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Pandemonio is a kaleidoscope of monsters, animals and other strange creatures brought to life by the primitive and franzied pace of Zu’s music. Each figure is made by overlapping felt circles.

The animation is obtained by moving, resizing and painting every circle without deforming its perfect shape • Directed & animated by Valerio Spinelli aka Pixelpongo.

Fundamentals of Neuroscience Animation Series

Small Circuits: How do neurons integrate signals in small circuits?

Look inside your brain and join the postsynaptic party with Harvard’s Neuroscience MOOC!

Animation: Grace Helmer • Sound Design & Music: Oswald Skillbard • Produced by Nadja Oertelt.

Excitation & Inhibition: Communication is a delicate balance between excitation & inhibition.

Animation: Daniela Sherer • Sound Design & Music: Oswald Skillbard • Produced by Nadja Oertelt.

What’s a synapse? Look inside your clay brain!

Animation: Lily Fang • Sound Design & Music: Oswald Skillbard • Produced by Nadja Oertelt.

Chess by Etienne Vautrin

“Chess” is a student short film by Etienne Vautrin (Ecole Emile Cohl).

Animated Short Film: Tsunami

Haru returns home in denial after a tsunami, where he must learn to deal with his loss through an encounter with a magical sea Spirit.

“Tsunami” was made by a team of third year Character Animation and CG Arts students as graduation film at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

Direction: Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark • Art Direction: Jess Nicholls.
Animation: Steffen Christensen • Pernille Kofod Hansen • Michelle From.

An Unconscious Journey

An interactive world based on symbols found in fairy tales, myths and dreams by Sara Söderholm.

Street Demon by Julian Glander

“Street Demon” animated by Julian Glander: 1 life. 1 street.

Machine Head // Taylor Fibre Company

Wonderful “Taylor Fibre Company” machine head animation by Henning M. Lederer.

Taken from his visual communication and animation blog machinatorium.
(“Taylor Fibre Company” from the album “Science and Tech Ads”, December 1943).

Lebensader by Angela Steffen

A little girl finds the whole world in a leaf.

Story, Design, Direction & Animation: Angela Steffen • Additional Animation: C. Tambour.

Produced at the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects & Digital Postproduction
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, under care of Ged Haney.

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Boy by Simon Leclerc

A story about two boys and a man who has to do something he doesn’t want to.

First year film by Simon Leclerc made at Calarts.

The Arctic Fox by Annlin Chao

An Arctic fox who escaped from the zoo, began his incredible journey.

Directed by Annlin Chao • Music by Ying Chih Chen.