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Grounded by Lucas Durkheim

Directed by Lucas Durkheim • Music: Antoine Duchêne • Sound Design: Ben Huff.


A film by Daniel Savage • Sound by Ambrose Yu.

Shakespeare Lives In 2016: Macbeth

Directed by David Wilson • Animation Director: Ian Miller.

Animators: Ian Miller, Yuri Fain & Chrissy Fellmeth.

Death In Space

“Death in Space” is a collection of 2 second scenes depicting the many ways to meet an untimely death in outer space.

Created & Animated by Tom Lucas • Sound Design: Alice Knipping.

// via Seitvertreib //

Can Plants Talk To Each Other?

Can plants talk to each other? It certainly doesn’t seem that way: They don’t have complex sensory or nervous systems, like animals do, and they look pretty passive. But odd as it sounds, plants can communicate with each other — especially when they’re under attack.

Richard Karban explains how • Animation by Yukai Du.

Ain’t No Fish

Ain’t No Fish’ is a short stop motion animated film featuring a bunch of hungry Arctic seals singing along to the music and lyrics of Sigman & Russell as performed by Hoagy Carmichael. It’s an ‘easy-go-lucky’ song about fishing and why ‘Some Days There Just Ain’t No Fish’. As the animated seals sing along to the show tune it’s slowly revealed in the background why there ‘Ain’t No Fish.’

Despite the upbeat attitude of the seals the garbage and oil industry that pervades the sea provides the answer…

Directed by Tom Gasek & Miki Cash.


The history of the world and the future to come, in the blink of an eye.

Director: S77 • Creative Director: Sean Conner • 3D modeling & 3D animation: Andrew Mark.
Animation: Sarah Schmidt, Karl Fekete, Chavilah Bennett • Sound: Andrea Damiano, Ryan Peoples.

The Emperor of Time

The strange and sordid tale of Eadweard Muybridge, the man who accidentally invented motion pictures. The film is told from the point of view of Muybridge’s abandoned son and viewed completely through a nineteenth century early cinema contraption called a mutoscope.

Written & Directed by Drew Christie • Narrated by Hugh Ross • Starring: Richard Evans.
Music by Spencer Thun • Sound by Eli Moore • Photographed by Drew Christie & Dane Herforth.

Table of Gods

New age creation story by Jacob Menden • Animation assistance: Luca Depardon.

Once Upon A Blue Moon

A lonely blue alien thinks he has found a new friend to play with when a strange new explorer robot lands on his planet.

Winner of the best independent film in the 2015 “Festival Stopmotion Montreal.”

A film by Steve Boot • Music: Jasper Wilkinson • Lightning & Camera: John Duffy, Daniel Beckett.