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All The Things

All The Things” is a collection of individual narratives, unified by a cohesive style.

Animation: Chris Guyot • Design: The Rusted Pixel • Sound: John Poon.

In The Heart Of Aizu

While Japan continues to be one of the world’s leading nations in the tech industry, the former Samurai town of Aizu-Wakamatsu is home to a handful of artisans that remain committed to their craft. An ancient tradition passed down through generations of Urushi Shokunin, the art of Urushiware is kept alive through the skill and dedication of these craftsmen.

A labor of love held fast in an ever-increasingly commercialized society.

Directed by Taylor Hawkins • Produced by Steve Sakanashi • Music by Caleb Buse.

“The Ruins of Chicago” Art Print by Rob Loukotka

⏚ Art Print by Rob Loukotka: 18″ x 24″ Screenprint. Limited & Signed Ed. of 100. Costs $65.
// Illustration © Rob Loukotka /// ☇ Art Print @ FringeFocus /// via //

node 5:5

Audiovisual installation created by Ryoichi Kurokawa.

4K video projection | Wave field synthesis | 10ch kinetic laser system.

“The Magic Message” Art Print by Jeff Soto

⏚ Art Print by Jeff Soto: 18″ x 18″ Giclee. Limited Signed & Numbered Ed. of 50. Costs $100.
// Painting © Jeff Soto /// ☇ Art Print @ PangeaSeed //

“Wake Up!” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

✘ This art print will be going on sale on Tuesday, February 28 at 10AM (PST).

⏚ Art Print by Shepard Fairey: 18″ x 24″ Screenprint. Limited Signed Ed. of 300. Costs $55.
// Image © Shepard Fairey /// ☇ Art Print @ //

The Enigma Of Time: Mixed Media Collages by Ayham Jabr

Ayham Jabr ist ein Fotograf und Grafiker, der sich auf digitale und analoge Collagen spezialisiert hat.

Der Künstler wohnt in Damaskus, Syrien. Mehr sehenswerte Arbeiten findest du auf seiner Website.

// Images © Ayham Jabr /// via //

“Cacophony” Art Print by Jolene Lai

⏚ Art Print by Jolene Lai: 16″ x 20″ Giclee. Signed Numbered Edition of 25. Costs $60.
// Painting © Jolene Lai /// ☇ Art Print @ Thinkspace Gallery /// via //

“I’m Sorry Again…” Art Print by Daniel Danger

⏚ Art Print by Daniel Danger: 18″ x 24″ Screenprint. Signed Open Edition. Costs $50.
// Illustration © Daniel Danger /// ☇ Art Print @ Storenvy //

“Resolution” Art Print by Joel Rea

✘ This art print will be going on sale on Wednesday, February 1st.

⏚ Art Print by Joel Rea: 56 x 56cm Giclee. Limited Edition of 100. Costs AU$280.
// Painting © Joel Rea /// ☇ Art Print @ Joel Rea Store //