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Dark Night Bright Stars

In the dark night of a cold planet, a cosmonaut tries to survive.

Graduation film, EMCA 2015 directed by Séléna Picque.

Additional Animation: Laura Van Moere • Sound design: Guillaume David.

CHOSIN: Baptized by Fire

A short animated film adapted from the graphic novel “Hold the Line”, and inspired by the true story of Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines.

While delivering mail to the grunts of Fox Company, Private First Class Billy French is trapped in a massive surprise attack launched by the Communist Chinese Army. French must prove his mettle when the company’s position is overrun by hordes of enemy troops.

Produced in partnership with Veterans Expeditionary Media and HOPR Studios, “CHOSIN: Baptized by Fire” takes the viewer on a harrowing battlefield journey through the eyes of a young Marine.

Covers by Henning M. Lederer

Covers – A series of 55 animated vintage book graphics.

How would these great book covers from the past look like when set in motion? Here we go…

Animation: Henning M. Lederer • Music: Jörg Stierle.

Space Rocks

There are lots of names associated with space rocks, so what is the difference? Join the Royal Observatory Greenwich astronomers to find out.

They will also explore what space rocks can tell us about our very own planet Earth.

Directed by Amaël Isnard for Beakus, the animation is part-created with clay, and a lot of love.

The Obvious Child

Somebody broke the girl’s parents. The rabbit was there when it happened. It was an awful mess.

A film by Stephen Irwin.

Why Water

663 million people on our planet drink dirty and dangerous water. Actually, they don’t just drink it, they work for it. They invest hours every day. And not only does it keep them out of school, or take up time that they could be using to earn money for their family, it also kills them.

That’s not an exaggeration. Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

Clean water changes everything • Learn more at

Animation by: BUCK • Sound Design/Score: Antfood.

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The Goat That Ate Time

Written, directed, animated & produced by Lucinda Schreiber.

Narration: Aden Young • Music: Martin Craft • Sound Design: Luke Mynott.

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History of Pets // Award Winning Animation Short

History of Pets is a requiem for all the childhood pets who found their end in the most curious of circumstances.

One by one, they get revisited as the main character takes a trip down memory lane.

iZeMo made this film in 2013 and since then it went around 48 international festivals, won awards in New York and London and got distributed on television.

The Untold & Unseen

We work only for eating. We eat only for working. Just like a soulless machine.

Ultimately, are we actually fighting for a better life or fighting for survival in this world?

Animation: Lam Ho Tak • Original Music: Ian Wong, Chack Ming • Sound Effects: Mak Ho Nin.

Old Man

For more then 20 years Charles Manson has refused to communicate to the outside world. Until now. These are actual never before heard phone conversations between Canadian best selling author Marlin Marynick and Charles Manson.

Directed // Produced // Animated // Edited by Leah Shore.