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Cat Power :: Red Apples (Airfee Edit)

Bootleg of Cat Power’s “Red Apples” cover by Airfee • Free Download //

This Is Where I’ve Come To Settle Down

Mit Verneigung vor Loïe Fuller.

Written, Performed & Produced by Hope.

65daysofstatic :: PRISMS

65daysofstatic “PRISMS” from the album, “Wild Light”. Released September 16, 2013.

Generative visuals: Matt Pearson // VHS chaos: Asylum Films.

The song is free to download via Soundcloud:

Airfee :: Prelude // Free Download

Airfee “Prelude” – Free Download.

Autumna :: The First Hour Of Our Last Day EP

AutumnaThe First Hour Of Our Last Day” // Plastik Sound UK • Released 06 May 2013.

Project: Mooncircle Compilation :: Σclipse

Project: MooncircleΣclipse” // Released 26 April 2013 • “Σclipse” is a free download.

“Every six lunar months – when Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned – we experience a partial or total lunar eclipse that can be observed anywhere on the night side of Earth. Lunar eclipses can only occur at full moon, that time when the moon is directly opposite Earth in relation to the Sun. Many ancient civilizations cultivated a multitude of myths surrounding these astronomic events, most of them depicting wild animals or mystical creatures eating the moon or crossing it’s path. Tibetan Buddhists say that during a lunar eclipse, our actions, whether good or bad, are multiplied one thousandfold, whereas, in ancient egypt, a lunar eclipse was considered to be the precursor of natural disasters, catastrophes, wars, and diseases and the biggest possible harm would be cast upon the earth if Isfet, the manifestation of the total eclipse and god of injustice and violence, would make the sky fall onto Earth and therefore bring chaos upon it.

As the soundtrack for the lunar eclipse during the night of the 25th of April, we selected some exclusive and unreleased songs from Robot Koch, Submerse, Rain Dog, Sieren, Daisuke Tanabe, Lomovolokno, KRTS, and Daixie on this mini-compilation.”

Cosmic Compositions Avant Garde Series Vol​​.​​2

Cosmic Compositions Avant Garde Series Vol​​.​​2 // Released 10 April 2013 • Artwork by Nate James.

We feel there are huge similarity’s between the Avant-Garde/Free Jazz movement of the 50’s & 60’s & the beat movement of Today. As both movements attempted to break down, extend & alter the conventions of their original genres (Jazz & Hip Hop) & were never afraid to experiment & improvise to create something that wasn’t accepted commercially at the time.

This compilation is a dedication to American jazz pianist, organist, harpist and composer Alice Coltrane. Compilation Compiled by Addison Chase.

Voodoo Tapes :: Mixed Rituals [Aqbmp031]

Good news everyone… Out of the cauldron here they come. 5 tracks from the skunkhead Gianni Blob, opening the upcoming season from Aquietbump. 5 soft pillows or 5 finely brewed sleeping potions. Relax and pull down the sub crossover freq.

Released on march, 2013 // Produced by AQUIETBUMP label under Creative Commons License.

☇ Get full album in free download from

Devecly Bitte :: Purple Line EP

Devecly Bitte delivers a pure dub techno ep, his first for Sublime Porte. Subtly mixing ambient, experimental and roots dub influences he crafts a quiet journey through dub land with expertly constructed tracks. Deep, driving rhythms and soothing aerial textures at play here. Beautiful melodies sometimes emerge from the grain, and the dynamic yet static nature of the tracks keep things in a nice and quiet fashion all the way.

The ep comes to a close with a remix from French dub techno alumnus Fingers in the Noise, who transforms the original into a warm excursion into a sunbathed field. A welcome departure from the frosty winter days.

☇ Download:

// via Dreamt about Dreaming //

Bija :: Arboreal EP

BijaArboreal EP” // Plastik Sound UK • Released 25 March 2013 • Cover by Jul Sexton.