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ELI by Sagi Alter & Reut Elad

Sagi Alter & Reut Elad‘s graduation film from Bezalel Academy of art & design, Jerusalem 2014.

The film illustrates a day in the life of an Israeli soldier during his service, located in the Palestinian territory. A local boy dressed as a bunny starts a chase that blurs the line between the pursuer and the pursued, between reality and imagination.

Northern Starfish

A fantasy thriller about a female spy and a diver who knows the secrets of starfish.

Director: Mattias Mälk • Script: Mattias Mälk, Priit Pärn • Art director: Martinus Daane Klemet.
Composer: Mait Jüriado • Sound design: Horret Kuus • Actors: Margus Prangel, Elina Reinold.

Paracosm by Ken Keiso

Travel through the surreal world of a paracosm • Directed & animated by Ken Keiso.

Damn Those Crows

In a ghost town in the middle of an American desert, 3 crows are standing quietly on an electric pole, staring at a ruin that used to be the town’s admired clock tower.

At night, a hasty electrician comes to town to fix a short circuit on an old electric pole.

A film by Shay Blumenkranz • Inbal Grossman • Rotem Hermoni • Roy Tsour.


When taking pictures, Durian says eggplant instead of cheese.

Director & Animator: Yangzi She.

Music & Sound: Jennifer Dirkes • Voice: Eric Saleh, Reid Miller, Rebecca Davis.

Jack by Quentin Haberham

While looking for a missing limb on a junkyard, Jack discovers what he really misses is a friend.

Directed & animated by Quentin Haberham.

Music Composer: Dennis Braunsdorf • Sound Designer: Sam Huisman.

Sisyphus Machine

Sisyphus Machine // Idea & Production: Henning M. Lederer.

Super Science Friends: Episode 1

The pilot episode: “Just the right amount of smart, the just the right amount of stupid”.

Super Science Friends is an animated series about a team of super-powered scientists (Freud, Einstein, Tesla, Darwin & Tapputi) who travel through time fighting nazis, renegade soviet cosmonauts and their own scientific rivals!

Super Science Friends was created by Brett Jubinville & made at Tinman Creative Studios.

In Bloom (Digital Flora)

Some loops for Instagram by Emanuele Kabu • Music by Zomby.

Migration by Fluorescent Hill

A vintage nature film follows the migratory pattern of a herd wild creatures.

Super 8 mini-documentary directed by Fluorescent Hill (Mark Lomond & Johanne Ste-Marie).