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Bless You by David Barlow-Krelina


A man takes the subway. Inside his brain, a countdown clock hits zero and a little person prepares for lift-off. The man sneezes.

Directed & Animated by David Barlow-Krelina • Music & Sound Design: Greg Debicki.


“A young japanese girl accidentally kills her classmate because she is disgusted by her appareance. She’s going to pay for her crime…”

Graduation film co-directed by David Broner, Kevin Cordier-Royer, Tristan Jaegly, Vincent Touache, Chien-Chang Wu, Jake Delamare • Music by Slava Pogorelsky.

Don’t Be Curly by Veronyka Jelinek

Short movie about restless hair curls, troubles, dreams and the power of wish we make.

Directed & animated by Veronyka Jelinek • Music: Jakub Kudlac.

PUPA by John JH Lee

Pupa is the story about a boy who is about to begin puberty. His body is ready to make a physical transformation, but in his eyes every grownup is a hideous monster.

He fears that he will turn into one of them.

Design & Animation Direction by John JH Lee • Sound Design by Scott Bucsis.

Last Breath by Ping

Ping’s hypnotic, dystopian graduation film created at the Royal College of Art in 2012. An account of events when Yeuk Seng slowly grasps the fact that he has become a social outcast as a breathing person. Refusing to give in, he is now struggling to live in a city that he does not belong to anymore. Other worldly, visceral and with shades of Alice In Wonderland, Ping’s film showcases her dark humour and strong graphic visual style.

Modern Love by Freddy Arenas

Creative & Art Director // Design & Animation: Freddy Arenas.

This project was a collaboration with the New York Times for their column Modern Love. Based on the article by Tim McEown, Freddy Arenas has created an animated short film that tells the love story of Tim and his wife Sarah.

Big Bang Dog

Is it possible that it happened yesterday? He disappeared right before my eyes and everything remains just as different? Why do they multiply and divide?

Only the dogs take this as a natural fact.

Please don’t go into the wrong door. They are the only suspects.

Directed by Parquerama Studios • Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero.

Motorbike by Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment

A young man on an old motorbike struggles to reach a date on time.

Short film by Mechanical Apple, an award winning animation studio led by Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment, dedicated to crafting compelling stories with heart.

Music by Christopher Larkin • Sound by Lachlan Coles.

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Katie Armstrong: Interlude & Show Me Where It Hurts

Two wonderful hand-drawn animations by Katie Armstrong: Interlude & Show Me Where It Hurts.

↗ Interlude // We keep our hands so busy.

↗ Show Me Where It Hurts // It’s our party.

Cupidiculous by Panop Koonwat

Cupidiculous (2014) is a motion graphic project fusing 2D cel-animation and 3D techniques together. It conveys a humor story about Cupid, who makes Adam and Eve fall in love. But this act of love leads to overpopulation, overconsumption and global warming. So he has to find the way to fix these problems.

2014 School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art Student Film.

Directed & Animated by Panop Koonwat.

Music: Henry Homesweet • Sound design: Narin Kongkatavaethita.