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“Shogyo Mujo”: A Traveling Art Installation Sculpture

“Shogyo Mujo” is a traveling art installation developed by BARTKRESA design & Josh Harker.

“In it’s original iteration it was destined for the Playa at the 2014 Burning Man Festival.

The 360 degree projected sculpture evolved to become the visual centerpiece of both the 2014 Adobe Max & 2015 Siggraph Conferences. In the future, we hope to showcase the art installation in museums around the world.”

“Escape From New York” Poster Art by Ken Taylor

⏚ Poster Art by Ken Taylor: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Numbered Edition of 52. Costs $50.
// Illustration © Ken Taylor /// ☇ Poster @ Posters& /// via //

“Bicycle Anatomy” Art Print by Doug Harry

⏚ Art Print by Doug Harry: 18″ x 24″ Four Color Screenprint. Costs $40.
// Illustration © Doug Harry /// ☇ Art Print @ Supermarket /// via //

“Drugs” Art Print by Never Sleeping

⏚ Art Print by Never Sleeping: 18″ x 24″ Screenprint. Signed & Numb. Ed. of 68. Costs $40.
// Illustration © Never Sleeping /// ☇ Art Print @ Never Sleeping Inc. /// via //

“Leviathan” Art Print by Terry Fan & Joe Carr

⏚ Art Print by Terry Fan & Joe Carr: 16″ x 22″ Etched Copper Print. Edition of 60. Costs $100.
// Illustration © Terry Fan & Joe Carr /// ☇ Art Print @ Antiquated Press /// via //

Everbright: An Interactive Light Installation

Everbright, the toy for creativity & engagement by Hero Design.

Measures 46 inches high, 93 inches long, and 5 inches deep. 464 color dials, each capable of producing any color in the rainbow.

“Dokoron” Art Print by Hebitsukai

⏚ Art Print by Hebitsukai: 16.5″ x 23.5″ Screenprint. Signed & Numb. Ed. of 50. Costs $50.
// Illustration © Hebitsukai /// ☇ Art Print @ Zigame /// via //

Beautiful Posters by Jason Munn

Jason Munn wurde 1975 geboren und wuchs in Neenah, Wisconsin, auf, nennt aber heute Oakland, Kalifornien sein zu Hause. Vor 12 Jahren begann er unter dem Pseudonym The Small Stakes für die lokalen Veranstaltungsorte und unabhängigen Musiker Poster zu gestalten. Seit Beginn des Jahres 2010 veröffentlicht Jason Munn seine Arbeiten unter seinem eigenen Namen und diese wurden bereits in zahlreichen Ausstellungen gezeigt, sowie in Print- und Online-Publikationen veröffentlicht. Eine Auswahl seiner Plakate sind Teil der ständigen Sammlungen am San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Denver Art Museum und San Francisco Public Library.

// Poster Artworks © Jason Munn /// ☇ Art Prints Available /// via //

“Voyager 1” Infographic Posters by Kevin Tong

⏚ Posters by Kevin Tong: 18″ x 24″ Screenprints. Signed & numb. Ed. of 120. Each $35.
// Illustrations © Kevin Tong /// ☇ Art Print @ Info•Rama /// via //

Embroidered Zoetrope

This project by Elliot Schultz encourages viewers to watch and engage with animation physically.

Discs were created with animated sequences embroidered onto their surface. They have been designed to be played on standard turntables and their shape and size is inherited from 10″ vinyl records. The animation is activated when a strobe light illuminates the discs in sync with the embroidered frames of animation.