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Synkro :: Thump Mix // December 2013

“The genre-resistant minimalist Synkro is a craftsman when it comes to scrambling pre-existing patterns, rearranging codes until new messages emerge […]

Synkro’s kept his grip on the dubwise tendencies towards obsessive sound design and dramatic negative space, but his recent work has delivered in a wide range of tempos, taking us from clicky drum & bass to digital R&B and instrumental hip-hop. One moment he’s sounding like a stone-faced Metalheadz lifer, and the next he’s serving Shlohmo realness.”

His new EP “Lost Here” came out this month on Apollo Records • Synkro Mix for Thump – December 2013.

todos :: Kilchurn Session X :: Isolatedmix 42 // Dec 2013

Spanning multiple genres, creative, unique, meticulously crafted and above all epic, todos spends months at a time putting these journeys together. Upon listening you’ll hear the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into each one.

He is a pioneer of todays shift to digital mixing, but he doesn’t use it for lack of laziness. Amongst the 47+ channels of audio and midi lie a multitude of custom samples, tempo blends and effects – something of a trademark since todos’ very first Kilchurn Session.

“Five years have passed since I completed the first Kilchurn Session mix. A mix inspired by my partner, and our Winter’s walk at Loch Awe in Scotland; a place of outstanding landscape and beauty. The challenge for me was to create a mix using tracks with extreme differences in tempo, something I would not have been able to do using a set of 1210′s and mixer.

It would comprise of a collection of personal favourite tracks, old and new, laced with soundscapes, samples and spoken word, yet not following a set genre throughout. What was supposed to be a one off, gained surprising feedback and support from Nick Warren and ASIP which catapulted it into places I never thought it would reach. The demand for another soon followed and now, 5 years on, it is with great pleasure I can bring you the tenth instalment as an Isolatedmix, and a first that incorporates original compositions by Devoted Enemies, in which I am involved” – todos.

isolatedmix 42 – todos // For more info visit asip.

Four Tet :: Live In Tokyo // December 2013

Recorded at 3:35pm on the 1st December 2013 at the Hostess Club Weekender in Tokyo, Japan.

Cogi :: Mixtape A // December 2013

Cogi “Mixtape A” • December 2013.

Cogi Releases 2013: Time O’Clock [This City Is Ours, TCIO005] • Artwork by HimHallows.

Fingers In The Noise :: Silent Season Tribute // Nov 2013

Live Mix Recorded: 17 November 2013 on MixLr.

All tracks from the label Silent Season • Mixed by Fingers in the Noise.

Oakin :: Slow Down // November 2013

Oakin – Slow down // November 2013.

Just slow down, relax and enjoy the music!

AtsuBox :: FatKidOnFire Mix // October 2013

“Following their individual debuts on FatKidOnFire, we’re proud to present two of Manchester’s most promising producers.

Having released on Kokeshi, Modulate Recordings and Endless Plains Records, Atsuko Cheeba and Stompbox have been on our radar for a long while. Call it dubstep, call it bass music, call it future bass – we don’t care what it’s called; we absolutely love the music @atsubox are coming out with. Expect big, big things from these two…”

Submerse :: Fabriclive x Tempo Clash Mix // August 2013

“Having already released music on labels like Germany’s Project Mooncircle and R&S sister label, Apollo, Submerse has cultivated a distinct and recognisable sound that spreads itself thickly across genres. Made in promotion of Submerse‘s appearance in the Tempo Clash hosted RM 2 on Friday 30th August @ Fabric London.”

Solitude :: 3am Mix // July 2013

Solitude – 3am Mix – July 2013.

dBridge & Skeptical :: In The Lab // July 2013

The d’n’b legend and his young Jedi enter MixmagHQ // dBridge & Skeptical in the Lab – July 2013.

MixmagTV: dBridge future drum & bass set.

Every Friday MixmagTV live streams the world’s best DJs from the Mixmag DJ Lab – a mini-club in the corner of the Mixmag office.