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Turquoise by Reza Riahi

One minute animation directed by Reza Riahi // Music: Christophe Serpinet.


Obsolete tells the story of a robot starting work in a decrepit toy factory. Trapped in the factory all its life it is curious about the outside world, watching a bird through the factory wall each day. When it mistakes a toy on the production line for the bird one day it sets the robots escape in motion.

Directed & Animated by Smoking Robot (Lewis Gray & Esra Guldal).

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AEON explores the concepts of growth, loosely reflected as a cyclical journey across the natural seasons over the course of many years.

Created by The DMCI // Directed by Nathan Drabsch & Brecon Littleford.
Design & Animation – Brecon Littleford, Pat da Cunha, James Redmond, Nathan Drabsch.

Luna Park

A tribute to the graphic novel Luna Park • A Personal project by Ernesto Porto.

Based on the graphic novel Luna Park (DC Comics/Vertigo), written by Kevin Baker & illustrated by Danijel Zezelj • Music: Johnny Cash “Hurt”.

The Clockmakers

In this experimental animated short from Renaud Hallée, we travel inside a mysterious mechanism made up entirely of revolving gearwheels, triangles and lines. In this whirling, hypnotic world, dozens of tiny gymnasts leap, somersault and twist through the air. Their spirited acrobatics trigger both narrative and musical sequences that are mesmerizing and, at times, dizzying. Half-figurative and half-abstract, The Clockmakers is a playful creation that is sure to captivate and dazzle its audience // Direction & Music: Renaud Hallée.

West Of The Moon

Loosely based on several hundred interviews with children about their dreams, ‘West of the Moon’ is the story of one man’s lost love and his strange path to redemption, aided along the way by a gambling robot, a wayward monkey, and a healthy dose of determination.

Written, Directed, & Animated by Brent Bonacorso.
Produced by Thom Fennessey // Cinematography by Tarin Anderson.

Raw Data by Jake Fried

Raw Data by Jake Fried 2013.
Hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee.

Encounter by Eoin Duffy

A short study of the territorial responses of varying North Atlantic species.

Written, Directed & Animated by Eoin Duffy // Music: Joshua R. Mosley.

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Planet Four by Andy Martin

“What do the robots do after they have taken over the planet. It turns out the ones on Planet Four find harmony and discuss philosophical matters of enlightenment, beauty and magnificence.”

This is the fourth animation from the ongoing illustration project ‘Handymartian’s Illustrated Aliens‘. A new alien illustration is uploaded every day, building up to a monthly illustration of their planet. This planet was created during April 2013 by Andy Martin.

Blue by Aymeric Seydoux

A Film by Aymeric Seydoux • Music: Thomas Karagiannis • Sound Design: Florian Calmer.