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Liquid Calligraphy

Video by Ruslan Khasanov.

Music by Dmitry Evgrafov “Rootedness”.

Volumes: Art Film by Maxim Zhestkov

Volumes is a Full CG art film by Maxim Zhestkov exploring the juxtaposition of emotions with the laws of nature.

Billions of colourful particles dance, play and communicate with each other in an eternal hypnotic ballet governed by the invisible wind of fate.


The future mankind has extremely extended their lifespan by highly advanced technology. The only way to meet death exist as a type of euthanasia. Death managing company ‘DREAVELER’ which have researched a diversity methods of euthanasia invented a brand-new system which makes people travel their dreams and memories during REM sleep before the last sleep. The system also named ‘DREAVELER’ compound word of Dream & Travel focused on soothing people who get bored with a desolated future and filled with nostalgia for the nature of a vanished past.

Design & Produce: Taehoon Park • Character design & Modeling: Hyunsup Ahn.

Synopsis & Edit: Jihoon Roh • Music & SFX: Echoic.


Created by Remi Devouassoud • Music credit: Michel Petrucciani “Silence”.


Old and new nebulae colliding with each other using a different process.

Showing the immensity of these stellar nurseries.

Directed & Designed by Teun van der Zalm • Music by Martin Stürtzer.

Geometry Of Artificial Intelligence

Created by Serjan Burlak.


EOUS, meaning the morning star.

Directed & designed by Teun van der Zalm • Music by Katharina Helena Schmilgun.


Myst is an experimental video that mixes geometric shapes and acrylic inks.

Director: Thomas Blanchard • Second Director: Jeremy Blanchard.

Music: Whirlwind by Velvet coffee.


When Red, Green and Blue come out to play…

Created by LOROCROM • Music by BLÆRG.


All visuals by Terracollage were created using magnetic materials like iron powder together with several colors and fluids • Music by Son-J.