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Getz – Kongkast #180 // October 2012

Kongkast – Hong Kong’s Drum & Bass / Dubstep Podcast #180 mixed by Getz.

“This week on KONGKAST, we have been provide a mix from a very exciting producer to come out of Russia. Working for the 170 bpm Getz opens the new sides of experimental scenes sounding, using in the compositions elements of various genres of electronic music (Tech house idm trip hop lo- fi), concluding them in invariable rhythmic grooves of Drum n bass.”

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Allied – Rise Audio Podcast 001 // October 2012

Rise Audio Podcast 001 mixed by Allied – October 2012.

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Loxy – Samurai Music Podcast 11 // September 2012

“An artist / DJ we have been pursuing for a podcast for some time, we now present to you the Loxy edition of the Samurai Music Official Podcast.

A DJ’s DJ and a constant crowd favourite, Loxy can always perfectly put together a set that contains the best of the most progressive Drum and Bass in existence. The always potent weapon of label nights for Metalheadz, Exit Records, & Renegade Hardware, everyone has come to understand that when Loxy steps to the decks, school is about to start.”

No Tracklist Available.

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Stray – Blu Mar Ten Music Guest Mix // September 2012

StrayBlu Mar Ten Music Guest Mix – September 2012.

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MAURS – IM:LTD Podcast #05 // September 2012

“Barely recovered and still under the excitment of a week spent at Sun&Bass, Cagliari producer and DnBCast resident MAURS has quickly granted us with some exclusive podcast to give you a taste of what’s to expect next on IM:Ltd.”

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Tokyo Prose – European Tour Mix 2012 // September 2012

An upfront European Tour mix from Tokyo Prose to celebrate his first ever brief set of dates in the UK or Europe. No tracklist provided, but this mix contains new tunes from Tokyo Prose and the forthcoming Way Of The Samurai 2 ‘Code Of Honour’ compilation.

Having already laid down an incredible set at the Samurai Music night at Sun And Bass, Tokyo Prose will continue on with dates in Birmingham, Frankfurt, and Ulm before returning home to New Zealand.

No Tracklist Available.

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Bulb – Silk Podcast #14 // September 2012

Silk Recordings Podcast #14 – Mixed By Bulb – September 2012.

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Displaced Paranormals – IΛ003 Podcast // Sept 2012

IΛ003 Podcast – Displaced Paranormals – Inception:Λudio.

I:Λ – Brings you closer to the Λliens , Λlien Drum n Bass , Recorded Area 44.
Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind , Human-Initiated contact with Extraterrestrials.

No Tracklist available.

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Mako – Utopia Music Podcast 001 // September 2012

“Hello. I’m pleased to announce the first official Utopia podcast is now ready for download on Soundcloud. I wanted to please the loyal fans by sharing some exclusives, but also wanted to showcase a few things off the back catalogue for those tuning into the sounds of Utopia Music for the first time. I hope you enjoy.” – Stephen Mako.

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Black Sun Empire – Delorean // Free Tune

“This is a track we’re giving away to promote the future release of our 5th album “From the Shadows”, which will be out on the 15th of October” – Black Sun Empire.

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