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Woulg :: Thin Veil

WoulgThin Veil” ★ Label: Outlier Recordings ★ Released 19 November 2014 ★

All songs written, produced, and mastered by Woulg (Greg Debicki).

Somepling // Nuts One :: Silent Lift // Low Pulse

Somepling // Nuts OneSilent Lift // Low Pulse” ★ Self-released ★ Released 16 Nov. 2014 ★

“This is a self-made project. Once again…

We (Somepling & Nuts One) decided to self-release this little 7″ vinyl record. And once again, it happened in an homemade/handmade way.

According Google, we are living 849 kilometres apart… But we’re living the same way.
Loving music, records, dusty samples… and of course working on beats on the mighty Akai mpc2000 XL sampler. It was inevitable, this 7″ was bound to happen one day.

Now, about the music, just samples flowing.
No need to explain everything, because music is made to dream and understand our own stories.
One record, one cover: two tracks, two designs… two stories. Enjoy!”

Arthur :: Pájaros EP

ArthurPájaros EP” ★ Label: Endless Plains Records ★ Released 01 November 2014 ★

“Our 26th Release comes from Endless Plains vet Arthurr. Taking his sound to a new level with these tracks, featuring vocalist Charlie Tappin’ on the third track.”

Various Artists :: Audio Gourmet Mixtape

➲ Various Artists “Audio Gourmet Mixtape” // Audio Gourmet Netlabel // Rel. 26 October 2014.

“The tracks have been blended with harmonic mixing techniques to provide a continuous uninterrupted listening environment. Modern Classical chamber music textures sit alongside electronic drones, field recordings and electro acoustic compositions to provide the perfect overview of the Audio Gourmet label.”

Thriftworks :: Fade

ThriftworksFade” // Self-released // Released 03 November 2014.

“Ok it’s T-Dub. This is the first of a 3-part release over the course of November 2014.”

Fade 11/3/14 • Fader 11/17/14 • Fadest 12/1/14.

Subaeris :: Dreams Love Chaos City

SubaerisDreams Love Chaos City” // Self-released // Released 29 October 2014.

“Alone together…”

Moose Records :: Moosetape #6

➲ Various Artists “Moosetape #6” // Label: Moose Records // Released 26 October 2014.

“The moosetape #6 is out with a bunch of artists we love: Rosix, Katuchat, Sham an, Petit Biscuit and many more. Grab your copy or feel free to name your price ♥”

GoGo Penguin :: v2​.​0 (Deluxe Edition)

GoGo Penguinv2​.​0 (Deluxe Edition)” // Gondwana Records // Released 20 October 2014.

“Jazz, techno, hip-hop and dubstep are glimpsed here, but for all the looping motifs and dance floor vibes, this is the work of three sure-footed improvisers with deep jazz roots” The Guardian.

“One of the most formidable three piece groups in the world right now” Gilles Peterson BBC Radio.

“A stirring re-evaluation of what a piano trio should sound like in the 21st century”
 Barclaycard Mercury Prize.

Music video for the track “Wash” taken from the Mercury Music Prize nominated album v2.0.

Directed & animated by Antony Barkworth-Knight.

4Sight :: Dendritic

4SightDendritic” // Label: Broken Bubble // Rel. 20 Oct. 2014 // Cover Art: Vikram Valluri.

“Che Ramirez aka 4Sight grew up in a very musical household. Born in Ireland, now living in Philadelphia via San Francisco, his grandfather, the Latin-American composer Emilio Ramirez Garcia, instilled a lifelong musical passion throughout the family, with jazz, salsa, rock and classical being practised and performed around him from an early age as well as access to a wide variety of instruments.

An eclectic taste developed naturally… “My daily digest of music when i was around 9 years old was Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Nine Inch Nails, DJ Shadow, Tool, Rachmaninoff, and Debussy among others”

His passion for jazz took him to study at the University of the Arts in PA, and the seed of 4Sight’s musical identity were sewn when he began to combine his jazz guitar playing with inspirations from the LA beat scene, and Brainfeeder’s output in particular.”

Various Artists :: LL​.​M. 001

➲ Various Artists “LL​.​M. 001” // Label: Noorden // Released 13 October 2014.

“Eight electronic cuts from House and Techno to Electronica and Ambient. C60 tape only release with special packaging and download-card enclosed. Edition of 100.”