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L’ ondée // Rains

Directed by David Coquard-Dassault • Music: Christophe Héral.

Ugly Man by Caleb Wood

Sometimes mistakes are made // Directed & animated by Caleb Wood.

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Voyager // The Sounds Of Earth

Inspired by the space probes of the 1970s (Voyager 1 and 2), this animation presents an abstract interpretation of the journey the probes took through our solar system and what wonders they revealed to our planet.

Written & Directed by Luke Busby • Music: John Hopkins.

The Gloaming

Written by Niko Nobrain • Director: NOBRAIN Production: Sabotage Studio & Autour De Minuit.

Stop Motion & Miniatures by Two Left Hands • 3D Supervision by Ludovic Manonni & Florian Durand • 2D Designs by Pasquale Carlotti • Music by Joseph Arthur • Sound Design by Kouz Prod.

Only One You by Alex Deaton

Animated by Alex Deaton // Produced by Corry Wiens // Sound Design by Ryan Pribyl.

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Created by Dave Cooper & Johnny Ryan • Written by Johnny Ryan • Directed by Dave Cooper & Nick Cross • Animation by Nick Cross • Art Direction by Dave Cooper • Music by David Burns.

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Hammer & Hand

Hammer & Hand follows the mysterious journey of one man creating something bigger and better than himself.

Directed by Colin Hesterly // Animation & Character Design: Yassir Rasan.

A Very Large Increase In The Size, Amount, Or Importance Of Something Over A Very Short Period Of Time

Directed by Max Hattler // Animation by Sergei Dragunov, Natalia Gabis, Alexandra Krechman, Zorislava Logatcheva, Ola Mishina, Dan Orlov, Yury Smakov, Anna Hanna Zhdanova.

Sound & Music by Julien Mier.
Supported by Goethe Institut St. Petersburg & Petersburg Computer Animation Studio.


This is the first part of a space epic, establishing the protagonists and a fragment of the universe as well as the timeline in which EXODUS takes place.

Music & visuals by Magnus Östergren // Produced by POTEMKIN.

Guilt by Tobias Larson

Written, directed & animated by Tobias Larson.