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Congi :: Nine Sessions

➲ Congi “Nine Sessions” ★ Label: Mimm ★ Released 09 July 2015 ★ Artwork: Ink Soup

Nine Sessions is the new EP from Nottingham duo Congi, their first outing on Mimm following releases on Chord Marauders. Their first hip-hop album, it blends their previous dub influenced style with a classic sampling approach to beat-making. Created as a concept piece, this project includes a 32 page comic designed by Ink Soup: the music and art depicting a day-in-the-life narrative of the protagonist, a heist character. The end result is a fully rounded sound, fusing rugged sample cuts with warm drums and textural chords.

Limited Edition CD accompanied with hand numbered graphic novel.

Broken Bubble Compilation :: Third Variety

➲ Broken Bubble “Third Variety” ★ Label: Broken Bubble ★ Released 24 June 2015 ★

“Our latest selection of beats, textures and grooves from across the electronic spectrum. Featuring Venture, Cogi, Jecht Rye, Jacob 2-2, Trinkkets, Hurtdeer & Chonkett, 4Sight, Malou Mørkeberg, Bija & Thinking Fish, Dr Perceptron & Eigenheimer.”

Matthew Von :: Floodlight

Matthew VonFloodlight” ★ Label: Export Label ★ Released 22 June 2015 ★

“With the release of Floodlight we push the frontier and explore space trails in search of new sounds, opportunities and friends for life.

We’re proud that Matthew Von has decided to release his latest project Floodlight with Export Label. Never before have we had in our catalogue a release that would open the gates of blissful chill, deep meditation and unlimited imagination as much as the one we are presenting to you now. This wonderful, soulful music has been given lyric character thanks to Finnish poet Emilia Haukka, whose impressionist poems create alternate reality.

Still, engaging as her poetry is, the music is always in the foreground. Music from a far-off planet or a hidden paradise, where nature, in the form of birdsong, the sound of growing grass, a rolling stream, or sophisticated rainfall, is inseparable from the hypnotic, pulsating deep bass, counting down to the moment of full immersion in the perfect world designed by the author.”

Written by Matija Vojvodić aka Matthew Von • Album photo by Zach Reed.

axion117 :: pastarchive​(​12​-​15)

axion117pastarchive​(​12​-​15)” ★ Self-released ★ Released 13 June 2015 ★

Old and new works by axion117 (2012-2015).

Trampique :: Opscope

TrampiqueOpscope” ★ Label: Dark Clover Records ★ Released 01 June 2015 ★

Opscope” is Alex Frolov’s third album in 14 months under the Trampique guise and it only goes to show that putting the Volor Flex alias at rest (at least for a while) changes nothing in how incredibly prolific this multi-faceted artist really is.

The solar system-themed collection of tracks leaves its concept to be discovered in the music, as always. Each of the ten tracks channels emotions and states of mind that render genre names obsolete, making this journey through planets a legitimate exploration of an incredible spirit’s universe.

Artwork by Mihai Dragomir.

Craset :: The Way EP

CrasetThe Way EP” ★ Label: Cut Records ★ Released 01 June 2015 ★

“Channeling dark, wet nights, dank back-alleys, raw emotion and haunting beauty. Russian producer Craset gives us his twist on melancholy post-dubstep.

This future-garage, dusty-electronica or whatever you want to term it is undeniably influenced by the likes of Burial and his contemporaries, but bringing something new to the table.

Skippy breaks, rumbling sub, echoing vocals and all the textbook hallmarks of the soundtrack to your post-club wander home at 5am.”

Gauvin :: When The Sky Turns Black EP

GauvinWhen The Sky Turns Black EP” ★ Label: Soigne Tes Oreilles ★ Rel. 25 May 2015 ★

When The Sky Turns Black” was recorded last summer and tells of Gauvin‘s adventures during those months. Sampling the sounds of everyday life, the rhythmic and ambient tones recorded from his apartment, kitchen, by the window or in the metro, tell the story of a summer blocked between Nantes and Paris. The titles of the tracks have a direct relationship with the time and place they were written and give the sensation that one is there themselves.

SubknoT :: Moment EP

SubknoTMoment EP” ★ Label: On Sunday Recordings ★ Released 26 May 2015 ★

Polaroid Notes :: Sea Shores

Polaroid NotesSea Shores” ★ Label: Tessellate Recordings ★ Released 19 May 2015 ★

Polaroid Notes is an artist born and raised in Munich, Germany and currently residing in the countryside near the Alps.

Sea Shores‘ tries to capture the grandeur of the sea, its beauty and the deep unexplored secrets beyond. It reflects the transience of nature and its constant change. Whether it be towering mountains, expansive hot desert or the deep blue sea, the artist is influenced by the majestic width and overwhelming power of nature.

Sea Shores‘ is cinematic in sound, as Polaroid Notes are spun from simple yet effected piano keys with wave upon wave of stark, arresting drones.

Applescal :: For

ApplescalFor” ★ Label: Atomnation ★ Released 18 May 2015 ★

Techno / electronica producer Pascal Terstappen presents his fourth longplayer as Applescal, entitled ‘For’. The 10-tracker released via Atomnation.

On ‘For’, the new album, the Haarlem-born, Amsterdam-based producer takes things to the next level across a collage of vivid audible explorations that are without doubt, among his best work to date. ‘For’s’ content still conveys the organic and buoyant sound that we’ve become accustom to hearing when listening to Applescal’s earlier transmissions, but this time round, things seem to be delving into deeper and darker sonic terrains, resulting in what can only be described as a downright overwhelming listening experience.