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Headspace by Jake Fried

Headspace by Jake Fried 2014.
Hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee.

I Will Miss You by Dave Prosser

Melodrama and nonsense as a man deletes himself.YOLO.

Directed by Dave Prosser • Sound Design by Joseph Tate.
Music by Franz Schubert – Death and the Maiden (MVT 2).

Last Lives by Scott Benson

Directed & animated by Scott Benson • Sound by David Kamp.

Bord de Mer by Lucas Navarro

Third year project at Supinfocom Arles by Lucas Navarro.

Phantom Limb by Alex Grigg

In the aftermath of an accident a young couple learn to deal with phantom pains.

Written, Directed & Animated by Alex Grigg • Sound Design & Audio by Oswald Skillbard.

Music Written & Performed by Kirsty Tickle & Jonathan Boulet.

Loose Ends by Louise Bagnall

After the end of a relationship a woman is slowly moving on with her life.

Written, directed & animated by Louise Bagnall • Sound Design by Ross Stack.

Homage To The Mineral Of Cabbage

A stop motion short directed and animated by Stephanie Dudley. Based on the poem “Homage to the Mineral of Cabbage” by Erín Moure, from her book, Little Theatres.

The film Little Theatres is an interpretation of what Little Theatres are. It is an exploration of layers: layers of space, and layers of words, both spoken and written. The exploration begins and ends with a simple cabbage.

Stop motion is the medium here, showcasing a world of miniature, handmade sets and puppets, that are animated one frame at a time. The film’s voiceover is in the poem’s original language, Galician. Its translation is contained within the film. The English words unfold as graphic elements within the scenes, as the poem is being spoken.

TOTEM by Caleb Wood

A celebration of anima by Caleb Wood.

Cruising by Zachary Zezima

Based on a true story, Cruising follows a young man through an extrovert’s dream and an introvert’s nightmare; the chaotic and cacophonous world of forced-fun aboard an insular cruise ship. His initial inability to accept his environment drives him to suicidal fantasy, where he learns to cope with his stressors, discomfort and anxieties.

Animated & directed by Zachary Zezima • Sound & music by Michael Goldman.

Journey Alpha by Patrick Poelchau

One of the world’s first non-interactive videogames.

Direction, Design & Animation: Patrick Poelchau • Music: Christian Barth • Sound: Andrew Mottl.