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oddlogic :: Forsythia

oddlogicForsythia” ★ Label: Outlier Recordings ★ Released 01 December 2015 ★

Production, Mastering, Artwork: Alex Gohorel.

Lucinate :: Skip

LucinateSkip” ★ Label: King Deluxe ★ Released 20 November 2015 ★ Art: The Visualists

“The latest Dutch beat specialist to join the Deluxe lineup is Bram van der Hoeven, a Nijmegen resident who as Lucinate recently debuted his jazzy sound on the excellent label Cosmonostro with Circadian Rhythm.”

Uno Datwangi :: Beneath Rough Waters

Uno DatwangiBeneath Rough Waters” ★ Outlier Recordings ★ Released 17 Nov. 2015 ★

Production: Uno Datwangi • Artwork: Greydy Labarca.

Mastering & Graphic Design: Alex Gohorel.

Ichiro_ :: Bonkyo

Ichiro_凡響 / Bonkyo” ★ Self-released ★ Released 16 October 2015 ★

Nocto :: Next To You EP

NoctoNext To You EP” ★ Label: Cut Records ★ Released 01 October 2015 ★

Intriguing left-field, rhythmic patterns, vocals wandering through fields of experimental bass and beats, and an almost trip-hop esque vision of modern experimental music permeates this beautiful 6-track EP from producer Nocto.

Meandering along a path drifting comfortably in and out of ambient, trip-hop, broken-beat, post-dubstep and more, the Next To You EP from Guillaume Zenses AKA Nocto is a certain something to behold.

Channeling rippled visions of Portishead, Lamb and Massive Attack, while filtering the more experimental side of previous Cut releasees such as Craset, The Crisis Project, Swoon and many more this EP brings both of those worlds colliding together in a fascinating collection of tracks.

Himuro Yoshiteru :: Fushigi Man EP

Himuro YoshiteruFushigi Man EP” ★ Label: King Deluxe ★ Released 14 September 2015 ★

“We at King Deluxe are happy to present a short but sweet new E.P. from Himuro Yoshiteru, a Japanese artist who’s had a strong influence on the sort of hard-to-pin-down crossover music that we’ve come to embrace over the years.

Joining him we have Julian Glander providing some of his iconic visual flair.”

Autumna :: Play Pattern Repeat EP


autumna :: play pattern repeat ep ★ Self-released ★ Released 20 August 2015 ★

produced july – august 2015 • artwork by Laeva.Dextera.

Craset :: The Way EP

CrasetThe Way EP” ★ Label: Cut Records ★ Released 01 June 2015 ★

“Channeling dark, wet nights, dank back-alleys, raw emotion and haunting beauty. Russian producer Craset gives us his twist on melancholy post-dubstep.

This future-garage, dusty-electronica or whatever you want to term it is undeniably influenced by the likes of Burial and his contemporaries, but bringing something new to the table.

Skippy breaks, rumbling sub, echoing vocals and all the textbook hallmarks of the soundtrack to your post-club wander home at 5am.”

Gauvin :: When The Sky Turns Black EP

GauvinWhen The Sky Turns Black EP” ★ Label: Soigne Tes Oreilles ★ Rel. 25 May 2015 ★

When The Sky Turns Black” was recorded last summer and tells of Gauvin‘s adventures during those months. Sampling the sounds of everyday life, the rhythmic and ambient tones recorded from his apartment, kitchen, by the window or in the metro, tell the story of a summer blocked between Nantes and Paris. The titles of the tracks have a direct relationship with the time and place they were written and give the sensation that one is there themselves.

SubknoT :: Moment EP

SubknoTMoment EP” ★ Label: On Sunday Recordings ★ Released 26 May 2015 ★