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Yayati :: 000

Yayati000” ★ Label: Fuselab ★ Released 22 January 2015 ★ Cover Art: Igor Fedoseev

“Dreamytech album and some absurd post-vapor fantasies by Sochi’s Yayati aka Igor Fedoseev. Available as digital & limited red tapes”.

Co∆chMotΣL :: Space ∆lchemy EP


Co∆chMotΣLSpace ∆lchemy EP” ★ Self-released ★ Released 15 January 2015 ★

Artwork by Jackson Turowski.

Spicules :: Even Deeper

SpiculesEven Deeper” ★ Self-released ★ Released 27 December 2014 ★

All music written & recorded by Aleksandr Nefedov.

Katuchat :: Lonely Cloud EP

KatuchatLonely Cloud EP” ★ Label: Moose Records ★ Released 18 January 2015 ★

Katuchat has kept his unique Japanese inspiration, mixed it up, twisted it up and it came across even better than anything we’ve previously heard from him. The serenity that comes out of his productions is a sweet pleasure that you don’t ever want to stop.

You will also recognize Katuchat’s trademark beats and rain-filled percussions, but this time it’s in a collab’ with our homeboy Andrea. These guys make you hang in there and wish for more. There’s an old-school / new school touch to it.”

Thom Yorke :: Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

Thom YorkeTomorrow’s Modern Boxes” ★ Self-released ★ Released 26 December 2014 ★

“Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes” is a new eight-track record from Thom Yorke.

Caldera :: Trippin’ EP

CalderaTrippin’ EP” ★ Label: Cut Records ★ Released 01 January 2015 ★

“Dark, deep and mysterious sounds from German newcomer Caldera. Channelling Shades of Akkord and Objekt, while mixing deeper sounds from the world of dub-techno and Autonomic-style drum & bass – this strong EP presents 4 varied tracks, ripe for your listening pleasure.”

Robot Love :: Book of Leaves

Robot LoveBook of Leaves” ★ Self-released ★ Released 06 January 2015 ★

Another wonderful self-released album by artist Robot Love based out of New York, USA.

After “Simple Music“, which was released in march 2014, “Book of Leaves” is an album with warm, melodic atmospheres, ambient pieces and playful sounds.

Kate Carr :: Fabulations

Kate CarrFabulations” ★ Soft Recordings ★ Released 25 December 2014 ★

“A soundtrack for made up stories set in out of the way places.

Fabulations‘ continues exploring our planet and society by trapping sound particles in various countries (Kate Carr is an insatiable globetrotter, and sounds were recorded in : Marseille, Nice, Cefalu, Catania, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dungun and Barcelona) with the occasional accompaniment of atmospheric instrumental layers. It is this finely sculpted subtle blend, this goldsmith’s manipulation of sound that Kate the traveler offers us, with the final masterisation by ‘Taylor Deupree’ making this new album timeless, fragile, warm and ultimately essential.”

CD Artworks & photos : David Teboul & Kate Carr //

Graphs :: Posthuman EP

GraphsPosthuman EP” ★ Cosmic Bridge Records ★ Released 15 December 2014 ★

“The tenth release from Cosmic Bridge sees label head Om Unit add another exciting new artist to his expanding roster.

Jason Taylor pka Graphs, based out of Boston, Massachusetts he is the first North American member of a worldwide family that includes Kromestar and Boxcutter and has given us Moresounds, EAN and Danny Scrilla; who after making their debuts for the label have gone on to make waves.”

:: Mimm Exploration Compilation

➲ Mimm Exploration CompilationMimm ★ Released 19 December 2014 ★

Mimm have drawn from their talented international collective with fresh dubplates from the likes of in-house producers Congi, Philippe Edison, Metske, Saulya, Warren Xclnce, Mos Isley, Pete Beardsworth, H725, Bruises and Melo Zed. As well as having a few select cuts from internationally acclaimed producers who have graced their events over the past years from Lone (R&S), Om Unit (Cosmic Bridge), Quest (Deep Medi), Flako, Submerse (Project Mooncircle) and Kaelin Ellis (Florida).

It’s an eclectic and brave offering with a general sound that leans heavily on ambient and psychedelic hip hop and house, drenched in warm analogue colours, nostalgic samples and soulful melodies, all the while with a keen awareness of more subtle classical compositions. Throughout there’s a distinct flavour of smoked whiskey-bar jazz riffs grounded in a gritty UK, bass-heavy setting and as musical round-ups go, for Mimm, this is definitely a coming of age compilation.”