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The New America

“The New America” by Nando Costa is a short animation in which every frame was created by laser engraving its unique artwork onto a solid block of maple. Once complete, the entire sequence of +800 frames was then photographed and assembled into this motion piece.

After many unforeseen issues and delays, the entire process took about two years.

As seen in the video, each frame is unique. Aside from the design of each frame itself being distinct, small variances that naturally occur in the laser engraving process as well as the different wood grain of each frame naturally created subtle shifts of the position of the artwork. An effect that I was particularly interested in and that could naturally be achieved in digital assembly, but that I was much more excited about re-creating with real objects.

The abstract storyline showcased in this piece is a concoction of a variety of ideas and can perhaps be described as a union between concepts and experiments born during the Situationist movement and real life events experienced during the last few years in American society. Particularly the duality between the economic downturn and the shift in values and beliefs of many citizens.

It’s Paper

Animation directed by Pingo van der Brinkloev.

Down Into Nothing by Jake Fried

Down Into Nothing by Jake Fried 2013.
Hand-drawn animation with ink, gouache, white-out and coffee.

Z by Alan Warburton

Directed & Animated by Alan Warburton • Soundtrack “Iconography” by Max Richter.

‘Z’ is composed entirely of z-depth images – also known as ‘luminance depth’ or ‘depth map’ images. Z-depth is a ghostly black & white data-driven format native only to CG animation.

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Myosis is the constriction of the iris which decreases the diameter of the pupil. It is an unconscious phenomenon which can be triggered by an intense light, fear, or the effect of epiphany.

Directed by Emmanuel Asquier-BrassartRicky CometaGuillaume DousseAdrien GromelleThibaud Petitpas.

Lead Me by Omar Meradi

Little monsters hanging around.

Directed by Omar Meradi • Original music by Doug Kaufman.

For The Love Of Mountains

A 2 minute video produced in collaboration with that represents some stats from mountains around the World from Everest to Kilimanjaro.

Creative, Illustrations & Animation: Al Boardman • Music: Andrea Baroni.

Planet Eight & Nine by Andy Martin

“The kids on Planet Nine discover that the mix of superpowers and peer pressure is an accident waiting to happen.”

“Food can be a dangerous business for the inhabitants of Planet Eight. But with fruit this tasty they just can’t help themselves.”

This is the eighth & ninth animation from the ongoing illustration project ‘Illustrated Aliens‘. A new alien illustration is uploaded every day, building up to a monthly illustration of their planet. This planet was created during August & September 2013 by Andy Martin.

Forest & Aiiro by Takeshi Tsunehashi

Forest & Aiiro: Two Wonderful Films by Takeshi Tsunehashi.

Parking Lot by Joshua Catalano

Directed by Joshua Catalano • Script Doctor: Théo Malirat • Voice Over: François Truffaut.
Music: Phase 6 – Deep Motion • Benge – 1975 Moog Polymoog.