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Goodbye Blue Camper

David Lauer`s thesis film from California College of the Arts 2013.

Tant de Forêts Trailer // Burcu & Geoffrey

Trailer of Burcu & Geoffrey`s short film based on a poem of Jacques Prévert “Tant de forêts”.

The poem speaks of the irony of the fact that newspapers warn us about deforestation although they are made of paper themselves.

Orman: The idea was to create different scenes of nature, one leading to another, each time with a little trigger, and without any cut.

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Films by Lilli Carré

Lilli Carré & Alexander Stewart • 2013.

Drawn on 20 pieces of paper • Animation by Lilli Carré • Sound by Alexander Stewart • 2014.

A man fantasizes about an exotic and fantastical alternative to his own anchored life. In an absurd attempt to change his situation, he lies on the floor to make his view of the horizon shift from horizontal to vertical. Like a Lantern was created using methods of paper cut-out replacement animation and pressure printing on a Vandercook letterpress.


Visuals by Joseph Bennett • Sound design by Mike Jansson.

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Dysco by Simon Russell

Dysco is a 3D experimental short by Simon Russell about synesthetic drones, neon dubstep and the surveillance state.

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Shiver by Shoko Hara & Paul Brenner

Animated by Shoko Hara & Paul Brenner • Music: “Shiver” by I am Poet // Detector Records.

From A Stone // Inner Odyssey by Ariyoshi Tatsuhiro

Music: Izumi Tomikawa • Sound Design: Masahiro Oda • Animation: Tatsuhiro Ariyoshi.

Music: Fumiaki Ohomote, Chousinnkai • Animation: Tatsuhiro Ariyoshi.

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Francis // A Short Film by Richard Hickey & Dave Eggers

A Short Story by Dave Eggers • Directed by Richard Hickey.

The story of “Francis” came about interestingly from famed radio show “This American Life”. Broadcaster Ira Glass asked 6 American writers to create a short story about Adventure.

One ofthese stories written by novelist & screenwriter Dave Eggars, it was read on the show to much acclaim and praise. Richard Hickey worked with producer Kevin Batten & a team to turn the words into this short. He worked on the film tirelessly & had 40 people work on all elements of the animation. The film has been shown at Cannes Film Festival and Raindance.

Bibo by Anton Chistiakov & Mikhail Dmitriev

This story is about a robot who is an ice cream seller committed to his job. In order to survive in a severe reality he recreates an imaginary world where he lives every day, like he did during the best time of his life.

Written, directed & produced by Anton Chistiakov & Mikhail Dmitriev • Music: Alex Tulupov.

Compositing & Color Grading: Alex Ambalov • Sound Design: Marya Believskaya.

Tired of Swimming

An old man is torn between the lingering presence of his dead wife, a fish in a jar and the reality of his lonely existence.

A Film By Anna Eijsbouts.

It has been screened at various festivals around the world, won the Grand Prix at Early Melons Film Festival and Best Student Animation at Zwolle Animation Film Festival.