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Airøn Kølarøw :: Saitama EP

Airøn KølarøwSaitama EP” ★ Label: Soigne Tes Oreilles ★ Released 18 May 2016 ★

“Having make his muscles on the side of the dancefloors, young German producer Airøn Kølarøw gives us 3 tracks in a japanese atmospheric style flavoured with Ambient Trap. Special experience guaranteed: the tracks start at the foot of Mount Fuji temple and takes us much further.”

Handmade limited tape series available.

Robert Heel :: Naihehe

Robert HeelNaihehe” ★ Label: Etoka Records ★ Rel. 09 May 2016 ★ Design: Ewald Bone ★

Naihehe” is inspired by huge caves around the world. Enormous echo spaces, cavernous spaces, versatile reverberation, natural surroundings and heavily modified sound and field recordings: from slowed down bat sounds to water and wind in caves to clicks, noises and slipping rocks.

Cobalt Rabbit :: Isolationist EP

Cobalt RabbitIsolationist EP” ★ Label: Insight Music ★ Released 11 April 2016 ★

Isolationist‘ is the title of the long awaited EP by Florida based producer Cobalt Rabbit. Recorded over the 2 months from December 2015 – February 2016, Cobalt Rabbit has produced one of the most influential EP’s to date, using his creative skills within sound design to create a journey of euphoric atmospheric beauty.

Available to purchase in stunning limited edition white cassette, featuring the exclusive tape only release ‘Soma’. Edition of 200.

axion117 :: One Thousand Horizon

axion117One Thousand Horizon” ★ Label: Cold Busted ★ Releases 14 June 2016 ★

From Utsunomiya, Japan – a place previously famed for its delicious gyoza – comes the equally tasty beat concoctions of producer Axion117. Also known by Sato Shuya, this disciplined rhythmologist has dropped releases for Collective Resonance, Expansions Collective, and Mellow Orange and is now revealing One Thousand Horizon, a nineteen track long-player for the Cold Busted label.

These sample-built constructions swing and shimmy with the best in instrumental hip hop, showcasing intricate cuts and melodic intervals that’ll bring the heads into a nodding state of smoked-out bliss. One Thousand Horizon is the perfect soundtrack for a hazy afternoon.

Neozaïre :: Apothecary Dream

➲ Neozaïre “Apothecary Dream” ★ Label: Noorden ★ Released 25 February 2016 ★

Five tracks between trippy electronica, dreamy ambient, field-recordings and spaced-out guitars.

Music & archival scans D’Evoé • Mastered by Manes at SALZ Mastering • Design by Alex Ketzer.

Limited Edition Cassette & Digital.

Milo :: So The Flies Don’t Come

MiloSo The Flies Don’t Come” ★ Label: Ruby Yacht ★ Released 25 September 2015 ★

“Spring returns; it returns and will go away. And God
curved in time repeats himself, and passes, passes
with the backbone of the universe on his shoulder.

When my temples beat their mournful drum,
when that sleep etched on a knife hurts me,
there are desires not to move an inch from this poem!”

– César Vallejo. Weary Circles.

Produced by Kenny Segal • Artwork by Alex Jackson.

Katafuta :: Floating EP

KatafutaFloating EP” ★ Label: Soigne Tes Oreilles ★ Released 03 February 2016 ★

Katafuta is a producer for a long time and has made his mark on electronic music with his crazy Japanese future beat rhythms. He makes music for all those people who want to escape from this busy hectic world, and so here are 9 melancholic Triphop tracks that will leave you immersed in your deep inner feelings! His collaborators Ryuei Kotoge and Kae Uh have added their musical touch to conclude this long EP in style.

Autoisolation :: Into The Mist

autoisolationInto The Mist” ★ Label: floe ★ Released 16 October 2015 ★

“Debut album by moscow composer Roland Zingiber aka autoisolation incl. two sides of author – dark jazz & ambient works.”

Limited Edition Black Cassette, in violet o-card, individually numbered, limited to 30 copies.