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Insight Music :: The Past Three Years

➲ V.A. “The Past Three Years” // Insight Music // Rel. 25 Aug. 2014 // Art: Alice Rose Radford.

“These past three years have truly been amazing. It has been a privilege working with so many talented and undiscovered musicians from across the globe, helping promote their music to our fans and watching their reputation grow. This compilation album showcases the work of a select few, whose music was released through Insight in the past three years of being active, music that we feel should never be forgotten.

A big thank you to all the artists involved in almost 40 EP/Album releases since August 2011 and all of our fans and music promoters that have supported and shared our music. You guys make Insight.”

mcenroe :: Burnt Orange

mcenroeBurnt Orange” // Peanuts & Corn Records // Released 20 August 2014.

This record is the long overdue followup to disenfranchised, which came out like 10 years ago. That is ridiculous, isn’t it?

The record is about the collapse and rebirth of civilization. Its nice and light.

I wrote it from 2010 – 2013, then played with the beats for a while, then did nothing in particular, then mastered it, then didn’t put it out for another while, and then BAM here it is.

This record is not about me at all, isn’t that neat?”

// Jeff Spec is on it. Noah23 is on it. Yy is on it.

Sarah Michaelson sings on several tracks – Petroleum Soda / Burnt Orange / Futura Bold / The Art of the State. Thanks Sarah!

Everything else was done by mcenroe aka Rod Bailey.

Cat Power :: Red Apples (Airfee Edit)

Bootleg of Cat Power’s “Red Apples” cover by Airfee • Free Download //

Fingersonmyhand :: Feelings We Cannot Explain

➲ Various Artists “Feelings We Cannot Explain” // fingersonmyhand // Rel. 01 August 2014.

Feelings We Cannot Explain is the first various artists compilation released under fingersonmyhand. It is intended to be a dedication to the followers, artists, and fellow promoters who have made this channel what it is. Enjoy”

Twigs & Yarn :: The Language Of Flowers

Twigs & YarnThe Language Of Flowers” // Label: flau // Released 07 August 2014.

THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS is the debut LP from Texas born artists Twigs & Yarn. It is an intimate story pieced together between continents and bedrooms, a collage of musical messages assembled from traditional instruments, found objects, lonely nights, paper cups and trembling voices. The songs range from simple improvisations to meticulously arranged soundscapes, with subtle textures and melodies held together by a drowsy ambience and fuzz that will leave you sleepy-eyed and dreaming. The album was beautifully mastered by Nick Zammuto (The Books, Zammuto).

Recorded during a yearlong separation, the music embraces the discovery of sharing sounds from across the sea through ftp servers and email. Utilizing lo-fi recorders, homemade microphones, looping pedals and layered vocals, the songs developed slowly from the random joining of sound clips never intended for each other, creating beautiful unexpected moments.

Many of the sounds for the album were recorded by Lauren McMurray while living in Japan: radio frequencies, people talking on the streets, temple bells, and quiet vocals hummed into coffee tins in the dead of night. Her voice is ethereal and strange, and she uses it to create a texture of sounds from dreamy whispers to full choruses. The final compositions were augmented and stitched together by Stephen Orsak using guitars, electronics, field recordings and sequencers. Floating across the sea, changing forms, and taking us to an unknown place, The Language of Flowers is a soundtrack for nostalgic dreams.”

Twigs & Yarn is Stephen Orsak and Lauren McMurray.

This Is Where I’ve Come To Settle Down

Mit Verneigung vor Loïe Fuller.

Written, Performed & Produced by Hope.

Submerse :: Slow Waves

SubmerseSlow Waves” // Label: Project: Mooncircle // Released 25 July 2014.

Slow Waves is a collection of multi-layered memories, stacked like grainy polaroids in an old box in the closet or under the bed while the colours fade. A young Rob at the beach or on his first day of grammar school. Images of travels across Europe and Japan, moments slipping in trains or planes while landscapes pass by. Memories so unique to his life, yet so similar to the fading memories of youth and adolescence we all have…

After a series of well acclaimed EP’s, each of them created at very specific moments in the artists life, submerse took the time and sat down to reflect and convert all these memories into his first full length album on Project: Mooncircle.

Slow Waves’ comes out worldwide on limited double vinyl, limited handmade and handpainted cassette edition (both including download code) as well as a limited edition CD including a bonus track via flau records in Japan.”

Lostodyssey :: Early Rise

LostodysseyEarly Rise” // Label: Morning Beast // Released 23 July 2014.

lostodyssey‘s debut release is a emotive journey into airy atmospheres that rock back in forth on a sinking ship of crispy percussion.

Hailing from from the island of Oahu and residing in Eugene, Oregon, James Williams produces a select brand of dreamy bedroom beats. Heavy on self-sampling, this multi-instrumentalist comes from a diverse background of both musical training and sound experimentation. His beats might not be played in the clubs, but they fill every void inside the lonely and create a soundscape for retrospective thoughts, goosebumps, and love-making.”

Sunnova :: Vermilion Eyes

Sunnova :: Vermilion Eyes // Broken Bubble // Rel. 21 July 2014 // Artwork: Ryohei Sasaki.

“Tokyo producer Sunnova arrives on Broken Bubble with an eclectic blend of digital soul, future garage, ambient, footwork and beats.”

Deft :: Before Vol. 2

DeftBefore Vol. 2” // Self-released // Released 21 July 2014.

“Volume 2 of tracks that have been sitting on my hard drive, unfinished/corrupt files and bits and pieces from around 2009-2011.”