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Project Canada: On The Radar Vol. 1

➲ Project Canada: “On The Radar Vol.1” ★ Label: Millennium Jazz Music ★ Rel. 21 Oct. 2016 ★

On The Radar is a new production series where Millennium Jazz Music showcases entire albums to focused on features from producers that reside or represent a certain country.

“For this session we have some of our Canadian friends on the radar as we are happy to present, Project Canada – On The Radar Vol.1.”

Artwork by James Greenway for Design Greenway.

Wojciech Golczewski :: End Of Transmission

Wojciech GolczewskiEnd Of Transmission” ★ Label: Data Airlines ★ Release 01 Dec. 2016 ★

Earlier this fall, Lakeshore Records put out a digital version of Wojciech Golczewski‘s “End of Transmission”. EOT is a spin-of project for Golczewski’s Reality Check trilogy and just like Reality Check it is drawing inspiration from space travel and sci-fi horror but in a much more dirty and intimate fashion. Where Reality Check is a complex production of sounds from numerous sources. End of Transmission is only Golczewski alone in the studio with a vintage miniMoog and a recorder, trying to paint a sound scape to the otherwise complete silence of space travel. The minimalism of End of Transmission is almost like a compromise between the contemporary heavy electroica and the more classical symphonic approach to space music. Needless to say that Golczewski has managed to give you the answer if anyone would ask you the question “if you would go to space and could only bring one album…”

Limited Edition Audio Cassette printed in the UK with a 350gsm high quality J-card. Comes in two different colours: Space Black and Star Spangled clear. Shipping from France. Limited edition of 60.


ERDFLCHTLNG Tape ★ Label: Pattern // Select ★ Released 23 October 2016 ★

DasKidmo switches personalities and becomes spoken-word artist ERDFLCHTLNG leaving the planet in a hypnotical search of more habitable worlds. Slow jams, reverbed background samples and patiently blended-in vocals define the Kidmo beats on which spoken word – often without a clear message and more used as an instrument – blends in patiently. ERDFLCHTLNG leaves us with this astonishing 2016 release. Because “…it’s the truth”.

Hand-numbered limited edition of 50 pieces • Cover art by BluApe.

Hand-made dymo-printed labels, C-20 black on-body printed ferric tape, dark yellow in transparent plastic case with double-printed inlay.

Bryce Miller :: City Depths

Bryce MillerCity Depths” ★ Label: Spun Out Of Control ★ Released 08 October 2016 ★

As autumn arrives and the nights draw in… inspired by the synth soundtracks of the 80’s as well as the sounds of current electronic and ambient music comes City Depths, the soundtrack for an imaginary film.

When walking or driving late at night there is a sense of uneasy stillness as the moon casts everything in darkness and shadow. Nearly everyone is asleep but through the silence you can hear the sounds of vehicles, machines, and people gentling humming in the distance. While peaceful on the surface there is a sense of uncertainty as our imaginations work to fill in details of what can’t be seen, often creating things not real.

This album seeks to capture this experience through ambient textures and pulsing beats, best experienced through headphones or stereo, while exploring the night.

Clas Tuuth :: We Should Get Back

Clas TuuthWe Should Get Back” ★ Label: NeedNoWater Records ★ Rel. 14 Oct. 2016 ★

The debut album by Clas Tuuth on limited orange-flouro cassette. Edition of 25.

Greyon Greene :: No Shadows

Greyon GreeneNo Shadows” ★ Label: Soft Palms Records ★ Released 14 October 2016 ★

The newest Greyon Greene release from Soft Palms Records.

Small run of 15 copies, grab your cassette copy here!

krakaur :: krakaur

krakaurkrakaur” ★ Label: Youngbloods ★ Released 30 September 2016 ★

Producing under the guise of his last name, krakaur‘s reserved demeanor echoes a solace in solitude and self-reflection that, over the years, has infused a sincere quality of thoughtfulness in his rapidly growing body of work. With an inclination towards experimentation, collaboration, and social transition, his self-titled debut full-length album, “krakaur”, is both a humble declaration of artistic identification and one of stylistic discovery.

Written & mixed by Dan Krakaur • Cover art by Dan Krakaur •  Design by Nicholas Concklin.

Limited edition dark sapphire blue cassette with metallic silver imprint, shrink-wrapped with a clear case featuring the full color custom watercolor artwork by krakaur.

Cráneo & Made in M :: Dalsy

Cráneo & Made in MDalsy” ★ Label: Fanso ★ Released 26 June 2016 ★

Raps: Cráneo (Sloth Brite) • Beats: Made in M • Mix & Master: Bluekid • Artwork by Pablo Luque.

Daidalosone :: OneManArmy Vol. 3

DaidalosoneOneManArmy Vol. 3” ★ Label: Tapeinvader ★ Released 06 September 2016 ★

Tapeinvader is proud to present “OneManArmy Vol.3” by Daidalosone, an artist born in Nicosia/Cyprus, now living in London/England.

The 60 minute beattape is the third and final of his “OneManArmy” series and comes with various beats in a classic boom bap style, atmospheric samples and knocking drums from the MPC 2500 and the SP 202, creating different moods for the listener.

All tracks produced, mixed & mastered by Daidalosone • Coverart by Yiannis Hadjipanayis (Pest).

C-60 ferro cassette tape • Limited edition (_/50) hand-numbered.

Bryce Miller :: W A S P

Bryce MillerW A S P” ★ Label: Spun Out Of Control ★ Released 02 September 2016 ★

Music Inspired by Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy.

“Author Stieg Larsson’s characters Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist from the Millennium Trilogy are incredibly complex and haunting characters, faced with conflicts both internal and external. With this album I sought to write music for both their characters as well as the stark frigid climates of Sweden where the stories take place. The music sounds cold and claustrophobic at times with icy pads and brooding drones but is tied together by fragile emotional melodies that float above the dense layers of synth textures.

I personally enjoy listening to music while reading and thought the idea of composing a book soundtrack while reading the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson would be exciting and rewarding. I am extremely proud of what resulted and I hope you enjoy it too!”

Composed, produced & performed by Bryce Miller.

Specially commissioned artwork for Spun Out Of Control by Eric Adrian Lee.

Strictly limited tape, professionally dubbed, with j-card design.