direction & Motion Design: abstr^ct:groove.

Director/Creative Director: Luigi Pane • Executive Producer: Giada Risso.


This short is a remix of a projection mapping piece Vicarage Studio produced with Refik Anadol for the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

It’s based on the idea of progress and technological development. The term ‘technium’ was coined by Kevin Kelly to describe technology as the emerging seventh kingdom of life on earth.

Animation & Direction: Vicarage Studio • Music & Sound Design: Echoic Audio.

Dry Lights

A trip through an electric desert, Dry Lights by Xavier Chassaing unfolds in an imagined environ- ment of cacti and canyons, moving from hidden caves to lonely cliffs along pulsating rivers of light.

This experimental film lies somewhere between a site-specific installation and a performance, where choreographed lights meet organic landscapes. Like an imaginary city flickering in the dark, the lights beacon fragments of vague memories – faded moments, experiences, and topographies. A world in an erratic state of flux that seems to evade any grasp of clear control plays host to constantly alternating physical and mental landscapes. Moving without a destination in the dead hours of night, mesmerising, intermittent apparitions illuminate their surroundings, allowing personal narratives to breed.

A Film by Xavier Chassaing • Music & Sound Design: Thomas VaquiŽ.

Haïkus In Motion Series by Sébastien Girard

Motion Graphics: Darkpulse • Sound Design: Nïats.

Synthetic Nature by Andy Thomas

The latest visual sound art piece from Andy Thomas has been inspired by Australian flora and fauna. It is nature digitized. Sounds recorded in nature have been run through computers and electronically manipulated. Computer generated 3D imagery swirls and contorts to the sounds creating semi-abstract interpretations of native plants.

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Zombie Flowers

A personal project by Francisco Sanchez de Cañete inspired on Charles Darwin´s first impressions when he first saw a carnivorous plant in 1875.


Why don’t humans have patterned texture like animals?

Humans will be able to get it.

Direction: Kouhei Nakama • Music: “Highway to the Stars” by Kai Engel.

“OS/VDO” by Michael Paul Young

Operating System simulation by Michael Paul Young designed for FRAMED* • Audio: Madsound.

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