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Infinitude is a meditation on the cosmic evolution of matter and energy over time.

Experimental filmmaking techniques such as time-lapse, high-speed, and stop-motion photography were used to photograph handmade props, fluid dynamics, and angular momentum. Infinitude is a handmade representation of the exponential growth of complexity in the cosmos.

Directed, designed & photographed by Scott Portingale • Sound by Aaron Macri.


Resistance: Real-time 3D projection mapping.

Video by Pylik • Music by Sunchase aka Alexander Pavlenko.

Ž by Natalia Stuyk

Created by Natalia Stuyk.


“COLORS” is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves.

The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil, oat milk, remover, bleach liquid & soap liquid.

Director: Thomas Blanchard • Music by Velvet Coffee.


Life is a cycle.

We are dying from birth, reborn till death.

Direction: Kouhei Nakama • Music: “Shining Dawn” by Kai Engel.


This is a reaction-diffusion program of complete real-time generation created by Nobutaka Kitahara that reacts to sound in touchdesigner • Music: Sk’p – Astravel.

Sound Moves You

Sound Design by Defacto Sound • Produced by Stripes • DP: Rob Martinez.

Echolalia (Visuals)

Music: Them the Sky “Echolalia” • Visuals: Félix Sánchez.

Sweet Dreams

Video directed by Rus Khasanov • Music by Dmitry Evgrafov “Reel”.

Kung Fu Motion Visualization

Visual & Sound: Tobias Gremmler.

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