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Tend tells the story of a father and daughter living peacefully in the forest, until one day their familiar routine begins to fall apart. As he struggles to keep the fire burning, the father loses sight of what’s truly important – and spirals into an obsession with the flames.

Written & directed by Tom Judd & Ed Barrett.

A Visual History Of Light

400,000 years ago, humans and Neanderthals created fire. This ignited a relationship between people and photons that changed the course of mankind—and continues to evolve to this day.

Take a tour through the visual history of light.

Seven Second Sins: WRATH

Seven Second Sins is a new monthly animation challenge dedicated to reinterpret and showcase the Seven Deadly Sins from Dante’s infamous list. It’s animation of the damnation!

Darrel: An Animated 3D Short Film

A short film by Marc Briones & Alan Carabantes.


In a strange laboratory, the machine starts itself.

Despite limitations, life awakens with the unexpected.

Animated short film written & directed by Marc Hericher.


A look at life on the Mediterranean borders of Europe, where tourists try to relax while immigrants struggle to get a chance for a better life.

Animated Short by Michaela Müller • Technique: Paint on Glass.


Invisible blocks pass through creatures, revealing their strange insides.


Directed by Emanuele Kabu.

Sound design by Michele Scariot • Mixed & mastered by Marcello Batelli.

Filmed in Belluno (Italy) in April 2018.

Face Mask

Face Mask by Jake Fried 2018.

Experimental animation with video collage • Sound design by the artist.

The Last Cigarette On Earth: A Steampunk Adventure

A short film by Matic Grgic.

Music & sound design by Echoic Audio • Color grade by Jure Teržan.