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Planet Ten & Eleven by Andy Martin

“Who’s the biggest fool, the fool or the followers of the fool? The residents of Planet Eleven face this question while running.”

“While reminiscing about times long gone, one of the former residents of Planet Ten has a plan to get back to those heady days. But will his hubris be his undoing?”

This is the tenth & eleventh animation from the ongoing illustration project ‘Illustrated Aliens‘. A new alien illustration is uploaded every day, building up to a monthly illustration of their planet. This planet was created during October & November 2013 by Andy Martin.

Dry Grass In A Blue Vase // M Is For Mactation

Though the film has synopsis, consider it as a visual poem. Like a photograph – moment in time, without ending or beginning, a glimpse of episode of someone’s life. A fading dream.

The story follows an old lady whose husband was a member of a secret guild, the sacred worship.

For centuries it guarded the closed Door in a silent, isolated house at the end of the world. The Door was sealed so long ago, that no one can remember what was hidden behind it.
After the unexpected death of her husband, she was the last who knows about the secret, that had been kept for centuries.

Written, directed, animated, sound edited by Maria Ivanova.

Mactation – The act of killing a victim for sacrifice.

Wonderful Animations by Louis Morton

Wonderful animations by Louis Morton, an animator & designer based in Los Angeles, California.

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WIND by Robert Löbel

WIND is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed to the weather. However, the inhabitants have learned to deal with their difficult living conditions. The wind creates a natural system for living.

Director: Robert Löbel • Sound Design: David Kamp • Particles: Jochen Weidner.

Graduation project at the HAW Hamburg Department Design.

Animations by Henning M. Lederer

Junk Mail: A collaborative project between Adam Howling & Henning M. Lederer.

Tunnelblick: A constricted circular tunnel-like field of vision.

Push The Button: Based on an artwork by Tappin Gofton.

METROPOL /// 40 seconds:

/// Henning M. Lederer • Visual Communication & Animation • Master of Digital Arts.

The Unfinished Painting

A young painter desperately tries to draw the best eyes for the woman’s face in his painting and mysteriously falls into the surrealistic world, created by his own imagination.

“The Unfinished Painting” is a student animation short. The stylistic of the film is inspired by Giorgio De Chirico’s works. The animation technique involves a combination of live action and animation.

Director & Script: Rositsa Vangelova • Music by Lyubomir Denev “Junior”.

From Dust

“On a mote of dust… suspended in a sunbeam.”

Director, Motion Graphics: Daniel Winne • Original Score & Sound Design: Paul Thomas Zito.


The movie ‘Floats’ describes a state in which the entire existence turns into anticipation. A cynical look at figures which are moving in a repetitive manner as a sort of pendulum which reflects the passing of time, however they are not advancing anywhere.

Idan Barzilay and Mor Israeli’s graduation film from Bezalel Academy of art & design.

I Found A Star by Oamul Lu

Animated & directed by Xiamen, China based artist Oamul Lu.

Somewhere by Nicolas Ménard

Somewhere, our limbs lost in the distance.

First year film by Nicolas Ménard made at the Royal College of Art.

Direction & Animation: Nicolas Ménard • Music & Sound Design: Rich Vreeland.