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An Animated Lesson About The History Of Treadmill

“The constant thud underneath your feet. The constrained space. The monotony of going nowhere fast. Running on a treadmill can certainly feel like torture, but did you know it was originally used for that very purpose?

Conor Heffernan details the dark and twisted history of the treadmill.”

Lesson by Conor Heffernan • Narratation: Addison Anderson • Illustration & Animation: Yukai Du.

Filthy but Fine

A tough night in a tough city.

Directed, animated & designed by Arthur Metcalf.

Music by Dance with the Dead • Sound Design by Arjun G. Sheth.

Boom is Life

“Boom is Life” was completed at the Royal College of Art in 2014.

Direction, animation, music & sound by Jesse Collett.

The Wisdom of Pessimism

How do you ensure contentment? A good pessimist knows just how.

All this is written & narrated by the great philosopher Alain de Botton • Direction: Claudio Salas.

Four Animated Films About Nobel Prize Winners

Illustrated & animated by Dog & Rabbit • Sound by Nigel Manington.

Radioastronomer Robert Wilson recalls a pair of pigeons who almost thwarted the discovery of cosmic background radiation. Wilson’s discovery, “the echo of the big bang”, earned him a share of the 1978 Nobel Prize in physics.

The story of the evolution of life on earth during one photon’s journey across the universe. Told by Saul Perlmutter who shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe.

How to break a fundamental law of physics and win a Nobel Prize to boot. Stefan Hell explains super-resolved fluorescence microscopy for which he shared the 2014 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

From jellyfish to ants, all life is beautiful in the eyes of Elizabeth Blackburn, co-winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. She talks about her fascination with living things and the discovery of telomerase and telomeres.

What Is Light?

We are so used to some things that we stopped wondering about them.

Like light. What is light? Some kind of wavy thing, right? Kind of.

Kurzgesagt – a team of designers, journalists and musicians who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.

Small People With Hats

There are small people wearing hats in the society.

Graduation film from the Royal College of Art, 2014 • Hand-drawn on paper.

A film by Sarina Nihei • Sound design by Horret Kuus.

Control Freak

Jump inside the head of a punk Control Freak • Created by BenniSteptoe Animation Lab.

Pete’s Story

Pete’s Story is a true account of a boy that suffered from his mother’s violence over his childhood years in the UK. NSPCC is the leading children’s charity in the UK and is widely known for its long fight for childhood protection.

Direction, Animation, Painting & Compositing: Daniel Bruson.

Creative Direction & Writer: Alex Ostrowski.

Missing One Player

During a majong game a bad situation occurs. Everyone waits for the last player to show up.

The three have no choice but to wait and sit there silently in tears. However, they do believe that the fourth player will come. They look up to they sky waiting for this miracle to happen.

Animation: Lei Lei • Music: Li Xingyu.