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California Inspires Me: Reggie Watts

An animated film by Drew Tyndell • Music by Shannon Ferguson.

Loop Ring Chop Drink

Written, directed & animated by Nicolas Ménard • Sound & music by Rich Vreeland.

The mundane story of a heartbroken man,
an online gambling addict, an alcoholic kleptomaniac
and an anxious loner living in the same apartment building.

Hiding But Not Really

Hiding but not really… Just a place i hung out in last night • Animation by Eran Hilleli.


Traumsequenz // Directed by Florentin Scheicher • Kamera: Dominik Leski.

Department of Communication

In this vintage educational film produced by the Department of Communication, a number of new technologies for human communication are explored; some are more useful than others.

Written & directed by Drew Christie • Illustrated by Galen Drew.
Animated by Galen Drew & Benjamin Ariel Markus • Music by Spencer Thun.

The Fermi Paradox II // Where Are All The Aliens?

Where are all the aliens? The universe is too big and too old, why have we not met aliens yet? Do they live in computers? Were they wiped out by an ancient super intelligence? Or are we just to primitive to understand their motives? Whatever the answer is, it is incredibly important for our own future.

Kurzgesagt – a team of designers, journalists and musicians who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.

How To Catch A Bird

How To Catch a Bird is a stop motion short based on a childhood memory. It’s the graduation film made by Vera van Wolferen for her masters in animation at AKV St. Joost Breda.

When I was eight; my dad taught me how to fish. He told me to take the worm off the hook after fishing, but I had no idea why. After fishing I forgot about the worm and left it dangling on the hook. If I only knew then what the consequence of this action would be.

Animation by Vera van Wolferen • Music by Gerard van Wolferen

For The Refugee

This film was produced for World Refugee Day, to publicise and spread awareness on HIAS‘ mission and values for the last 130 years.

Directed & designed by Moth Collective.
Animation: Claudio Salas, Daniela Negrin Ochoa, Joe Bichard, Jennifer Zheng.

Written by Paul Wolfe • Sound Design & Music: Marian Mentrup.


A lost soul stumbles drunken through the city.
In a park, Death finds him and shows him many things.

Director: Alan Holly • Writers: Alan Holly & Rory Byrne • Music: Shane Holly • Art direction & backgrounds: Ronan McMeel • Animation: Alan Holly, Rory Byrne & Eoghan Dalton.

Apple Trees

Animation by Jon Boutin • Music: Eels “Apple Trees“.