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Stefano Guzzetti :: 春を待っています

Stefano Guzzetti春を待っています” ★ Label: Home Normal ★ Released 01 June 2016 ★

春を待っています‘ (waiting for spring) is a compilation of eleven tracks featuring demos and unreleased music. It has been released to celebrate Stefano‘s first official Japanese tour in March, 2016.”

Julien Mier :: Shiny Silver Lining

Julien MierShiny Silver Lining” ★ Label: King Deluxe ★ Released 07 June 2016 ★

The main threads of Shiny Silver Lining are those things that come along the way that you didn’t envision in the first place. It’s a change of scenery, transitions, change of seasons, things that get lost, replacing the old veins by growing new arteries and paths, feeling lost in translation, feeling foreign in the familiarity. The color of transformation. It’s about finding positivity in things that get worn out and seeing the good things of dark brooding clouds and waves that are 100 feet high that keep on coming to crush you and all you can do is float.

King Deluxe presents music by Julien Mier “Sea of Decay” • Animation by Kamiel Rongen.

Joe Frawley :: Cartomancer

Joe FrawleyCartomancer” ★ Self-released ★ Released 12 April 2016 ★

Cartomancer Program Notes

In ‘The Mystic Test Book’ (1893), 19th century American astrologer and mathematician Olney H. Richmond outlined a complex system for using a standard deck of playing cards for divinatory purposes. The deck is referred to as a book, which he claims to be the world’s oldest, dating back to a time before modern written language. He claimed the “science of the cards” originated in the ancient continent of Atlantis, where it is said four rivers flowed from one source, four kings ruled in one capitol, and which was thought to contain the site of the biblical Garden of Eden. Earlier, in 1889, Richmond had founded the Order of the Magi in Chicago to teach an astrologically based theological system. The Order was one of the many new astrological religions founded in 19th century America . Olney’s temple was originally located on the second floor of his home where he regularly taught to about 30 men and women. The temple is thought, by occult scholar Aidan Kelly, to have functioned as an “outer court” for a coven of witches.

Arline Richmond (born Pauline Goede, 1892), was the adopted daughter of Richmond, who later became is wife; Pauline changing her name to Arline after joining the Richmond family. She became quite active in the Order of the Magi and wrote or compiled several books about the surrealistic experiences of her foster father/husband during his life that led him to establish his religious Order. After his death in 1919, Arline assumed the role of Magi High Priestess.

Hyspec :: Singles

➲ Various Artists “Hyspec :ኗ: Singles” ★ Label: Hyspec ★ Released 17 May 2016 ★

Hyspec :ኗ: Singles is a 8 track trip into the smokey abyss of electronic Hip Hop Beats. Featuring work from Infinity Suite, TheRealVirgo, Phib, _whtspce and more.

:: Seven Years of Home Normal

➲ Various Artists “Seven Years of Home Normal” ★ Label: Home Normal ★ Rel. 19 May 2016 ★

“It is hard to believe it has been a little over seven years since we started the label. We have worked with so many amazing artists and it has been a real pleasure.

This mix was made for Cyclic Defrost and is being released as a little free gift to anyone who cares exclusively through Cyclic Defrost and our Bandcamp page only. Thanks so much for all the support over the years, and please support the artists directly as well if you like the work you hear.”

Submerse :: Awake

SubmerseAwake” ★ Label: Project Mooncircle // flau ★ Released 29 April 2016 ★

Awake’ is a soundtrack for roaming around vast city landscapes between late night and early morning. A lone wolf observes the scenery and watches over people, their heads low, on the path home to sleep. Inspired by 1980’s movies, drone and video game soundtracks, Rob Orme aka submerse returns with an update to his signature sound.

Awake’ comes out worldwide on limited vinyl (including download code) & limited edition CD including a bonus track via flau records in Japan.

Original photography: Repeat Pattern • Layout: Gordon Gieseking • Video: Raphael Wujanz.

Piano Cloud Series :: Volume One

➲ Piano Cloud Series “Volume One” ★ Label: 1631 Recordings ★ Released 11 March 2016 ★

Digipack CD Piano Cloud Series – Volume One releases 01 July 2016.

Somepling :: PaperSkies

SomeplingPaperSkies” ★ Label: Plexus Records ★ Releases 16 April 2016 ★

All tracks by Somepling (Olivier Rousseaux) • Produced & mixed on Akai MPC 2000 XL sampler.

Engraving & original art by Jérôme Bouchard, Aux Bois Gravés (Poitiers).

Photography by Olivier Neuillé • Design by Somepling & Guillaume Saintillan.

Koett :: Thaw

KoettThaw” ★ Label: Atomnation ★ Released 05 February 2016 ★

Russian producer Aleksander Tochilkin finished his second full length album as Koett, titled ‘Thaw‘.

Recorded with a Polyvox (an old Sovjet replica of the Moog), Yahama DX-7, Blofeld Waldorf and the Roland TR-808, the album could work perfectly for a dark club setting or as a soundtrack for a late-night headphone session.

Koett is based in the sunny southern part of Russia close to the Black Sea and Georgia. Imaginary travels to the North inspired him to record his new LP. The album balances between the more instrumental acid sound and dusty house music. Lots of live instruments, analog synths and eastern sounding samples blend the album into a diverge piece.

Ethereal Music :: Caps Of Ice

Ethereal MusicCaps Of Ice” ★ Label: NEWERA ★ Released 26 January 2016 ★

ROHS! RECORDS is glad to announce the new digital feature “NEWERA”.

First output: “Caps Of Ice” 1st full length album by Richard Byers (Ethereal Music).