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I’m Here

One doesn’t know where to go but has to move forward. He has to go to his goal.Always transforming himself, his heart and mind drift and run towards the goal when he finds it.

Director: Yukie Nakauch • Music: Chikara Uemizutaru • Graduate Work 2015.

Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film & New Media, Department of Animation.

See Ya Later

It sure does rain a lot in paradise.

Created by Ryan J Plaisance • Music: DeeDee Mayo.

As Long As It Takes

A man lost in thought re-experiences the confusion he felt when his mother’s deathbed took an unexpected turn.

A film directed & animated by Lotte van Gaalen & Wiep Teeuwisse.

Mind Frame by Jake Fried

Mind Frame by Jake Fried 2016 // ☇ Art Prints Available.

Hand-drawn animation with ink, white-out and coffee.

Mark Of The Wolf

A hand drawn animation by Matt Bollinger.

Sillon 672

Colours and animations drive you deeper and deeper into vinyls.

Direction & Animation: Bastien Dupriez • Music: A.Zuccarelli.

Moon Surfer

Design, Animation & Sound Design by Markus Magnusson.

LA Gifathon: James Curran

In July James Curran spent a month in Los Angeles where he animated a new GIF every day for 30 days inspired by something that happened during his stay.

Paper World

It’s a beautiful journey through an innocent child imagination where everything is possible, the creativity has no limits and the freedom of creation is value itself.

But as in almost every life story values change with the time passing by and it only depends on us which values will “blind” us.

Direction & realization: Wojciech Ostrycharz • Music: Paweł Błaszczak.

The Junebugs

Original poem by Steve Scafidi • Read by David Purdham • Music & Sound by Antfood.

Design & Illustration: Yuki Yamada, Hana Kim • Directed by Oddfellows.