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Koett :: Thaw

KoettThaw” ★ Label: Atomnation ★ Released 05 February 2016 ★

Russian producer Aleksander Tochilkin finished his second full length album as Koett, titled ‘Thaw‘.

Recorded with a Polyvox (an old Sovjet replica of the Moog), Yahama DX-7, Blofeld Waldorf and the Roland TR-808, the album could work perfectly for a dark club setting or as a soundtrack for a late-night headphone session.

Koett is based in the sunny southern part of Russia close to the Black Sea and Georgia. Imaginary travels to the North inspired him to record his new LP. The album balances between the more instrumental acid sound and dusty house music. Lots of live instruments, analog synths and eastern sounding samples blend the album into a diverge piece.

Katafuta :: Floating EP

KatafutaFloating EP” ★ Label: Soigne Tes Oreilles ★ Released 03 February 2016 ★

Katafuta is a producer for a long time and has made his mark on electronic music with his crazy Japanese future beat rhythms. He makes music for all those people who want to escape from this busy hectic world, and so here are 9 melancholic Triphop tracks that will leave you immersed in your deep inner feelings! His collaborators Ryuei Kotoge and Kae Uh have added their musical touch to conclude this long EP in style.

Ethereal Music :: Caps Of Ice

Ethereal MusicCaps Of Ice” ★ Label: NEWERA ★ Released 26 January 2016 ★

ROHS! RECORDS is glad to announce the new digital feature “NEWERA”.

First output: “Caps Of Ice” 1st full length album by Richard Byers (Ethereal Music).

Gary Bromley :: Outside

➲ Gary Bromley “Outside” ★ Label: Assembly Field ★ Released 24 January 2016 ★

Assembly Field is very pleased to release an EP of improvised dub tracks by Gary Bromley (Dif Juz).

‘I tried to keep as close to improv as much as I could with recording and mixing all tracks done in one take. Over the years I believe that improv is the purest form of music and creation close to the oneness of the universe, any mistakes or error makes the music human. The simplicity of this music is a mantra I bring forth from my inner self to the universe’ – Gary Bromley.

Written & produced by Gary Bromley • Mastered by Ryan Palmer • Cover photo by Phil Edwards.

Shelf Nunny :: Wishful Thinking EP

Shelf NunnyWishful Thinking” ★ Label: Hush Hush Records ★ Released 22 January 2016 ★

Shelf Nunny is the alias of current Seattle-based electronic musician Christian Gunning.

Wishful Thinking‘ marks his debut for Hush Hush, the Seattle-based label specializing in cinematic, wistful, emotional electronic music. A heavy melancholy persists over the EP’s four tracks, the sonic result of the dissolution of a wedding engagement that ultimately inspired the release’s emotional tone. While there’s a sad undercurrent that runs throughout the set, each track contains a moment of bright optimism, whether it’s a burst of double-time dancefloor-baiting rhythms or a particularly cheery melody that arises to the forefront.

Perfect for contemplative headphone listening sessions, as the soundtrack to scenic late-night drives, or unpredictable intimate romantic encounters, Shelf Nunny’s biggest statement to date announces the arrival of a new talent into the fertile Pacific Northwest music scene.

Various Artists :: Discovery 1

➲ Various Artists “Discovery 1” ★ Label: Soft Recordings ★ Released 10 January 2016 ★

Discovery series aims to promote new artists and sounds in the experimental music community; including ambient, drone, electronic, noise and modern classical genres. It’s free.

Artwork photography by Pejman Pabarja • Curated by David Teboul.


AXNii7MNIAXN7 EP” ★ Self-released ★ Released 04 January 2016 ★

AXNii7 a.k.a axion117 // Concept is “universe”.

Hush Hush: Presents, Vol. 2

➲ Hush Hush: Presents, Vol. 2Hush Hush Records ★ Released 25 December 2015 ★

“A holiday gift for you. 39 tracks from Hush Hush family & friends. Exclusive new tracks as well as select highlights…”

Artwork by Alex Boeschenstein • Coordinated by Alex Ruder of Hush Hush Records.

Various Artists :: Microfunk EP

➲ Various Artists “Microfunk EP” ★ Label: Microfunk Music ★ Released 14 December 2015 ★

The Microfunk Crew, which consists of Russian producers Bop & Oak, have just launched a brand new lable called Microfunk Music.

The Microfunk EP featuring tracks by Bop & Synkro, Nuage, Microfunk Crew & Dissident.

oddlogic :: Forsythia

oddlogicForsythia” ★ Label: Outlier Recordings ★ Released 01 December 2015 ★

Production, Mastering, Artwork: Alex Gohorel.