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Oakin :: Reflections // April 2014

Oakin – Reflections // April 2014.

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Oakin :: Slow Down // November 2013

Oakin – Slow down // November 2013.

Just slow down, relax and enjoy the music!

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Semiotics :: SlimeFM 007 // October 2013

Slime returns with the seventh installment in its mix series, this time from new recruit Semiotics. His debut EP for the label ‘Moda’ was an inventive and unique take on electronica that Juno described as “deep, delicious and soulful” and racked up past 60,000 plays on Soundcloud.

For this mix his eclectic style is infused throughout its 18 tracks, ranging from house, dubstep and electronica with a liberal sprinkling of Slime classics new and old.”

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AtsuBox :: FatKidOnFire Mix // October 2013

“Following their individual debuts on FatKidOnFire, we’re proud to present two of Manchester’s most promising producers.

Having released on Kokeshi, Modulate Recordings and Endless Plains Records, Atsuko Cheeba and Stompbox have been on our radar for a long while. Call it dubstep, call it bass music, call it future bass – we don’t care what it’s called; we absolutely love the music @atsubox are coming out with. Expect big, big things from these two…”

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Airfee & Ormorje :: Starke Podcast Vol. 1 // July 2013

A selection of pieces from the Starke owners, Airfee & Ormorje.

✖ No Tracklist Available.

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Forensics :: HighCast #015 // July 2013 Presents HIGHCAST #015 – Forensics.

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Oakin Live @ Querfeld // Fusion Festival 2013

Oakin Live @ Querfeld, Fusion Festival 2013.

“It was a big honour to play at the Fusion Festival because it is my favourite festival and it was a great feeling to be a part of it. Moreover it was the longest set I have ever played in front of an audience and one of my most intensive musical expierences. I was just going with the flow playing some of my all time favourites, some new tunes and some tunes which fitted perfectly into the moment. I hope you enjoy the sound and can feel the vibe. Thanks to the lovely audience!”

Spread music, spread love!

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Airfee :: Prelude // Free Download

Airfee “Prelude” – Free Download.

Goth-Trad :: Fabriclive x Chestplate Mix // May 2013

“Some people in dubstep were treated like deities. There were these mythical producers who seemed able to command frequencies and ideologies at will. They’re people who still command the same respect and whose name still carries that kind of universal appeal. Goth-Trad is one of those people and as much as his work as a promoter in music in his native Japan have affected and cultivated a scene there, his approach to dubstep music is still pretty much defined by his working relationship with Mala’s, Deep Medi Musik label – the outfit he released his most recent album, New Epoch, through back at the start of last year.”

Goth-TradFabriclive x Chestplate Mix – May 2013.

Made in promotion of Goth-Trad‘s appearance in Room Three at Chestplate on Friday 24th May 2013.

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JUSS B :: New Moon Podcast Vol. 6 // May 2013

New Moon Podcast Volume 6 mixed by JUSS B – May 2013.

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