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Yule Log: Looping Animated Holiday Shorts 2015

ill-yule-minati by Daniel Oeffinger //

Yule Log 2015 by Evan Anthony //

Laser Light Snow by Slanted Studios //

Fireplace with Log by Drew Tyndell //

Bayoule Log by Miguel Jiron //

// More Animated X-Mas Shorts @ Yule Log 2.015 by Daniel Savage //

“I Have Dreamed Of You So Much”

Based on the poem of Robert Desnos “J’ai tant rêvé de toi”.

A film about The Horizon and his impossible love…

Director: Emma Vakarelova • Scriptwriter: Kalina Svezhin • Sound: Yan Volsy.

The Dreams Of An Astronaut

What do astronauts dream of? How do they feel while they float above the clouds?

In 1991 Helen Sharman became the first Briton in space; in this animation, hand-drawn by Ri animator-in-residence Andrew Khosravani, Sharman shares a dream she often has about returning to space, and talks about what it’s like to gaze down on the earth from above.

Forest 500

Forest 500 is the world’s first ratings agency for rainforests. It tracks how key companies, investors and governments are performing in the race to remove deforestation from global supply chains.

Forest 500‘ was directed by Moth Collective for the COP 21 Climate Conference in Paris, 2015.

Design & Direction: Moth Collective • Written by Rachel Howard & Niki Mardas.


A journey through introspection.

Concept & animation by Falcao Lucas • Music by Turvos.


A short Movie inspired by summer sights and mosquitos who punctually join along.

‘Compound’ is a mixture of scenarios and colourful shades expressed by extraordinary natural events.

Design & Illustration: Giulio Mencaroni, Francesco Castellani.
Direction: Hello Savants • Music & Sound Design: Nicola Toccaceli.

Kebab World

A digital representation of late-night urban existence reflected in the window of a kebab shop by David Theobald. As a ‘synthetic meat’, doner kebabs seem an apt subject for a computer simulation, being highly processed and the product of a long and circuitous food chain. Today, much computer generated imagery appears directed towards anthropomorphism and a pre-canned form of wish fulfilment, the spectator held in thrall of the screen. As an exercise in minimal animation, ‘Kebab World’ seems more likely to generate feelings of frustration and perhaps humour which might give way to a deeper contemplation of the systems in which we live.


1. in charge of overwork.
2. devices getting load by exceeding the available range.

Overload is a story started from two sentences.

‘In a mentally overloaded state how accurate is human memory’
‘Past memories are always glorified’.

And also the image of an object changing into a sticky liquid started this story.

The man misses his lover who died in an unexpected accident. Finally the day going back to Earth after long days in the Space, unexplainable and impractical incident makes him look back in time.

Director: Kang SuHyun • Sound design: Mun ByeongSeon.

2015 Graduation Work • Visual communication design • Hongik University.

#Einstein100 – General Relativity

A short film celebrating the centennial of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.

Design & Animation: Eoin Duffy • Writer & Producer: Jamie Lochhead • Narrator: David Tennant.
Sound Design: Wesley Slover • Writer, Science Outreach & Communication: Anaïs Rassat.

ELI by Sagi Alter & Reut Elad

Sagi Alter & Reut Elad‘s graduation film from Bezalel Academy of art & design, Jerusalem 2014.

The film illustrates a day in the life of an Israeli soldier during his service, located in the Palestinian territory. A local boy dressed as a bunny starts a chase that blurs the line between the pursuer and the pursued, between reality and imagination.