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Crowded by Andrew Khosravani & Cristina Florit Gomila

The denizens of Crowded amble through their ever-expanding habitat seemingly oblivious to their mutating landscape – while the voyeur sits back and inhales the swarming scenery.

The convivial tone veils the dystopian message of the narrative. Cranes, trains and automobiles instil a sense of constant industry – as the populous swells upwards, outwards, downwards and inwards – contorting and adapting – forcing the inhabitants to recast themselves.

Direction, Animation, Set Design: Andrew Khosravani & Cristina Florit Gomila.

Sound Design: Dylan Leadley-Watkins Music: Maria Florit Words by Megan Conery.

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The Walk Home by Steve Cutts

A short film about one boys troubled journey across a hostile inner city and an unexpected discovery he makes.

Directed & animated by Steve Cutts • Music by Portishead/ U.N.K.L.E.

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Die Hoffnung by Dominik Schmitt

Die Hoffnung” by Dominik Schmitt: See more paintings and stuff at:

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Diagrams :: Phantom Power

Sore from a recent break up, a man travels to a secluded clearing in the woods and opens portals to his past in order to reflect on his relationship.

Direction: Persistent Peril • Illustration: Garth Jones.

Phantom Power” from Diagram’s upcoming album, “Chromatics“.

Noisey Ident by Kristof Luyckx

Ident for Noisey, a (loud) music channel by Vice • Directed & designed by Kristof Luyckx.

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PLAYGROUND by Ryosuke Oshiro

Director: Ryosuke Oshiro • Music:Juri Ito • Sound Design: Nozomi Nakatani & Takuma Osugi.

Greenpeace: Wind

“Design and animation are universal tools for communication and need to be used much further than just entertainment and advertising. With this in mind, Le Cube has joined forces with the Chilean agency Porta to tell a story of the corruption of nature by men. Such is the Chaos Theory and its butterfly effect, a local action on nature can have horrible effects on the complete cycle of life regardless of time and space. This is the story of the animation called Viento (Wind): Wind, the main character, charges the price of man’s actions in nature.”

Ecology & sustainability are not just Public Relations words. They are values that every single per- son on Earth need to incorporate. Greenpeace is a leading organization undertaking this mission.

A Battle For Peace

A soldier goes to the front during World War I, whose horrors make him realise that the enemy is actually war itself. The testimony of this soldier stands as a methaphor for the terrible cruelty of war and the desire for peace.

Written, directed & animated by Joost Jansen.

LOOPER by Eve Deroeck & Melanie Tourneur

LOOPER is a video clip made by Eve Deroeck & Melanie Tourneur based on a song by Témé Tan.

SOLUS by Zac Dixon

A short story of loneliness, adventure, and self sacrifice.

Direction, Animation & Illustration: Zac Dixon • Sound Design: Niko Xidas.

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