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‘Dead Ahead’ is a postcard animation to the world of the horror movie genre. Our intrepid travellers head out into the wilderness on their road trip only to find one nightmare scenario after the other.

With each step forward a new monster emerges paying homage to such classics as Friday the 13th, Jaws and Pet sematary.

Donal O’Keeffe: Director & Artist • Charles Downman: Design & Modeling.
Sam Cross: Audio design • Lucy Caetanno: Characters & Modelling.

You Look Like Me

Text: Paule Marier • Music: René Lussier • Translation & narration: Jim Corcoran • Animation: Pierre Hébert • Mix: Martin Messier • Direction & production: Pierre Hébert & René Lussier.

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Kid watches a movie alone at night.

Animated shortfilm directed by Ingo Raschka.

Shapes by David Pocull

Shapes is the animated evolution of a series of abstract artworks created by David Pocull with the same title.

Direction, Animation & Illustration: David Pocull • Music & Sound Design: Device.

Oma by Karolien Raeymaekers

A young girl has to conquer her fear for her own grandmother, who is terminally ill.

An animated short by Karolien Raeymaekers.


Please welcome Ernest!

A creative collaboration between Robert S. Hanson, Andy McNeill & Henning M. Lederer.

Idea & Illustration: Robert S. Hanson • Animation: Henning M. Lederer • Sound: Andy McNeill.

At Least What I Think…

Written, Illustrated & Animated by Nas Alhusain • Sound Design: DanCa.

Sisyphus Machine #4

Sisyphus Machine #4 – Indecisiveness // Idea & Production: Henning M. Lederer.

The Story Of Zero – Getting Something From Nothing

What is zero? How did it come about?

Hannah Fry tells the story of how zero went from nothing to something.

Once upon a time, zero wasn’t really a number. Its journey to the fully fledged number we know and love today was a meandering one. Today, zero is both a placeholder, and tool, within our number system signifying an absence of a value, and as a number in its own right.

But it wasn’t always seen as that, and it still doesn’t act quite like other numbers. Can you divide by zero, for example? Hannah Fry explains how zero came about, from its origins in ancient civilisations, through the resistance it faced from the Roman numeral system, to being the cornerstone of calculus.

Animated by Andrew Khosravani • Sound Design: Ed Prosser.

Bendito Machine V: Pull The Trigger

Finally, the 5th installment of the machine’s saga created by Jossie Malis.

1. A small tongue in a gun that, when pressed by the finger, fires the gun.
2. A device pulled or pressed to release something.
3. Anything that causes a reaction: A trigger for the holy cause.