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Swim Meet by Samantha Maurer

Second year film made at CalArts by Samantha Maurer • Music: Ivan Liptak.

Averse by Julien Piau

Ein kleines Tier sucht Schutz vor dem Regen und findet Zuflucht in einem riesigen Dinosaurierschädel.

Directed & animated by Julien Piau.

Paris Versus NewYork

Animation directed by Nord Collective based on the book “Paris versus NewYork” by Vahram Muratyan • Music & sound design by The Cosmic Setter.

The Girl & The Tree

This is the short version of 5min film “DERAKHT” (The Tree).

The story is about a woman and a tree, both of them belong to a land. They want to be there even during the war, because they rooted in their land. So they are the only companion for each other during the war.

Direction: Sare Shafipour • Screenplay: Moin Samadi • Illustration & Design: Mehdi Shiri.

The Walk

Inspired by the picturesque scenery of the Lake District, ‘The Walk’ is a short film about the simple pleasure of putting one foot in front of the other.

Created & Produced by Art&Graft • Sound: Brains & Hunch.

Swap Meet

A collaborative experiment between 14 artists around the globe.

Each artist creates a background, all backgrounds are traded randomly, and then animated upon freely.

Artists: Caleb Wood • Charles Huettner • David Prosser • Elli Vuorinen • Grace Nayoon Rhee • Jonathan Djob Nkondo • Kyle Mowat • Lee Kyu-tae • Lilli Carre • Loup Blaster • Nicolas Menard • Nelson Boles • Shin Hashimoto • Shen Jie.

Western Civilization

Western Civilization is an animated poem written by Peter Jay Shippy.

Directed & animated by Alicia Reece • Lettering & Lead Actor: Emory Allen

Vis by Joachim Fusiecki

The video shows a metaphoric story of a victim, totally helpless facing brutal violence on its way. Injustice of that meeting leaves the feeling of a revenge, rubbing the borders between life and death.

Animation directed by Joachim Fusiecki.

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The Amazing World of Gumball LOOPS

Directed & animated by Gabriel Fermanelli / Ronda • Claymation: Can Can Club.

Cosmos Will Save The World

One night, passing through her childhood home of Russia, a woman reminisces about faraway landscapes.

Written & directed by Patrick Lapierre.