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Sunnova :: Vermilion Eyes

Sunnova :: Vermilion Eyes // Broken Bubble // Rel. 21 July 2014 // Artwork: Ryohei Sasaki.

“Tokyo producer Sunnova arrives on Broken Bubble with an eclectic blend of digital soul, future garage, ambient, footwork and beats.”

Deft :: Before Vol. 2

DeftBefore Vol. 2” // Self-released // Released 21 July 2014.

“Volume 2 of tracks that have been sitting on my hard drive, unfinished/corrupt files and bits and pieces from around 2009-2011.”

Autumna :: The Healing Anonymity Of The Crowd

AutumnaThe Healing Anonymity Of The Crowd” // Self-released // Released 18 July 2014.

“all tracks written, produced & recorded by autumna.

cover design by Laeva.Dextera.”

Various Artists :: The Blinding White Heat of Summer Days

➲ V.A. “The Blinding White Heat of Summer Days” // Preserved Sound // Rel. 11 July 2014.

“the blinding white heat of summer days is a compilation featuring tracks by some of preserved sound‘s most recently released albums, as well as tracks from three upcoming releases:

“intervention” comes from the album “i did that tomorrow” by tess said so, “red alphabet in the snow ii (edit)” comes from the album of the same name by richard young’s, and “sea” comes from the album “snow/sea/sky” by north side drive … all due for release in september/october 2014.”

the photo was taken by james haley.

Various Artists :: Ethereal VOL. 1

➲ Various Artists “Ethereal VOL. 1” // Label: Ethereal Lab // Released 12 July 2014.

Feat. 2LBoombap / Beath aka Beathoven / Biof / DOC Mastermind / Electroom Acoostap / Ferrajú / Lasha / Manu Beats / Pedro LaDroga / Pimoh / Rubio Druid / Saint M / Sceno / Tao G / The Marv / VAN17INO6 / Wax Mantic.

Magical Mistakes :: Decompose / Reassemble

Magical MistakesDecompose/Reassemble” // Label: King Deluxe // Released 07 July 2014.

“For our 25th release we present Decompose / Reassemble from Osaka artist Magical Mistakes.”

Artwork by Markus Hofko.

Fran Seven :: Ripples In Time

Fran SevenRipples In Time” // Label: Atomnation // Rel. 01 July 2014 // Artwork: Alex Coll.

“The 21st Atomnation release is by newcomer Fran Seven, one of the frontmen of the widely supported music website Fran Seven (who’s real name is Mikel Porras Hoogland) is an Delft based producer whose music navigates both techno and electronica – warm sounds and intense melodies describe his sound. Some might know Hoogland from his track ”At Least”, released on “The Spaces In Between” compilation. “Ripples In Time” EP (Hooglands debut EP) is a beautiful extension of that contribution – listen below.”

axion117 :: cinemaa EP

axion117cinemaa EP” // Self-released // Released 13 June 2014.

shuya sato // ichinoseki→utsunomiya, Japan.

Secret Xrigins :: Strange Fruit

➲ Secret Xrigins “Strange Fruit” // Label: stillMUZIK // Rel. 01 July 2014 // Artwork: Marone.

“Sometimes life makes us give up plans we had once. But with obstinacy, plans stay in our minds and end up becoming works. Mostly, no one should finish stuff without being sure of its quality.

Two dudes, DOC Mastermind and Profesor Panson one in Paris, the other in San Jose, Ca, met each other musically. They understood each other. But thousands of miles between two beatmakers can be tough to manage. Obligations, work, daily shit floods us sometimes. One of their tracks featured on a UK compilation convinced the two dudes that they shouldn’t give up.

So their music took round trips Paris-San Jose and they realized that their beats were staring to get real tight, so this project should be released. Here’s the result, a mad combination called Secret Xrigins ‘Strange Fruit‘. A strange growing process, maybe a strange form, but definitely real good tasting. Call it funk, space funk, new G funk, whatever you want, but one thing is for sure, once you taste this strange fruit, you’ll see life differrently.”

Versa :: Blues EP

VersaBlues EP” // Label: Cut Records // Released 01 July 2014.

Versa has a special something residing within his productions. A hyper-polished careful attention to detail. His tracks seem to effortlessly bring together elements of dub, techno, downtempo, electronica and ambient, to form his unique brand of deepness.

Having worked with artists like Synkro, Indigo, Hatti Vatti, Biome and Rowl in the past, his production takes clear influence from Manchester’s rising stars while sitting firmly in a league of it’s own.

We are incredibly proud to have Versa release this EP with us on Cut, and we’re convinced you’ll love it too. Sit back and relax, while Versa takes the controls.”