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Offthesky :: The Serpent Phase

offthesky :: the serpent phase ★ Label: Hibernate Recordings ★ Released 27 August 2015 ★

Five years in the making, and well worth the wait, comes offthesky’s latest album ‘the serpent phase‘. offthesky will be a name familiar to many Hibernate fans as a prolific artist, having released with us ‘The Beautiful Nowhere’ in 2011 and the ‘Exit to Anywhere’ postcard in 2013, as well as numerous releases on labels such as Home Normal, Wist Rec and Dronarivm.

Initially conceived with the aim to create a series of piano sketches exploring mobile recording techniques, ‘the serpent phase’ takes in recordings made in Chicago, Switzerland, England, Canada, Colorado, and Kentucky. These initial recordings were then added to with other instrumentation including vibraphone, guitar, a synth, drum kit, vocals and textural field recordings.

Wishing to leave any deeper meaning up to the listener’s interpretation of the music, offthesky’s atmospheric collection of pieces allows us to explore the religious, spiritual and moral connotations of dark and light periods in life.

Various Artists :: Insight Volume ​4

➲ Insight Music “Volume ​4” ★ Label: Insight Music ★ Released 23 August 2015 ★

“It’s been almost 2 years since the release of Insight Vol.3, an album that showcased the true talent and art buried within the underground music scene.

Vol.4 is no exception.

I’m truly honoured to have worked along side some of the most well respected artists and producers of our supporting genres, and feel blessed to once again showcase the talent of these young and promising artists.”

Visual by Padraic MoodCollector • Type by Alice Radford.

Klunks :: Elastic Forest

KlunksElastic Forest” ★ Label: Hush Hush Records ★ Released 21 August 2015 ★

Elastic Forest‘ signals the official debut release from Klunks, a 28 year-old electronic composer and digital sound surgeon residing in Bergen, Norway. Creator of a warm, spacious, and leftfield downtempo sound that is intricately detailed and wonderfully unpredictable, Klunks’ work is rich with jazz flavors, altered chords, deep bass hums and meandering synth lines that are all held together by a lush tapestry of field recordings and spliced vocal mumbles.

Over seven exploratory tracks, ‘Elastic Forest‘ wanders in between ambient, lo-fi, and electro-acoustic styles, organically building a unique sound palette that reveals a dense forest of precisely unexpected sounds that are accented by deep kick drums, splashes of cymbals, and hypnotically swarming beats. Experimental melodic lines are reversed, while looped indecipherable vocals emerge from the beautiful controlled chaos, ultimately providing asymmetrical punctures that transport the listener down an exciting, divergent path.

Showcasing a distinctively refined and diligently constructed sonic vision, ‘Elastic Forest‘ provides a bold introduction to an enthusiastic, emerging artist.

Autumna :: Play Pattern Repeat EP


autumna :: play pattern repeat ep ★ Self-released ★ Released 20 August 2015 ★

produced july – august 2015 • artwork by Laeva.Dextera.

Nuage :: Neida

NuageNeida” ★ Project Mooncircle ★ Released 18 August 2015 ★ Artwork: Greg Haynes

Inspired by a long lost tale from dark and cold northern lands, written many ages ago, ‘Neida’ is the story of a young boy who one day noticed an eerie call, so peculiar and odd that he could not resist but to follow it. While it resonated through remnants of ancient settlings, the boy had to overcome many obstacles and solve numerous quests, journey through mystical forests, foggy mountains and ghostly villages, battle the forces of nature and lose himself in this adventure. Finally reaching the ocean after an exhausting voyage, a mysterious invisible force drew him closer and closer to it, suddenly entranced in a state between consciousness, floating underwater, lured by the siren of the sea.

Hidden Rivers :: Where Moss Grows

➲ Hidden Rivers “Where Moss Grows” ★ Label: Serein ★ Released 17 August 2015 ★

Away from the concrete towns and cities there is a place Where Moss Grows. A place walled with limestone, of dell and cave, forgotten railways and Hidden Rivers. This music is a document in sound of journeys through this place, the sylvan valley.

Treading a path worn by his forebears, Hidden Rivers (Huw Roberts) takes a left into the trees with debut solo album, Where Moss Grows. Better known until now for label curation at Serein and his work with Otto A Totland as Nest, Huw’s growing obsession with synthesizers and drum machines takes his solo work into uncharted territory. With barely an acoustic instrument in sight, Where Moss Grows is a personal and thematic album which confidently reveals his future intent.

Written & produced by Huw Roberts.

Congi :: Nine Sessions

➲ Congi “Nine Sessions” ★ Label: Mimm ★ Released 09 July 2015 ★ Artwork: Ink Soup

Nine Sessions is the new EP from Nottingham duo Congi, their first outing on Mimm following releases on Chord Marauders. Their first hip-hop album, it blends their previous dub influenced style with a classic sampling approach to beat-making. Created as a concept piece, this project includes a 32 page comic designed by Ink Soup: the music and art depicting a day-in-the-life narrative of the protagonist, a heist character. The end result is a fully rounded sound, fusing rugged sample cuts with warm drums and textural chords.

Limited Edition CD accompanied with hand numbered graphic novel.

Broken Bubble Compilation :: Third Variety

➲ Broken Bubble “Third Variety” ★ Label: Broken Bubble ★ Released 24 June 2015 ★

“Our latest selection of beats, textures and grooves from across the electronic spectrum. Featuring Venture, Cogi, Jecht Rye, Jacob 2-2, Trinkkets, Hurtdeer & Chonkett, 4Sight, Malou Mørkeberg, Bija & Thinking Fish, Dr Perceptron & Eigenheimer.”

Matthew Von :: Floodlight

Matthew VonFloodlight” ★ Label: Export Label ★ Released 22 June 2015 ★

“With the release of Floodlight we push the frontier and explore space trails in search of new sounds, opportunities and friends for life.

We’re proud that Matthew Von has decided to release his latest project Floodlight with Export Label. Never before have we had in our catalogue a release that would open the gates of blissful chill, deep meditation and unlimited imagination as much as the one we are presenting to you now. This wonderful, soulful music has been given lyric character thanks to Finnish poet Emilia Haukka, whose impressionist poems create alternate reality.

Still, engaging as her poetry is, the music is always in the foreground. Music from a far-off planet or a hidden paradise, where nature, in the form of birdsong, the sound of growing grass, a rolling stream, or sophisticated rainfall, is inseparable from the hypnotic, pulsating deep bass, counting down to the moment of full immersion in the perfect world designed by the author.”

Written by Matija Vojvodić aka Matthew Von • Album photo by Zach Reed.

axion117 :: pastarchive​(​12​-​15)

axion117pastarchive​(​12​-​15)” ★ Self-released ★ Released 13 June 2015 ★

Old and new works by axion117 (2012-2015).