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The Magic Moment

The amazing paper engineer Peter Dahmen from Dortmund, Germany creates magical moving three-dimensional objects from only paper. He has turned his passion for paper engineering and pop-up cards into a full time career.

Directed, filmed & edited by Christopher Helkey.

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Wood! // Characters & Robots by Loulou & Tummie

Loulou, von dem niederländischen Illustrationsdou Loulou & Tummie, verbrachte in diesem Jahr ihre freien Stunden mit Sägen, Kleben, Drehen und Schleifen, um diese außergewöhnlichen Charaktere aus Holz zu designen. Einige dieser tollen Figuren sind in ihrem Webshop erhältlich, während einige ausschließlich exklusiv bei Ausstellungen zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

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Naruko Kokeshi Doll by Yasuo Okazaki

The origin of the Kokeshi doll is a mystery. It has been said that the Kokeshi doll started in the Tohoku district in the late Edo or early Meiji period, but there are various opinions about the birthplace. The wood crafters of the mountainside villages made it as a toy for children, and the dolls have unique designs and features rooted in each region.

The Naruko style of Kokeshi developed at Naruko hot springs. One of the unique characteristics of these Kokeshi is that their heads squeak when turned. They have kind faces and flared shoulders and skirts. The stripes at the top and bottom of the body are painted on the lathe, and the body is often painted with a chrysanthemum motif. The bangs are painted like the dolls sent as gifts from the Imperial Palace. Naruko Kokeshi wear a red headdress.

Yasuo Okazaki was born in 1954. After graduating from high school, he studied under his father and began creating Kokeshi with the guidance of his father’s senior pupil.

Produced by Te to Te to Te.

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Desire To Fly

Samantha Bryan is a mixed-media artist based in West Yorkshire. She works from a studio in the West Yorkshire Print Workshop situated in Mirfield.

Samantha finds herself preoccupied with everyday life, but not her own – that of the fairy.

Consequently her sculptures place what can only be described as “fairies” with machine-like contraptions. They depict fairies going about their everyday lives. Within her work her extraordinary objective is to realise the necessities and requirements that would be involved in “fairy life”: to provide everything a fairy would demand during its daily existence.

Realtime Facetracking & Projection Mapping: OMOTE

OMOTE: A Realtime Facetracking & Projection Mapping Installation by Nobumichi Asai.

Vintage Neon Sign Artist Todd Sanders

Todd Sanders is a vintage neon sign artist based out of Austin. With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, Todd is completely self-taught and a true master of his craft. His handcrafted art is produced without the use of computer aided design preserving the unique American tradition even further.

Todd’s award winning pieces have appeared in The Museum of Neon Art, films by Robert Rodriguez, Esquire, Texas Monthly, Fast Company, HGTV and Southern Living. Celebrity clientele include Kings of Leon, Shepard Fairey, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson and ZZ Top.

Directed by OG.

An Expansion

Visual: Carlo Vega • Song: “Expansion II” by Insa Donja Kai.

Motion Silhouette

Motion Silhouette – an interactive shadow picture book – plays with shadows and light to create an ever changing landscape. As the reader opens each page, pop-up images create shadows that move with every page turn.

This reader-controlled manipulation of shadows combines with illustrations to tell a beautiful story.

Designer & Illustrator: Megumi Kajiwara • Designer & Book Bind:Tatsuhiko Niijima.
Movie Director: Kyotaro Hayashi • Music: Ryu Matsuyama.

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Paper Birds & Animals by Estudio Guardabosques

Diese faszinierenden, geometrischen Papierskulpturen wurden in dem Designstudio Estudio Guardabosques aus Buenos Aires, Argentinien gefertigt, welches von dem Ehepaar Caro Silvero und Juan Elizalde betrieben wird. Die beiden Künstler haben bereits zahlreiche Projekte mit ihren wundervollen Papierarbeiten für künstlerische Zwecke und für redaktionelle Auftragsarbeiten erstellt.

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Beautiful Book Covers by bookswemade

Das Münchner Duo Stephanie und Tom Ising gestalten wunderschöne Buchcover unter dem Namen bookswemade. Das Portfolio der beiden Künstler hält noch viele weitere abwechslungsreiche Buchdeckel-Entwürfe in vielen Formen, Größen und typografischen Sehenswürdigkeiten bereit.

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