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Bite Of The Tail by Song E Kim

Life is a constant struggle for a husband and wife. She is suffering from stomach pain, and the doctor has no clue about a cure. Meanwhile, her husband is on his own journey of hunting a snake.

Written & directed by Song E Kim.

Now Japan 2014 by Karolis Strautniekas

Advertisement work for “Now Japan 2014″ festival in Lithuania by Karolis Strautniekas.

Concept & Creative Direction: Other Peter, Karolis Strautniekas • Illustration: Karolis Strautniekas.
Animation: Other Peter • Graphic design: Džiugas Valančauskas • Sound: Sonar.

Colour Dream by Tatyana Zabanova

Fractal animation by Tatyana Zabanova • Soundtrack by Sean Ricker.

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Spooktacular: An Animated Alphabet

An animated ABC book of freaks, spooks, and scares to celebrate Halloween by Adam Osgood.

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31 Ways To Say F*CK OFF

“This video started as a joke. I was going through a really tough time & woke up every morning saying “FU*K OFF”. Not in a bad way.. just.. FU*K OFF. So I started making these loops.”

Directed & animated by Emanuele Kabu.

Eskimal by Homero Ramírez

Eskimal & Morsa work together to preserve the Great Glacier, facing imminent disaster brought on by the industrialized world.

Director, Script & Cinematography: Homero Ramírez.

Animated Looping Illustrations by Drew Tyndell

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Mothership by Nejc Polovsak

Design / Direction / Animation: Nejc Polovsak.

Creative Direction: Andrew Jones • Sound Design: Zelig Sound.

The Approximate Present

A short animated film about the weather –
inspired and informed by chaos theory and Lorenz attractors, romantic landscape paintings and the minimalist polygonal look of early computer simulations.

Graduation project at the University of the Arts Bremen in 2014 by Filippo Baraccani.

Music: Origamibiro – Flicker.

Jamón by Iria López

José is a teenage pig living in a Spanish town; he is the only pig in his family. One day a new neighbour moves in next door, and José starts to come to terms with who he really is.

Graduation film directed & animated by Iria López. It’s a traditionally-animated film with silkscreen printed backgrounds made at the National Film & Television School.