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Autumn Song by Terry Fan

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#OccupyWallStreet Propaganda Posters: The One Percent

#OccupyWallStreet Propaganda Posters: The One Percent by Fro Design Co.

“The response to the Occupy movements across the country from the opposition, especially in the early coverage seems to be very dismissive and condescending, I thought it’d be interesting to represent that visually with a bit of old school propaganda.”

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Star Wars Propaganda Poster Art by Dane Ault

| Illustrations © Dane Ault | Buy Art Prints |

Brave New World by Kevin Tong

| Illustration © Kevin Tong | Buy Art Print |

How-To Guide To Kill A Monster

| Illustration © Dave Perillo |

Retro Poster Designs by Dirk Petzold

Der aus Dresden stammende Grafikdesigner und Illustrationskünstler Dirk Petzold erstellt digitale Kunstdrucke und Illustrationen. Eine Auswahl seiner Arbeiten als Poster sind auf seiner Website zu finden, dort kann man diese auch käuflich erwerben. Eine weitere Galerie gibt es bei Behance.

| Images © Dirk Petzold | Buy Prints |

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

| Image © John Tibbott | Buy Print |

Facebook, Twitter & Google+ Propaganda Posters

| Poster Artworks © Aaron Wood |

Stereotype: Poster Art by Daniel Brokstad

| Illustrations © Daniel Brokstad |

Urban Roots by Shepard Fairey

| Picture © Shepard Fairey |