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Rehovot by Sofia Gutman

In the sunlit town named Rehovot a father and his daughter spend a day together.
When night falls the girl encounters the violence and hate from her parent’s past.

The girl dives into a world of words and memories, only to reemerge into the morning light.

Written, directed & animated by Sofia Gutman.


Using a mixture of rod marionette puppets and animation, London-based director Simon Cartwright’s darkly comic short tells the story of Glen, a man who attends a Primal Scream therapy class that causes him to release something deep within that knows no limits.

Bloody Bunny EP. 1-15

Bloody Bunny created by RiFF Animation Studio.

As The River Flows

Executed in a colorful prismatic style using 2D, 3D and hand drawn illustrations, As the River Flows, follows the Northern California River Otter on a journey through the watershed from the High Sierras to Tomales Bay.

As the scenes unfold we see a complete snapshot of their lives, from water to land, from day to night and from season to season.

Animated by Little Fluffy Clouds: Jerry van de Beek & Betsy de Fries.

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The Pride of Strathmoor

Georgia in the summer of 1927, pastor John Deitman descends into madness.

Extracts from the journal of Pastor John Deitman, Strathmoor, Georgia. June & July, 1927.

A film by Einar Baldvin • Music by Atli Arnarson • Pastor Deitman played by Geoffrey Gould.

Chaud Lapin

Directed by Géraldine GastonAlexis MagaudFlora AndrivonMaël BerreurSoline Bejuy.

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Animated A-Z

Animated A-Z • Designed & animated by Al Boardman.

How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity

Is there a border we will never cross?

Are there places we will never be able to reach, no matter what?

It turns out there are. Far, far more than you might have thought…

Kurzgesagt – a team of designers, journalists and musicians who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.

Grounded by Lucas Durkheim

Directed by Lucas Durkheim • Music: Antoine Duchêne • Sound Design: Ben Huff.


A film by Daniel Savage • Sound by Ambrose Yu.