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A Twirling Day

A twirling day is a short film by ModernEye.

It is conceived as a modern tale about the absurdity of the decisions we can not control, about a fate that plays with us and against which we are predestined to lose.

Sr. Montecostes

Direction: Luis Suárez, Moises Arancibia // Executive Producer: Ricardo Gonzalez.

Playing Ghost

Playing Ghost is a story about a mother and daughter dealing in their own ways with the recent death of the father • Directed by Bianca Ansems // Written by Catriona MacLean.

Playing Ghost is a graduation animation film from the National Film & Television School in the UK.

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Thumb Snatchers From The Moon Cocoon

This 100% hand-made, action-packed short film tries to keep up as a Texas Sheriff hilariously massacres a race of clumsy aliens.

Written & directed by Bradley Schaffer // Animation & Puppets: Ashley Arechiga & Bradley Schaffer.

Thiing by Waldemar Borth

Experimental short film about the deep.

Animation & stuff: Waldemar Borth // Sound: Mauricio Vega Höring.

The Sugary Death Machine

Would you dare eat it?

The Sugary Death Machine // Designed, built & composited by Finger Industries.

Bei Ebbe // When The Tide Is Out

Animated short film back from 2011 about loneliness • Directed by Xaver Xylophon.

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Kim Taylor // Celestial Dynamics & A Living Moss

A journey across the stars and heavens through antiquated astronomical diagrams by Kim Taylor.

The short animation explores pathways through astronomy’s roots, dating back to antiquity with its origins in scientific, mythological and astrological practices.

The collision of synthetic and organic worlds. These molecules are artificially abstract – but appear to vibrate with a living, phosphorescent energy.

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Caldera // Animated Short Film

Through the eyes of a young girl suffering from mental illness, CALDERA glimpses into a world of psychosis and explores a world of ambiguous reality and the nature of life and death.

CALDERA was helmed by Evan Viera (Director/ Composer/ Co-Writer) and Chris Bishop (Co-writer/ Animation Supervisor/ Story Artist) and was produced at Hampshire College. CALDERA was the first film to go through the Bit Films Incubator Program, where founder and professor Chris Perry (Co-Producer/ Editor) invites orphaned independent films to be made on campus with the College’s students and resources.

Stan Lee Cole :: Separated // A Film by Mark Borgions

Separated by Stan Lee Cole • Official music video • Video by Mark Borgions.