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Evil Lurks: Richard Chung // Introducing: Ming-Han Tsai

Evil Lurks: Richard Chung • Filmed & Edited by Matt Hirst.

Introducing Ming-Han Tsai by VHS Mag.

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Light Goes On

You’re never too old to skateboard.

Light painter Darren Pearson with a new stop motion short “Light Goes On”.

Bridges & Dragons

Filmed, Edited & Directed by Andro Kajzer.

Filmed in Ljubljana // Skaters: Domen Dijak & Miha Miklavcic.

Gurus In The Ganges

In early February 2013, Sean Malto, Sebo Walker, Mark Suicu and Nestor Judkins traveled to legendary India. Their plan was to traverse the breadth of the Subcontinent’s core with their ultimate goal to reach the Kumbh Mela gathering. The four sought to try and demonstrate that even in the most densely populated, chaotic places in the developing world, one can indeed push forward and manage to skateboard despite the visceral challenges such conditions present.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner // Hosted by the Skateboarding Magazine.

Street Feet // Free Doom

A journey to Detroit, Michigan by Street Feet // Featuring: Rob Mentov • Matt Roberts • Ryan Kehrer • Alex Baron • Jim Tumey • Issac Watamaniuk • Chris • Will Baigent.

The Revenge Of The Beasts

When I was a kid I saw a skater jumping for the first time, I believed it was magic that made him fly. I realized that this has been a childish fantasy. But this year we decided to bring back my dream.

The Revenge of the Beasts // A Film by Sebastian Linda.

Music: Intro & Outro – Fuse // Main Song: Woodkid – Conquest of Spaces.

The Photographer Series: Jonathan Mehring

“It’s just an expansion of the high school road trip. You got your drivers license and you’re heading out into the unknown.” – Jonathan Mehring.

The Photographer Series tells the stories behind some of skateboardings most epic images and the dudes who made them // Filmed & edited by Andrew Norton.

Sk803 Toss Out

Toss out from an upcoming project by Dorian Warneck.

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Kilian Martin: India Within

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Brett Novak.

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Glistening summer moments drenched in skateboards and shipwrecks.
Music: ‘Visits’ by Colleagues.

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