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Movie Poster Illustrations by Grzegorz Domaradzki

Grzegorz Domaradzki absolvierte sein Studium an der Akademie der feinen Künste in Posen, Polen mit einem Master-Abschluss in Grafik und Zeichnen. Nach dem Studium arbeitete er zunächst als Illustrator und später als Grafikdesigner für verschiedene Werbeagenturen.

Seit dem Jahr 2005 arbeitet der Künstler freiberuflich. Mehr Arbeiten findest du auf seiner Website.

// Illustrations © Grzegorz Domaradzki /// via //

Marco Puccini Artworks ⥸ Revisited

Marco Puccini arbeitet als freiberuflicher Filmemacher und Illustrator in Mailand.

Ein schönes Portfolio seiner bisherigen Werke findest du auf der Website des Künstlers.

// Illustrations © Marco Puccini /// ☇ Art Prints Available //

Timescape Series: Time Travel Destinations Posters

Time travel, the dream of generations upon generations of sci-fi lovers.

So many ‘what ifs’ and ‘wouldn’t it be great ifs’ to choose from…

Let’s take a look at what’s on offer to the time-travelling tourist with a limitless budget!

// Illustrations © NeoMam Studios //

Creatures Of The Deep: Alan Williams Metal Artist

Alan Williams: Creatures of the Deep offers an insight into the mind and work of the immensely talented Brighton sculptor Alan Williams, who turns scrap metal into amazing animal figures.

Looking into his dark influences and childhood, this biopic explores Alan’s practice, presenting the work of a true artist who holds “great talent, imagination and humility” • Directed by Ben Cox.

New Posters by Tomer Hanuka & João Ruas

⏚ Poster Art by Tomer Hanuka: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Limited Edition of 35. Costs $65.
// Illustration © Tomer Hanuka /// ☇ Art Print @ Posters& //

⏚ Poster Art by João Ruas: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Limited Edition of 42. Costs $50.
// Illustration © João Ruas /// ☇ Art Print @ Posters& //

✘ The poster artworks will be going on sale on Wednesday, January 11th at 2pm Central Time.

“The Last Wave” Art Print by Kilian Eng

✘ The art print will be going on sale on Thursday, January 12th at 1pm Eastern Time.

⏚ Art Print by Kilian Eng: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Limited Edition of 200. Costs $45.
// Illustration © Kilian Eng /// ☇ Art Print @ Grey Matter Art /// via //


// Photoshop manipulation of Star Wars: Rogue One poster © Hal Hefner /// via //


TUNDRA’s newest immersive experience is a large scale laser-beams installation which went unseen to public due to cancellation of Outline Festival in Moscow where it was initially planned to be exhibited. As it was specially created for this festival, the chosen name was OUTLINES.

This word has a strong meaning in Russian representing the idea of stepping out of an initial grid and rising above the fundamentals by trespassing your imaginary boundaries.

“Drive” Poster Art by Rory Kurtz

✘ The poster artwork will be going on sale on Thursday, January 5th at a random time.

⏚ Poster Art by Rory Kurtz: 24″ x 36″ Screenprint. Signed Numbered Ed. of 375. Costs $50.
// Illustration © Rory Kurtz /// ☇ Art Print @ Mondo //

A Movie Poster A Day

In 2016, Pete Majarich designed a movie poster a day. Here’s a compilation of every single one.

You can see the posters in full at

// Illustrations © Pete Majarich /// ☇ Art Prints Available //