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Beyond The Ball

Beyond the Ball is a visual acknowledgement of situations that are not what they appear.

Created by Dana Sink.

Happy New Year 2018

Created by Roc Espinet • Music: The Thrill Band.

Child Dream

Floating barges, water that suddenly takes human form and rainfall that leaves puddles deep enough to drown in… Is this merely a child’s dream ?

Short animation film written & directed by Christophe Gérard.


To celebrate the end of the year, Chromosphere asked 8 different artists to illustrate a view of any place that felt like home.

Arthur Chaumay “Burgundy Fields” • Benjamin Flouw “Golden Province” • Celine Desrumaux “Somewhere Above the Clouds” • Eastwood Wong “Heaven on Earth” • Hugo Moreno “Volcano” • Manddy Wyckens “Cote d’Opal” • Sylvia Liu “xxLA” • Eusong Lee “Ulsan, The City of Whales”.

Animation: Rob Ward • Plane Design: Jasmin Lai • Music: Mine Shoulder.


In a near future, where time is the most precious thing, a company called TURBO EXPRESS takes it very seriously.

Direction, Design, Music & Sound Design: Device.

Animation: Device, Christian Villacañas, Rafael Andrade.

He’s Watching

Meet April Skut.

It’s almost Christmas, mom and dad are off to a party, she’s gonna have the most fun ever.

Written, Directed & Animated by Arthur Metcalf • Starring Avalon Penrose as April Skut & her mom.


Christopher, an advent calendar tries to protect his beloved chocolates over the period of christmas.

Written & Directed by Ines Pagniez & Victoria Jardine.

Design & Art Directed by Colin Bigelow • Music Composed by Kenny Wood.

The Space Explorers

Direction & Illustration: James Noellert • Music & Sound: David Kamp.


Created by John LaPrime.


“Racing to the red light, only to find themselves wanting to go further. They have ripped the natural world apart and surrendered their freedom to a joyless gratification.”

Direction, Animation: Mads Broni • Illustration, Character Animation: Salla Lehmus.

Music, Sound Design: Echoic Audio • Narration: Gillian Burke.