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DayKoda :: Sleeping Awake

DayKodaSleeping Awake” ★ Label: Insight Music ★ Released 11 July 2016 ★

DayKoda was born by the wish to express willing, words and emotions through the introspective world of electronic music. Dark textures, downtempo, acid jazz and lo-fi strongly influenced by hip hop and “Beat Music”: this is DayKoda, solo project created by 20 year old Andrea Gamba, which is built upon layers of field recordings, acoustic stratification, arp sounds, shaker and loop grooves.

In DayKoda’s music you can find the desire to develop music with colours and special sounds, giving it a very personal, emotive form which brings listeners in a continuous emotional growing, moving on to another, possible, futuristic world.

Artwork by Alice Rose Radford.

Duckem :: Exploration EP

DuckemExploration EP” ★ Label: Cut Records ★ Released 01 July 2016 ★

Master of the deep, Duckem returns to Cut for his second EP. This time he’s gone deeper and more spaced out than before.

A unique blend of dub-influenced beats and ambience, which slowly ebb and flow, taking with them bass-weight, atmosphere and all the hallmarks of an immersive audio experience.

Take a short break, and enjoy 20 minutes of Duckem’s latest foray into the world of deep, electronic music.

Kid Drama :: Covering Ground EP

Kid DramaCovering Ground EP” ★ Label: Exit Records ★ Released 04 May 2016 ★

Features from Exit artists Skeptical and Cam Consequence as well as the extremely talented Alia Fresco make this some of his best work to date and a proud addition to the Exit Records catalogue.

DR :: In Love With Magnetic Tape

DRIn Love With Magnetic Tape” ★ Label: Assembly Field ★ Released 17 April 2016 ★

About ‘In Love With Magnetic Tape’ – ‘Using my synthesizer I created some layers for a drone piece and then spontaneously decided (as I see my Fostex 4-track in front of my synth) to make some tape loops. I then added some melody fragments, mixing, finished. I usually do my music like this, spontaneously and improvised. I just need the right mood and some coffee’Dominic Razlaff

Woulg :: Tiny Moon

WoulgTiny Moon” ★ Label: Outlier Recordings ★ Released 19 April 2016 ★

Production: Greg Debicki • Mastering: Tyler Fitzmaurice • Cover Artwork: Alex Gohorel.

Adriatic :: Shrub EP

AdriaticShrub EP” ★ Label: .theloops. ★ Released 06 February 2016 ★

Shrub” was released on the MP3 label .theloops. curated by DRWN & KSG of BLVNT Records.

The EP combines classic booming hip hop with electronic and neo-triphop to create Adriatic’s signature sound.

Mark Kloud :: Last Light

Mark KloudLast Light” ★ Label: NORDIG ★ Released 15 February 2015 ★

Buffalo based producer Mark Kloud is the first installment of the NORDIG imprint! His “Last Light” release features 3 tracks which sounds reaches from naturals and mystical to a more dancefloor approach.

NORDIG is the digital only imprint of Nord Label, which launched in 2016. It will featured a handfull release by a variety of artists from around the world.

Gary Bromley :: Outside

➲ Gary Bromley “Outside” ★ Label: Assembly Field ★ Released 24 January 2016 ★

Assembly Field is very pleased to release an EP of improvised dub tracks by Gary Bromley (Dif Juz).

‘I tried to keep as close to improv as much as I could with recording and mixing all tracks done in one take. Over the years I believe that improv is the purest form of music and creation close to the oneness of the universe, any mistakes or error makes the music human. The simplicity of this music is a mantra I bring forth from my inner self to the universe’ – Gary Bromley.

Written & produced by Gary Bromley • Mastered by Ryan Palmer • Cover photo by Phil Edwards.

Shelf Nunny :: Wishful Thinking EP

Shelf NunnyWishful Thinking” ★ Label: Hush Hush Records ★ Released 22 January 2016 ★

Shelf Nunny is the alias of current Seattle-based electronic musician Christian Gunning.

Wishful Thinking‘ marks his debut for Hush Hush, the Seattle-based label specializing in cinematic, wistful, emotional electronic music. A heavy melancholy persists over the EP’s four tracks, the sonic result of the dissolution of a wedding engagement that ultimately inspired the release’s emotional tone. While there’s a sad undercurrent that runs throughout the set, each track contains a moment of bright optimism, whether it’s a burst of double-time dancefloor-baiting rhythms or a particularly cheery melody that arises to the forefront.

Perfect for contemplative headphone listening sessions, as the soundtrack to scenic late-night drives, or unpredictable intimate romantic encounters, Shelf Nunny’s biggest statement to date announces the arrival of a new talent into the fertile Pacific Northwest music scene.

Various Artists :: Microfunk EP

➲ Various Artists “Microfunk EP” ★ Label: Microfunk Music ★ Released 14 December 2015 ★

The Microfunk Crew, which consists of Russian producers Bop & Oak, have just launched a brand new lable called Microfunk Music.

The Microfunk EP featuring tracks by Bop & Synkro, Nuage, Microfunk Crew & Dissident.