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Dark Day: A Short Series Created by Jonathan Djob Nkondo

A short series by Jonathan Djob Nkondo created for Super Deluxe • Sound design: Chris Votek.

When The Musk-Ox Spoke Man’s Language


Inuit tale – A story based on “Contes du Grand Nord d’Howard Norman, Récits traditionnels des peuples inuits et indiens”, Albin Michel, Paris 2003.

Directed & animated by Hugo LeickSolène BureauMatthieu Amphoux.

Inspired by textual, visual & sound materials by Claire Mazard & Dorothée Adam.

Animals_A Black & White Journey_

Directed by Thomas Pons & Julie Stephen Chheng • Music: Oneohtrix Point Never.


Animation: Tatsuhiro Ariyoshi • Effect & Edit: Shunsuke Watanabe.

Music: “Brain” Tetsumasa • Produced by BRDG.

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If you can’t die, what will happen?

“AGAIN” is a 2D short animation that explores the idea that life is a series of meaningless routines. The protagonist attempts to escape from this endlessly repeating world by committing countless suicides, but he never successes. Even the sufferings are still part of the cycle of repetition.

Finally he realizes that inner happiness is the best way to achieve the freedom he seeks.

Written & Animated by Nico Gao • 3D & Visual Effects: Ren Wang • Music: TetraCaylx.

Cycles by Erin Kim

A young cyclist Sam tries hard to make peace with his younger brother Alex who suffers from an unknown illness.

A film by Erin Kim.

Accidents, Blunders & Calamities

A father possum reads his kids a story that’s an alphabet of the most dangerous animal of all – HUMANS!

Inspired by the Edward Gorey classic, this black-comedy for kids and parents alike is a hilarious and brutal alphabet of death and mayhem exacted upon animals by ignorant humans. 30 CGI animals were meticulously crafted and killed by a team of 44 students at Media Design School.

Beach Dick

Being a dick just got beachy.

Pictures by Tom King • Sounds by Ana Roman.

The Leafcutter

The Leafcutter, an inspirational tale of a little guy on a big adventure.

Design, Direction & Production by Art&Graft • Music & Sound Design: Brains & Hunch.

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My Brother

My Brother” is a personal tribute to the silent contributions of migrant workers globally.

Written, directed, illustrated & animated by Audrey Yeo.