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Way Out by Yukai Du

Way out“, Yukai Du`s MA graduation film, is inspired by “Alone Together” by Sherry Turkle and a reflection of modern life in this digital age.

The exaggerated contrast between emotionless citizens and characterized phones reveals our over-­‐dependence on virtual communication. A dramatic and extreme consequence shows a negative attitude, for which no one can escape the trend of technology that originally comes from the endless appetence of human beings.

La Nuit Américaine d’Angélique

When she saw Francois Truffaut’s Day For Night, Angelique discovered that it was possible to dream up her life.

Directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet & Joris Clerté • Written by Olivia Rosenthal.

La Detente

La Detente is an animated short movie produced & directed by Pierre Ducos & Bertrand Bey.

The film tells the story of a French soldier in World War I, who becomes paralyzed with fear while in the trenches. He escapes in his head to an imaginary world where toys fight wars instead of humans. It won many awards and was shown at Cannes film festival 2011.

Lost Cubert

Cubert’s life is determined by work. Endless repetitions of the same tasks, dull routines, a perfect construction of monotony. Suddenly he is wrenched out of his daily grind and is confronted with a seemingly inescapable system. His quest for an exit leads him deep into a labyrinth of monotony – and to the bounds of his sanity.

Written & directed by Felix Fischer • Jakob “Jim” Schmidt • Carolin Schramm.

Gabriel In The Dreamscape

Gabriel is a cartoon character living in the real world.

Directed & Animated by Eric Lerner • Music by Orel Tamuz & Tal Yogev.

366 Days by Johannes Friedrich Schiehsl

Starting his social work as a paramedic, young Patrick soon comes into contact with patients who are all suffering from the same problem: loneliness…

Written & Directed by Johannes Friedrich Schiehsl.

“Ein junger Mann leistet seinen Zivildienst im Rettungsdienst ab. Dabei führt ihn seine Verpflichtung in die Wohnungen von Menschen die ferner an Krankheiten oder Verletzungen sondern vor allem an Einsamkeit leiden. Bei seinem Versuch zu helfen geht er Beziehungen ein, die ihm mehr abverlangen als zunächst gedacht ..”

Ein 12-minütiger Kurzfilm von Johannes Schiehsl, mit Stimmen von maschek-Kabarettist Peter Hörmanseder und Radio-Moderator Hosea Ratschiller.

Der Film wurde auf mehr als 70 Festivals gezeigt, erhielt mehrfache Auszeichnungen und wurde unter anderem für den Österreichischen Filmpreis nominiert. Neuerdings kommt er sogar in der Sanitäterausbildung zum Einsatz.

“Outdo You” Animation by Mcbess

“Outdo You” // An Ad for Nike+ animated by Mcbess.

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Director: Minhyuk Jang • Character Rig & Animator: Wonsuk Choi.

Modeling: Minwoo Jang, Wonsuk Choi, Minhyuk Jang • Original Story & Illustration: Ara Cho.

John Rutter “Angel’s Carol”

Director: Rok Predin • Animation: Ines Pagniez, Rok Predin • Composer: John Rutter.

Peter And The Wolf

Animation: Emmanuel Linderer • Directed by Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet, Gordon & Corentin Leconte.

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