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Gravity by Clemens Wirth

Some analogue experiments with gravity.

Video: Clemens Wirth • Audio: Radium Audio.


“The concept behind the movie is based on making tangible graphical and abstract environments, made of plastic. Therefore handcrafting represents an essential part on this project. Timing, pacing and a touch of 2D animation played an important role in supporting the surreal atmosphere of these worlds”

Directed by Hello Savants • Set design & model making: Francesco Castellani.
Music composition: Plastikjoy from the track “Morse Code”.


Der Kern eines dunklen Planetoiden beherbergt eine Ursuppe von mikroskopischen Lebens. Jede Stufe des Primordial wurde von verschiedenen Künstlern animiert und entworfen.

Animation: Jason Kerr / Chris Bjerre / Peter Clark.

“The core of a dark planetoid hosts a primordial soup of microscopic life. Within the neural pathways of these organic compounds, intelligence is born from the primitive drive for survival. Each stage of Primordial has been designed and animated by separate artists and sequentially stitched together as one evolving timeline.”

Fu Liu by Xiang Pu Zhu

Fu Liu directed by Xiang Pu Zhu • Music by Esther Garcia.

MONDAY by Lonesome Robots

Video of audio synced motion graphics by Lonesome Robots for the track “Monday”.

“Monday” is from the album “Empty Days” by A Band Apart.

River Island x JP Braganza by Dvein

CGI VFX short fashion film directed by Dvein inspired by the prints of Jean-Pierre Braganza’s capsule collection for River Island.

Direction & Art Direction: Dvein • Music: Mark Salam (Auphelion).

A Human Being Is A Human Dreaming

Visuals: Tatiana Plakhova • Music: Aaron Martin “Slow Wake”.

Visuals: Tatiana Plakhova • Music: AN.ROST “allt”.

Visuals: Tatiana Plakhova • Music: Maiya Hersey “A Human Being Is A Human Dreaming”.

Squarevolution // An Interactive Art Installation

Squarevolution – the story of a square that tries to break out of its two dimensional world to evolve into a three dimensional object.

Squarevolution is an interactive art installation that uses three picture frames, projection mapping and the human impulse of clicking a light switch to start the animated evolutionary development of a square.

The visual artwork was created by Lenny Grade and Christian Diekmann also known as grade die. Their work was completed by Sascha Jatho who composed a great audio track that combines rare old synthesizer sounds with the most recent software development in the field of music.

HAMAR by Sara Gunnarsdottir

This is an animated installation made to Kira Kira‘s album Feathermagnetic by Sara Gunnarsdottir.

“Originally it was made as concert visuals, already screened on concerts in Tokyo, Moscow and Berlin. For that context the visual piece lasts for 47 minutes, or the total length of the album. But I decided to also use the bulk of the visual for a shorter, more music video type version, Hamar.”

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Geometry by Henning M. Lederer

Directed & animated by Henning M. Lederer.

Most of the visuals are inspired by GEOMETRY DAILY • Music: Thirsteen / May by DoF.