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MA(D)CHINES live out there and interact with our environment in the most unexpected way. Because what’s more rational than a helicopter-mixer trying to rescue people from a cup of tea, right in the middle of Antarctic?

Direction: Tony Zagoraios • Production: YELL.

3D Animation: Thanos Kagkalos, Ilias Chalkiopoulos, Kostis Anagnostakis.

My Dream Factory

“A dream is a meaningless process in which the brain’s recent memories and existing memories are randomly combined while sleeping.”

Design & Director: MKB • Sound Director: Jae Hwan Jeong.


Fight your fears.

Created by Denis B. & Maxim K. • Sound Design by Pokazeev.

The Giant

A young girl grows endlessly, stumbles upon a liquid that releases the darkest sides of herself, and eventually dissolves into the music of the universe.

Directed by New Media Ltd • Original Score by Jake Aron & Ludwig Persik.


In this hand drawn animation a line is being extrapolated through a grid. When the line surpasses the boundaries of the grid, the process spreads to and reflects on its surroundings.

Beyond each boundary the extrapolation of movement is causing deformation in a systematic but speculative way.

An animation directed by Johan Rijpma.

Beyond The Ball

Beyond the Ball is a visual acknowledgement of situations that are not what they appear.

Created by Dana Sink.

Happy New Year 2018

Created by Roc Espinet • Music: The Thrill Band.

Child Dream

Floating barges, water that suddenly takes human form and rainfall that leaves puddles deep enough to drown in… Is this merely a child’s dream ?

Short animation film written & directed by Christophe Gérard.


To celebrate the end of the year, Chromosphere asked 8 different artists to illustrate a view of any place that felt like home.

Arthur Chaumay “Burgundy Fields” • Benjamin Flouw “Golden Province” • Celine Desrumaux “Somewhere Above the Clouds” • Eastwood Wong “Heaven on Earth” • Hugo Moreno “Volcano” • Manddy Wyckens “Cote d’Opal” • Sylvia Liu “xxLA” • Eusong Lee “Ulsan, The City of Whales”.

Animation: Rob Ward • Plane Design: Jasmin Lai • Music: Mine Shoulder.


In a near future, where time is the most precious thing, a company called TURBO EXPRESS takes it very seriously.

Direction, Design, Music & Sound Design: Device.

Animation: Device, Christian Villacañas, Rafael Andrade.