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Street Demon by Julian Glander

“Street Demon” animated by Julian Glander: 1 life. 1 street.

Machine Head // Taylor Fibre Company

Wonderful “Taylor Fibre Company” machine head animation by Henning M. Lederer.

Taken from his visual communication and animation blog machinatorium.
(“Taylor Fibre Company” from the album “Science and Tech Ads”, December 1943).

Lebensader by Angela Steffen

A little girl finds the whole world in a leaf.

Story, Design, Direction & Animation: Angela Steffen • Additional Animation: C. Tambour.

Produced at the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects & Digital Postproduction
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, under care of Ged Haney.

// via //

Boy by Simon Leclerc

A story about two boys and a man who has to do something he doesn’t want to.

First year film by Simon Leclerc made at Calarts.

The Arctic Fox by Annlin Chao

An Arctic fox who escaped from the zoo, began his incredible journey.

Directed by Annlin Chao • Music by Ying Chih Chen.

The Amazing Works of Nicolas Fong

Diese fantastisch animierten Illustrationen, Kurzfilme und Musikvideos stammen von dem belgischen Animationskünstler Nicolas Fong. Mehr wundersame Dinge findest Du auf seinem Tumblr.

// Animated Images © Nicolas Fong //


Obsessed with his legacy, Wolfgang tries to build one last thing before he dies.

A Film by James Kwan • Sound Design: Bryce Barsten • Voice Acting: Bill Obrecht, Nora Meek.

Mr Selfie by Cesar Pelizer & George Alexander

Something we have all no doubt noticed is the increasing fixation with what is going on our smartphones – if it’s not ourselves, then we regularly see other people walking down the street pre-occupied with their phones, we see buses and trains full of commuters fixated on their little screens desperate for some information fix and it’s not uncommon to see friends in restaurants interacting with their phones rather than each other – all missing what is going on around them and reducing their quality of life as a result.

This short animation is a playful tale of this modern phenomenon…

Concept & Story: George Alexander • Design & Animation: Cesar Pelizer.

Planet Under Pressure

Planet Under Pressure: a new climate security agenda.

Larger and richer populations are increasing the pressure on natural resources, further exacerbated by the immediate problem of a changing climate, with serious impacts on water, energy, and food security. The close interdependencies between water, energy and food are multiplying these threats in diverse countries and regions demonstrating that climate security will be an issue for all. An integrated ‘nexus approach’ is helping decision-makers to manage shared resources and achieve truly sustainable development.

Directed by Moth Collective • Written by Global Canopy Programme • Sound Design: Joe Tate

Animation: Marcus Armitage, Joe Bichard, Daniel Chester, Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits.

Confusion Through Sand

This film was entirely hand-animated on recycled paper.

Confusion Through Sand is tense and at times borders on horrific.

However, it does not glorify war and it does not make it feel manly or like a video game.
The film represents the deep confusion of young men in very difficult circumstances, on both sides of the hostility. We follow a young soldier, but there is no hero.