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Literary Word Count Infographic

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A History Of Books That Forecast The Future

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The Most Hated Sounds In The World

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The World`s Weirdest Festivals

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50 Years 50 Toys

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Your Brain On Beer vs. Coffee

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Man Bites Shark // Infographic

Shark Conservation SocietyStop Shark FinningHSI // Shark Finning.
PEW // Global Shark ConservationSharkwater.

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Colour & Space by Jotun

Jotun, one of the world’s leading decorative paints brand, simplifies the color selection process. This data visualization is the result of colour statistics extracted from Pinterest which is a rapidly growing content sharing platform effecting millions of consumers’ decoration decisions.

The data visualization is showing peoples relationship between colour and space in specific household areas. The concept for the visualization is to design the data of the survey by using the two key elements, colour and space, as tool and canvas to thereby establish a familiar relation between the user and the data. The diagrams use the context of the data to design the data itself and that allows the diagrams to show more layers of information about the statistics.

“Colour and Space” is an infographic design project made in collaboration between Jotun Turkey and Danish designers Peter Ørntoft & Mie Frey Damgaard.

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Enemies Of The Internet

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It’s The End Of The World As They Know It

► Who Believes the End of Civilization Is Near? // Full-Sized View [+]

“A new global survey has found that 1 in 10 people believes that the end of the world will occur sometime in 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends. Whether inspired by media attention or conspiracy theories, the anxiety about an impending doomsday extends beyond just a tiny fringe group of believers.”

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