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Planet: Artbook Illustration & Video by Bang Sangho

Artbook illustration & video: Bang Sangho • Music: Marlow “Kaffee Türkisch” feat. Thomas Prestin.

The evolutionary process that one living things becomes to various kinds of living things are presented as the planet makes appearance, and the changing scenery of planet according to the evolutionary process is presented as well. In a large degree the phase consists of 4 steps: the creation, the connection, the explosion, and the changes. As the planet appears the hole is connected toward another planet through chaotic process. It seems like a simple cycle, but the changes in this repeated cycle bring a new and another story of world.

// Illustrations © Bang Sangho //

How To Wait For A Very Long Time

“How to wait for a very long time” is a shortfilm about a fisherman who is obsessed with catching a certain fish. His whole life he tries to make a big haul, but just catches other fishes instead.

Over time he gets frustrated and is not able to value the beautiful nature around him. He forgets that the journey is the reward.

Directed, illustrated & animated: Jill Goritschnig • Sound design: Maximilian Helten.


A first impression of Los Angeles as a struggling waiter in a world of wealth and coldness.

Animation, Story, Music & Sound created by Josh Shaffner.


Stutter is an animated, dreamlike journey capturing the emotion and turmoil of a young boy struggling to communicate and how this manifests in his life.

Director & Animator: Pedro Allevato • Writer: Andrew Fleming • Sound Design: Oleg Shushkanov.


A small piece of a world where people sell body parts and get weird. Floating bones and stiff drinks.

Created by CJ Cook.

Advice To The Young Artist

A collection of animated advices for young artists given by different artists and writers from around the world.

Graduation project for Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design by Daniella Shuhman.

Black Holes

Black Holes is a satirical animated series about space conquest, the meaning of life and proctology. It chronicles the journey of Dave The Astronaut and his partner, an intelligent melon, as they embark on the first ever human mission to Mars.

Created by David Nicolas • Directed by David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas & Kevos van der Meiren.

Genetic Engineering & Our Food

Are GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) bad for your health?

Or is this fear unfounded?

Kurzgesagt – a team of designers, journalists and musicians who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.


Design & Animation: Young Woo • Instructor: Hye Sung Park.

Music: Julian Marchal “Insight XX”


Created by Ning Cheng.