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Vagrant :: Ambient Nights

VagrantAmbient Nights” ★ Self-released ★ Released 12 December 2014 ★

“this is an album that i’ve wanted to put out for a very long time and i feel like now is finally the time to do that. it’s a bit older but still holds a special place for me and i hope anyone that listens can feel the same warmth from it that i do.”

Borealism :: Divergence of Butterfly Effect

BorealismDivergence of Butterfly Effect” ★ Morning Beast ★ Rel. 10 December 2014 ★

Divergence of Butterfly Effect” is a powerful freshmen release.

Chain rattles, pool balls, and dropping metal drive rich mood heavy atmospheres and pensive melodies.

L own :: Hardened Soul

L ownHardened Soul” ★ Mindtrick Records ★ Released 17 November 2014 ★

“Next to the Saviour EP by L own we will also release his full length album called Hardened Soul. The album contains 14 tracks and digs in even deeper than his Saviour EP.

Call it “future garage” or “ambient” or whatever you like this album deserves your attention! The artist himself wants to remain in the shadows even we don`t know much about him. We just like his music and wanted to share it with the rest of the world.

And remember this album can only be fully understood when listening to it with your eyes closed!”

Artwork by Erik van Schie (EVS) //

Himuro Yoshiteru :: Balance

Himuro YoshiteruBalance” ★ Acroplane Recordings ★ Released 30 November 2014 ★

“First release on Acroplane Recordings from Japanese producer Himuro Yoshiteru.

His style is often described in the media as very playful. It consists of finely chopped, fast rhythms in combination with jazzy bass and synthesizer lines and 8bit sounds. In this area he is one of the prominent Japanese musicians of this time.” // Artwork by Shift.

Deft :: Blue Jasmine

DeftBlue Jasmine” ★ Label: Project Mooncircle ★ Released 02 December 14 ★

Deft sets the tone early on his Blue Jasmine EP with an intro that juxtaposes the meaning of hypnosis and awakening, foreshadowing the way ambient elements are fused with heavy drums and complex rhythms. Energetically pulling the listener out of any hypnosis – or rather into? – the dark and massive basslines will haunt us through dark underground clubs all over.

“Further explorations with footwork/dnb with ambient pieces, a direction I want to take further in the future.”Deft.

MATAS & oddlogic :: Coalesce

MATAS & oddlogicCoalesce” ★ Outlier Recordings ★ Released 01 December 14 ★

Produced and mastered by MATAS & oddlogic.

Artwork by Alex Gohorel.

Trampique :: The Voice of Color

TrampiqueThe Voice of Color” ★ Dark Clover Records ★ Released 24 November 14 ★

Trampique‘s sophomore album, “The Voice of Color” is a 10-piece moodboard that browses through almost as many states of being.

Following the personal diary that was “Face To Face“, this album is where Alex (aka Volor Flex) explores a wide variety of previously uncharted sonic territories with the technical and musical delicacy that makes him a future classic among emotional electronic music composers.

Autumna :: Against Memory Loss & Motion Sickness

autumnaagainst memory loss & motion sickness” ★ Self-released ★ Rel. 21 Nov. 14 ★

“tracks written, recorded and produced between july and november 2014.

artwork by Laeva.Dextera.”

Woulg :: Thin Veil

WoulgThin Veil” ★ Label: Outlier Recordings ★ Released 19 November 2014 ★

All songs written, produced, and mastered by Woulg (Greg Debicki).

Somepling // Nuts One :: Silent Lift // Low Pulse

Somepling // Nuts OneSilent Lift // Low Pulse” ★ Self-released ★ Released 16 Nov. 2014 ★

“This is a self-made project. Once again…

We (Somepling & Nuts One) decided to self-release this little 7″ vinyl record. And once again, it happened in an homemade/handmade way.

According Google, we are living 849 kilometres apart… But we’re living the same way.
Loving music, records, dusty samples… and of course working on beats on the mighty Akai mpc2000 XL sampler. It was inevitable, this 7″ was bound to happen one day.

Now, about the music, just samples flowing.
No need to explain everything, because music is made to dream and understand our own stories.
One record, one cover: two tracks, two designs… two stories. Enjoy!”